Chapter 13


The Thirteenth KIND.

Simple Mineral Menstruums Made of the Matter of Philosophical Wine only


59. The Green Lyon of Ripley. Libro Accurt. Pag. 383.

Take the Green Lyon without dissolution in Vinegar (as sometime the Custom is) put in a large Earthen Retort, which can endure the Fire, and distil it the same way as you distil Aqua fortis, putting a Receiver under it, and luting the joint well, that it may not respire; then distil first with a gentle Fire, till you see white fumes appear, then change the Receiver, stopping it well and distil with a great Fire so as Aqua fortis is distilled, thus continuing twenty-four hours, and if you continue the Fire the space of eight Days, you will see the Receiver always full of white fumes, and so you will have the Blood of the Green Lyon, which we call Secret Water, and Acetum accerimum, by which all Bodies are reduced to their first Matter, and the Body of Man preserved from all infirmities. This is our Fire, burning continually in one Form within the Glass Vessel, and not without: Our Dunghill, our Aqua Vitae, our Balneo, our Vindemia, our Horse Belly, which effects wonderful things in the Works of Nature, and is the Examen of all Bodies dissolved, and not dissolved, and as a sharp Water, carrying Fire ints Belly, as a Fiery Water, for otherwise it would not have have the power of dissolving Bodies into their first Matter. Behold! this our Mercury, our Sol and luna, which we use in our Work. Then you will find in the bottom of the Vessel black as Coals, which you must for the space of eight days calcine with a gentle Fire, &c.


Hitherto we have mixed or tempered the unctuous Spirit of Philosophical Wine with things. Oily, Dry-0ily, Oily dry, and purely Dry, and reduced them to divers Kinds of Vegetable Menstruums; in which we have exhibited Menstruums every way absolute and perfect, in Smell, Taste, and Colour incomparable, dissolving without hissing or effervescence, and permanent with things dissolved: Now follows in order, those which are called Mineral Menstruums, which though they be of a stinking Smell, of an acid or corrosive Taste, and for the most part of A milky and opaque Colour; and dissolve Bodies with great violence and corrosion, yet nevertheless having the same Spirit of Philosophical Wine, as the Vegetable Menstruums for their Foundation, are therefore as permanent as they, yea better than they as to the abbreviation of time; for the acidity of Mineral Salts (for which corrosive or acid Menstruums are called Minera) cannot destroy theNature of the Spirit of Wine, nor the Nature of the Vegetable Menstruum, but by corroding makes the particles of dry Bodies more apt to unite themselves with the Oily Spirit of Philosophical Wine; but if that acidity be taken away, it becomes that which it was before, namely, either the Spirit of Philosophical Wine, or a Vegetable Menstruum.

The method which we used in the Vegetable Menstruums, as will as near as we can observe also in these Mineral Menstruums: In the Vegetable we extracted from the Philosophical Wine an Aqua ardens, from which we did by Circulation, separate an Oil or Essence of Wine, which is our Spirit of Wine, which then by actuating diverse ways we reduced into the precedent Kinds of Vegetable Menstruums; but in the Mineral we will begin with Philosophical Grapes, the Matter itself of Philosophical Wine, which is elsewhere called Green Lyon, Adrop, etc., Though the Discourse of this Matter appertains not to this place, yet if any thing presents itself to us either in the Receipts

themselves, or elswhere, which may tend to a more clear manifestation of it, we will not conceal it; but on the contrary have determined to ...... and explain things so as not only to make you more assured of the use necessity of this Spirit promised to you, but moreover also, that you may have some certain notions beforehand of its Conception, Substance, Nativity, &C.

For the elucidation of this Receipt, we will propound some other. Receipts of the same Matter, that being compared together, they may be made the plainer: In the first place we will propose a Menstruum made indeed not of the Green Lyon itself, but of the Green Lyon dissolved with an acid, ard reduced into a certain Gum.

