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is my NEW website for New Zealand banknotes. This old site will remain static apart from any addition to the NZ Decimal Banknote Book  addendum & errata.

All 'news' updates will appear on the new site, including the Bollard $5 (04) print runs when known.

The new site is still undergoing construction but has many images of NZ banknotes. You can also upload your own images after you have registered as a member of the site.

New 2004 Bollard $5 notes issued:

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand started issuing the new 2004 (04) Bollard $5 to the Banks for issue on Thursday June 17.

Keep an eye out for them!! and inform me of the highest serials you spot.

New 2004 Bollard $5 printing in the news:

The New Zealand Herald, The Christchurch Press and the Waikato Times, amongst other newspapers ran articles about the poor condition of the currently circulating polymer $5 notes (featuring Ed Hillary). In the articles a Reserve Bank spokesman was quoted as saying "technology had improved since the first plastic fivers were printed in 1998. Two million fresh $5 notes were printed last year (the Bollards), and a second run would be printed later this year". So we can all look forward to some 04 dated $5 notes. Fingers crossed for some other denominations too!

RBNZ Same Numbered Sets 2003:

The RBNZ is now issuing the 2003 "Same Numbered Sets". Slightly later than expected. The sets contain a 2003 'Bollard' $5 and 'Brash' signature for all other denominations, all prefixes are AA 03, numbered 000002 through to 001000.

26 January 2004

$5 RBNZ Presentation to staff:

The RBNZ issued up to 500 individual Hillary $5 notes (in 1992) to staff members with a certificate. See News Updates...

19 November 2003

$5 Bollard sheets of 40 notes released:

The new 2003 dated $5 note sheets of 40 notes commenced issue this week from NZ Post (Who issue coins and notes on behalf of the Reserve Bank). The issue price is NZ$299. There is a total of 500 sheets available. Their serial numbers range from a low of 054004 to a high of 056445, with each note on the sheet bearing the same serial numbers.

4 September 2003

Serial Number Variation Reported: see News Updates...

26th June 2003

NEW SIGNATURE "BOLLARD" $5 note issued today!           26th June 2003

The new 2003 dated $5 note commenced issue from today according to a press release from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

All notes are dated 03 for 2003. Previous $5 are all dated 99 for 1999. This is the first denomination to be issued bearing the signature of the new Governor of the Reserve Bank, Alan Bollard who replaced Donald Brash in September 2002.       Click here to see the note.                                    See Latest News Updates Page for more information.


New Zealand $2 Proof artwork up for sale in Noble Numismatics Auction.

This Thomas De La Rue proof artwork (front & back) of an unissued $2 is up for auction in July 2003. See Latest News Updates Page.




This 128 page book on the decimal bank notes of New Zealand is available from the author, post paid for:

Aust  $30.00 including GST
NZ    $40.00
US    $20.00
UK   £14.00

See the 'Press Release' or 'About the Book' links on the left side of each page for more information. See 'P J Symes' for a link to other books published by numismatic author and researcher Peter Symes.

For Polymer Banknotes of the World click on 'Polymernotes.com' to go to Trevor Wilkin's site.

A book on the sterling (Pre-decimal) issues, 1934-1967 is currently being researched and may be available some time in 2004.