Olympus Pen & OM-D Display True Shot Count

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To see the real shot count of any Pen or OM-D camera use the method below. The file numbers can be misleading and can be reset so should not be used as a method of determining shot count. This Olympus service menu method is the only way to get the truth. Many numbers seen are not important to us so I only added descriptions for ones that matter and are important and that I could find names for. Method works for all M4/3 Pens and OM-D and 4/3 E-5 cameras. Naturally any internal replacement of components during repairs may see the numbers reset. Method first notified by Hellowin here at the DPReview forum. Link to Panasonic method at bottom of this page.
A recent post at https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/59429055 tells of the E-M5 Mk2 resetting the shutter counts when doing the firmware update from V1 to V2.3 - that sounds like a firmware error.

► Camera OFF
► Hold down MENU button and turn ON the camera
► Release MENU button and press MENU again to get to Menus
► Go to LCD Brightness Menu, that's in Spanner/Wrench Menu.
► Press RIGHT to show screen adjusters
► Press INFO and then press OK and on my E-PL1 this shows on screen....
     04 01 01 01
► Press in sequence UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT/SHUTTER/UP and Page 1 info appears
► Variously then press RIGHT for Page 2, DOWN for Page 3, LEFT for Page 4 and UP again to get Page 1

What we are looking for is the information on Page 2, on my E-PL1 it shows (in earlier days).....

    R 002947 [total shot count,
includes electronic shutter] - [E-M1 Mk2 shows MS for this item, and is mechanical  shutter count only, also E-PL9 and E-M10 Mk3 do this]
    S 000194 [shot count with flash]
    C 000000 [unknown]
    U 001493 [ultrasonic wave cleaner count, equals turn on count plus pixel map count] -[may have changed count usage with E-M1 Mk2]
    V 000000
    B 002396 [total shot count using in-body stabilisation (IBIS)]
    L 000000

On Page 4 is D: which is the damage code log, mine shows nothing and that is good. [E-M1 Mk2 shows a percentage, such as 90% for this item, which is the battery charge level]

Power off to reset the camera back to normal.

See John Foster's page at http://www.biofos.com/cornucop/hidden.html to keep up to date with information on investigating Olympus 4/3 and M4/3 camera hidden menus.
Also to see Panasonic G series shutter count go to http://www.apotelyt.com/photo-camera/panasonic-g-shutter-count
Also Olympus count again at http://www.apotelyt.com/photo-camera/olympus-shutter-count-mft

Note: with Panasonic shutter counts only the mechanical shutter is counted, the electronic shutter is not in that count.
While on the subject, my Panasonic LX3 method is here http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~parsog/panasonic/10-count.html

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