60. A menstruum made of the Gum of Ripley. Libro accurtationum, Pag. 381.

Take Adrop that is, the Green Lyon which we spoke of before, and dissolve it in distilled Vinegar for the space of seven Days, shaking well the Vessel which the Matter is in, three times daily, then empty the dissolved Liquor, and distil through a Filter three times from its Faeces, till it be clear as Crystal, and evaporate the Vinegar with a gentle Fire till it be thick as BirdLime, which you cannot stir by reason of its Viscosity, and being cold, take it out of the Vessel, and keep it; and again make more of it, and this do till you have twelve Pounds of this Green Lyon or Adrop reduced to the Form of a Gum, then have you the Earth extracted from the Earth, and the Brother of the Earth. Then take a Pound of that Gum, and put it in a Glass Vessel of the bigness of a Bottle, well luting the joints of the, Alembick with Glue made of the white of Eggs and Filings well mixed well together.

This Receipt in the Treatise of the Philosophical Adrop (which is in the sixth Volume of Theatrum Chymicum, and inscribed to an anonymous Disciple of the great Guido de monte, but differs not from the Books of Ripley, namely, the present de Accurtationibus and the Clavis aurae portae, the greatest part of which is ascribed to the Famous Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury) is altogether the same as to the sense, though these Words run better in the Translation thus: Now take three Pounds of the aforesaid Gum, put it into a Distillatory able to hold about two Measures, and putting on an Alembick, lute the Joints with 1uting made of Ale, the white of an Egg, and Wheat-Flower, Pag. 552. Volum. 6, Theat. Chym. Which is confirmed with the Process or Receipts of the Clavis aurae portae were thus: Put three Pounds of this Milk (thickened or Gummed) into a Glass, Pag. 257. Clavis aurae portae: and distil in a Sand Furnace, and let the sand be the thickness of two Fingers under the Vessel, and so round about even to the middle of the Vessel, or till the Matter be covered: put a Receiver to it, making at first a gentle Fire, but not luting the Receiver till the Phlegm be gone over, and this Continue, till you see fumes appear in the Receiver, stopping it well, that it may not evaporate, and so continually augment the Fire, and you will have an Oil most red as Blood, which is airy Gold, the Menstruum foetens, the Philosophers Sol, our Tincture Aqua ardens, the Blood of the Green Lyon, our unctuous Humor, which is the last consolation of Man's Body in this Life, Philosophers Mercury, Aqua solutiva, which dissolves Gold, with the preservation of its Species and it has a great many other Names: And when first the white fumes appear, continue your Fire twelve Hours, in which space if the Fire be strong, will all the Oil be distilled, which keep well stopped to prevent respiring.

This Menstruum differs from the precedent, forasmuch as in this, the Green Lyon is dissolved in Vinegar, but in that, it is all distilled alive, but they are botb clearly enough described in themselves; yet the Matter of the Menstruum remaining more obscure, and less intelligible to the Reader, we have found out four Reasons in Ripley, why it is called Green Lyon.

First, says he, by Green Lyon, the Philosophers mean the Sun, which by its attractive Virtue makes thigs Green, and governs the whole World. Tract. de. Adrop. Phil. Pag.547. Volum. sexti Theat. Chym. and elsewhere: The Green Lyon is that by which all things became Green and grow out of the Bowels of the Earth by its attractive Virtue, elevated out of the Winter Caverns whose Son is most acceptable to us, and sufficient for all the Elixirs, which are to be made of it; for from it may be had the power of the white and red Sulphur, not burning, which is is the best thing, says Avicenne, that Alchymists can take, thereby to make Gold and Silver. But these Words may suffice a Wise Man to know and obtain the Green Lyon. Medulla Phil. pag. 139.

Secondly, it is moreover also called Green because that Matter is as yet sharp and unripe, that is, not yet fixed or perfected by Nature, as common Gold. The Philosophers Green Lyon therefore is green Gold, Gold vive, which is not as yet fixed, but left imperfect by Nature, and for this reason has it the Virtue of reducing all Bodies into their first Matter, and making those Bodies which are fixed Spiritual and Volatile. Tract. de Adrop. pag. 547.

Thirdly, it may also be called. Lyon, because as all other Animals give place to a Lyon, so all Bodies yield to the power of Gold Vive, which is our Mercury. Tract. Adrop. Pag. 548

Fourthly, This Noble Infant is called Green Lyon, bccause when it is dissolved, it is clothed with a Green Garment. Yet out of the Green Lyon of Fools, (Vitriol) is with a violent Fire extracted that which we call Aqua fortis, in which the said Lyon ought to be elixirated. Medulla Philos. Pag. 139.

