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Home Page Back where we came in, possibly.
Go to new area Please find the newer info in the better maintained pages area.
Tamron 28-200 differences The new Tamron 28-200 is a little different and better than the old one. Make sure you know which one you are buying. There is also now (June '01) a new lighter, more compact 28-200 XR model, but not a lot details as yet in the comparison table.
Lens tests Slowly, very slowly, every lens I can lay my hands on will appear here, tested in what I consider to be an appropriate manner. 
Only a few tests can be found here yet. 
Recently added Tamron teleconverter simple test.
Sorry, but I've been bogged down with other work and have yet to assemble enough pages to make it interesting. 
I am about to design a new lens test chart and re-do all tests to get better information.
Lens checking A few tips on checking a used lens to get an idea if it is OK.
Talking about the Nikon 28-105 zoom lens Currently mainly a review of this lens when used in macro mode, either right way around or reversed.
Nikon F90 to F90X Differences All the differences I can find, mainly as an aid to people buying second hand cameras.
Nikon SU-4 Remote TTL Flash Trigger A useful gadget, allowing you to use Nikon flashes in TTL mode as slaves with either Nikon or other brand cameras.
Nikon F70 notes Gives some idea of what the F70/N70 camera is all about, from an ex-owner.
Light Metering Some beginners info on light metering options.
Nikon light metering A short note on how Nikon makes the ambient and flash metering work in their newer cameras.
The Pentax MZ-50 (ZX-50), a short description A short review of the camera, from someone who owns one.
About Bokeh Yet another page telling you what Bokeh is. More photos to be added later.
About Sharpness Problems Hopefully lists all the ways things can go wrong, and may help you avoid problems.
Multiple Exposure Ideas Just a few ideas for those who want to experiment.
Flash Basics Hopefully explains some of the terms involved and a bit about flash methods for beginners.
A bit about making prints and slides from slides Mainly a comparison test between a zoom slide copier attachment and a Nikon macro lens, some basic info on prints from slides.