Guy's Photography Information (and some other stuff)

Olympus E-PL1Just a few items that I find interesting, more than just E-PL1.
Olympus E-PL5A few comments to begin with.
M4/3 LinksGeneral Olympus Pen and OM-D links plus many Panasonic links.
Panasonic LX3Some possibly useful notes on the LX3. An oldie but goodie.
Casio CamerasTest pages only so far, setting up offline.
Silkypix HelpOnly some links there at the moment. May add specific feature help pages later.
Fort Street OCMy old primary school reunion pages, again so I can find them easily.

Warning: this index is incomplete as I reorganise and assemble stuff to place here, only the few pages above and this page are linked together. Many unlinked pages still exist but are not maintained any more, they will disappear as I find them.

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