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Thought for the Day: "Just because it's New Technology, it does not make it a better Technology!"

Logo courtesy of Cosy Muto JH5ESM,

(Logo courtesy of Cosy Muto JH5ESM, Japan)

Protect the very future of essential HF (Shortwave) radio services as well as International Radio Broadcast Listening, Radio Scanning, CB Radio and Amateur (Ham) Radio.

All radio frequencies below 100 Mhz could be affected. Contact your local Member of Parliament or locally elected Federal representative to inform them of the problems with BPL. Please visit the STOP BPL page now for the latest news on BPL/PLC in Australia and around the world!

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Alexloop Transmitting Loop Antennas Added June 2018
AOR AR-ALPHAII 9 kHz-6000 mHz Digital/Analogue Communications Receiver (Due 2018)
Added September 2017
AOR AR-DV1 Digital/Analogue modes, 100kHz-1300mHz Radio Receiver & 2000 memory channels
Added September 2014
AOR AR- DV10 Digital/Analogue modes 100kHz-1300mHz Portable (Similar specs to AR-DV1?) (Due 2018)
Added September 2017
AOR AR5700D 9 kHz-3700 mHz Digital/Analogue Table Top Communications Receiver (Due 2018)
Added September 2017
CommRadio CTX-10 QRP Transceiver
Added October 2016
Cross Country Wireless VLF/LF/HF Active Vertical Antenna 5 kHz to 30 MHz Added January 2019
Cross Country Wireless "Sentinel 4"  5 kHz to 55 MHz SDR Receiver
Added January 2019
Dave's Radio Receiver Page Updated June 2018
Does Shortwave Radio have a future?
Added November 2014
Elad FDM-DUOr SDR Receiver
Added August 2016
Eton Field Portable Radio
Added August 2016
Future Systems (Radio Dealer-Australia)
September 2017
Gadget City (Radio Scanner Dealer, Australia)
Added January 2017
Icom IC-7300 HF 6m Transceiver with Spectrum Display
Added August 2015
Icom IC-7851 High End HF Transceiver Added May 2015
Icom IC-9700 VHF/UHF/SHF Ham Transceiver (Due 2018/19)
Added September 2017
Icom IC-R30 Wide Band Portable Radio Receiver
Added August 2016
INAC (Loop Antennas) (Spain) Added 6 June 2015
Kenwood TS-590SG HF Transceiver Added May 2015
Kenwood TS-890 HF Transceiver (Due Late 2018, Early 2019) Added June 2018
Log4OM (Amateur Radio Software)
Added August 2016
OzyRadio (New Australian HF (Shortwave) broadcasting station 5045 Khz
Added January 2018
Radio Exterior de España (SW Services resuming late 2018)
Added November 2018
Radio Station 4KZ (4 Kay Zed) 5055 Khz, Innisfail, Queensland, Australia. (Relay of MW Transmission)
Added January 2018
SUNSDR MB1 High End DUC/DDC Transceiver
Added August 2016
Shortwave Receivers: Past and Present by Fred Osterman (Book, Edition 4) Added August 2014
SUNSDR MB1 High End DUC/DDC Transceiver Added August 2016
SWS- Radio and Space Services (Australia)
Added August 2016
Tecsun PL-680 2000 Memories, Sync Detection, LW, MW, SW, FM and Air Band Radio Receiver
Added May 2015
Tecsun S-8800 Portable DSP LW/MW/SW Radio Receiver
Added January 2017
Tecsun Radios Australia Q-3061 DRM/MW/SW/FM Receiver
Added October 2018
Uniden Beartracker 885 Radio Scanner/CB Radio
Added September 2017
Uniden Bearcat BCD-996P2 Digital Trunk Tracker Scanner
Added May 2015
Uniden SDS100 SDR Handheld Radio Scanner Added June 2018
Uniden SDS200 Base/Mobile Digital SDR Radio Scanner
Added January 2019
Utility DXers Forum
Updated March 2017
Web SDR On Line Radio Receiver VK2MB (Sydney, Australia)
Added October 2016
Whistler Group (Radio Scanner Manufacturer -  USA)
Added February 2014
Whistler TRX-2 Digital Trunking Scanner Added August 2016
WiNRADiO WR-G65DDCe 'Excalibur Sigma' Receiver (1 kHz to 88 MHz and 118 MHz to 190 MHz) Added January 2018
Yaesu FTDX-101D SDR HF Transceiver (Due Late 2018, Early 2019) Added June 2018
Yaesu FT-991A HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver with real time Spectrum Display Updated August 2016


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