These things spoken of the Green Lyon, are also to be understood of Adrop, being a Synonymous term of the same Matter; Take, says Ripley, Adrop, that is, the Green Lyon. Now as to Adrop he declared as follows: Adrop, says he, is Gold and Silver in power but not in sight, as Rhasis says, and our Gold and Silver, according to the Philosophers, is not common Gold and Silver, for our Gold and Silver are airy, which in order to be well fermented, ought to be joined with the beloved (common Gold,) Forasmuch as the Philosopher says, That Adrop in its profundity is airy Gold, and Adrop itself is called Leprous Gold. And to these Sayings seems to assent Guido, the Greek Philosopher, speaking of the Mercurial or Menstrual Spirit (the Spirit or Blood of the Green Lyon) which is extracted out of the Natural Adrop by Art, - where he writes: And that Spirit is Sol extracted out of the Philosophers Solary Water, Arsenick, and Luna: And in the same place presently adds; The Body is the ferment of the Spirit, and the Spirit the ferment of the Body, and the Earth, wherein lies the Fire, dries, imbibes, and fixes the Water; and the Air, wherein lies the Water, (the Air which lies in the Water,

it ought to be read according to the Doctrine of separating the Elements) washes, tinges, and perfects the Earth and Fire; and so Guido's Saying, that they tinge and perfect, ought to be understood, that the Stone (the Menstruum drawn from Adrop, or the Green Lyon) is sufficient for the compleating of itself into an Elixir, and that no Exotick or Heterogeneous Matter, as he affirms., is or ought to be introduced to it, but all the parts of it are co-essential and concrete, because the Philosophers meaning was to complete that work in a short space above the Earth, which Nature scarce perceives in a thousand Years under the Earth: Unskillfully therefore according to the Opinion of the Philosophers, as Guido says, do they proceed, that seek to obtain a ferment from common Silver and Gold for our select Body: For that Matter, in which is Argent vive clean and pure, not (most is ill read) thouroughly brought to perfection by Nature, is, as Guido affirms, after compleat purification, a thousand times better than the Bodies of Sol and Luna vulgarly decocted by the Natural heat of the Sun. Concord. Lully & Guidon. Pag.323. A certain Philosopher says, He goes on discoursing of the same Adrop; A fume (white) is drawn from its own Mines, which if rightly gathered, and again sprinkled upon its own Mines, will there make a fixation, and so the true Elixir will in a short space of time be produced from it: And certainly, without those Liquors or Spirits, that is, the Water and Oil of Mercury (Menstruum) this Alchymical Body which is Neutral or Adrop, is not purged: And that is the Alchymical Body, which. is called Leprous Body, that is black (at the beginning of the Work) in which, as says Vincentius in his Speculum Naturale, are Gold and Silver in power, and not in aspect; which in the Bowels of it is also airy Gold, to which no Man can attain, except the unclean Body be first cleansed, which is without doubt after its complete dealbation, and, then it is a thousand times better than are the Bodies of comnon Gold and Silver decocted by Natural heat: The first Matter of this Leprous Body is a viscous Water inspissated in the Bowels of the Earth; Of this Body, according to the Judgment of Vincentius, is made the great Elixir for the red and white, the Name whereof is Adrop, otherwise called the Philosophers black Lead, out which Raymund commands us to extract an Oil of a Golden Colour, or such like: Raymund adds;

But this Oil is not necessary in the Vegetable Work (namely, for the inceration of the vegetable Stone) because solutions and coagulations are there soon made; and if you can separate it from its Phlegm, and after that ingenously find out the Secrets of it, you will in thirty Days be able to perfect the Philosophers Stone: For this Oil makes Medicines (Tinctures) penetrable, sociable, and amicable to all Bodies, and in the World there is not a greater Secret. Medul. Phil. Chym. pag. 131.

