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Polaroid 900
4x5 SLR

The new 'Razzle 900' front standard has been devised not only as an alternative to the strut type front standard of the 110B, but as a means of utilising the otherwise useless Polaroid 900 body with its rather unsuitable 'Electric Eye' lens/shutter.  The finders on both the 900 and 110B are identical as are the body shells.  The 900 does have the advantage of a more easily accessible tripod socket and a deeper front door allowing for larger lenses to be fitted whilst still closing.

The 'Razzle 900' front standard incorporates movements and is lockable.  It also features zero clickstops by using  a pair of detent/ball and spring assemblies to ensure correct alignment when using the rangefinder.   The lens board can also be placed in a variety of positions and locked, giving the effect of  selective focus.  Obviously any non zero position of the lensboard requires use of the ground glass screen (which is always included, rather than supplied as an accessory).  The G/G screen is also a handy reference point when critical focus is required, ie. when using close up diopters or scenarios outside the limits of the fully parallax compensated viewfinder.  It is also required to occasionally check the rangefinder's accuracy

Provision is made for one half inch of shift (which becomes rise when used in the horizontal position) in either direction, with both tilt and swing only limited by the bellows.  Please not that upcoming models will be equipped with newly designed,  larger bellows to accomodate even more movements.

I have also found the new 900 lens board system somewhat sturdier than the strut type system common with the standard 110B.  That system is inhibited by the very nature of the struts that prevent any implementation of shift and swing.

The Razzlok back shown below is a very favourable alternative to the Graflok back and similar devices.   Foremost is the  simplicity in operation, being both quick and quiet.   It is easily adjusted to exert normal or increased tension on the selected holder.

I will be adding further instructions to this page shortly ....

please check it out soon.