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MVIDS ARE Partially Up

Thirty-First of January,  2010

 Kink Memes are EVIL

They are. They are horribly, horribly evil things that make cracked plot bunnies spring forth from keyboard and pen in a most inappropriate manner.

I fuckin' love 'em :D

Another big roundup 'cos I've been actually incredibly slack on updating this page.  LJ is, of course, much quicker but please bear in mind this is also a personal journal, and I do take my privacy exceedingly seriously.

If I do not know you, and we have not indulged in a dialogue in any way, shape or form, I will bite you for assuming familiarities you have no right to.

Jus' y'know, putting that out there :P

But various sorts of publicly consumable pootlings end up under the fic tag here, so knock yourself out if you're so inclined.

And on to the fic updates!

Doctor Who

17th November 2007 -
Time and Again  (Gen) 
The progression of events has an interesting meaning when you're a Time Lord...  
(Classic Series / 2005 series, explicit spoilers for the 2007 CIN special)

Sherlock Holmes
7th November 2007 -  Holmes of the Dead   (Gen)  Partially to answer this challenge on the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme, but mostly for my beloved GoffeeMonster, whom I can refuse nothing.  Holmes. Watson. ZOMBIES!  Slightly cracked and full of WAAAAAAAAANGST  (2009 film / Strand publications mashup)

Star Trek
19 July  2009 -
Purpose (Gen)  Answer to a prompt on the STXI Kink Meme
:  "Five Times Spock Mind Melded With Someone and One Time He Accidently (or Purposefully) Melted Someone's Mind. can switch the five and one around if you want, though I suspect that might make it a Mirror!verse Spock or something. "   I went with the Mirror!Verse Spock.  (TOS)

19 July  2009 - A Night Out  (Gen)  Another prompt on the STXI Kink Meme:  "Today, after a night of partying, I woke up in the middle of my co-ed dorm lobby to the sound of giggles. I was in a thong with $1 monopoly bills sticking out. I'm a guy. FML"  (2009 Movie)


And because I'm a lazy shit and never got around to uploading it:

Black Books
20 March  2006- Bittersweet - (Gen)   He's not allowed to remember. 




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