Ripley has here recited various Synonyms of this Adrop: We for a time will follow the Green Lyon by the way of Philosophical Lead, as we are directed by Ripley in these very Words. First, understand, when Avecenn says, that Gold and Silver are in Lead by Power, and not by sight, and they are left by Nature crude and half cocted and therefore ought to be perfectly supplied by Art, which is left imperfect by Nature, and by way of a ferment digesting and cocting that which is left crude: For a ferment therefore take perfect Gold, for a little (paululam, not paulatim) of their fixed substance (those fixed Bodies) will draw and convert much of Bodies not fixed to the perfection of Gold and Silver. And thus will Art help Nature, that in a little space of time that may be done above the Earth, which is not in a thousand Years done under the Earth : And by this means you will understand, how Lead contains in it the greatest Secrets of this Art: For it has in It Argent vive, clean, pure, odoriferous, not brought by Nature to perfection: And this Argent vive is the Basis and Ground-Work of our precious Medicine, as well for Metallick as Humane Bodies, so as to be the Elixir of Life, curing all infirmities: Which the Philosopher meant, saying, There is in Mercury whatsoever Wise Men seek : From this are the Soul, Body, Spirit, and Tincture drawn: Moreover also in this Mercury is the Philosophers Fire, always burning equally within the Vessel, and not without: It has also a great attractive Virtue and Power in dissolving Sol and Luna, and reducing the same into their first Matter: With this Mercury are to be dissolved the Calxes of the perfect Bodies in congealing the aforesaid Mercurial Spirit, &c. Pupilla, Pag. 295. But have a care that you operate not with (common) Saturn, because commonly it is said, Eat not of the Son, whose Mother is corrupted, and believe, that many Men err in Saturn. Hear what Avicenn says,

Saturn will be always Saturn; yea operate not with the Earth of (Philosoph) Saturn, which the Spirit of it has despised and relinquished for the worst Sulphur: Operate only with the fume, of it to congeal Mercury, yet not as Fools, but as the Philosophers do, and you will have a very good Work. Phil. Cap.2. Pag. 188. The whole composition we call our Lead; the quality of the splendor proceeds from Sol and Luna, and in short, these are our Menstruums wherewith we calcine perfect Bodies naturally, but no unclean Body is an Ingredient, one excepted, which is by the Philosophers commonly called Green Lyon, which is the means of joining the Tinctures between Sol and Luna with perfection, as Geber himself attests, Libro. 42. Portar. Pag.12. To manifest this thing to you, you must know, that it is one of those which are of the seven Days (Planets) and the meanest of the same, out of whose Body is artificially extracted Blood, and a vaporous Humor, which is called the Blood of the Green Lyon, from which is produced a Water, called White of an Egg, and Aqua vitae, May-Dew, and by many other Names, which to avoid prolixity, we now omit. Phil. Cap. 3. Pag. 190.

The method of extracting the Blood of the Green Lyon out of calcined Lead, or Philosophical Minium is this that follows.

61. A Menstruum made of the red Lead of Ripley.
In pupilla Alchym. pag. 303.

Take of Lead calcined or rubifed, or the best Minium, that is, Mineral Antimony, prepared, what quantity you please, yet with this consideration, that you must have so many quarts of distilled Vinegar, as you have pounds of the aforesaid calcined Lead: To this Vinegar pour the aforesaid Lead in a large Earthen Vessel well glazed, then for the space of three Days stir the Matter strongly with a Wooden Spatula six or seven times a Day, cover it well from Dust, and let it not be put to the Fire by any means during all this time, after which separate all that is clear and crystalline by a Filter into another Vessel, then put it into a Brass Skillet to a gentle Fire, that all the Phlegmatick

Water may evaporate, till a very thick Oil is left in the bottom of the Vessel, which suffer to cool; which being done, the Matter will become like Gum, so as to be cut with a Knife hereof put four Pounds into a Glass Cucurbit with an Alembick, the Joint being well luted with a Paste made of the Scales of Iron, Flour, and the whites of Eggs well beaten together: put the Vessel in a Furnace of Sand, and not in Ashes, and let the Vessel be buried in the Sand even to the middle of it, and let the Sand be two Fingers thick under the bottom of the Vessel; then put a Receiver to it, but not luted, till you have drawn out all the Phlegmatick Water with a most gentle Fire, which Water throw away: When you see a white fume appear, then lute thc Receiver, which must be two foot long; which being drawn out, strengthen the Fire as much as you can, and continue it till you have distilled all that can be extracted in twelve Hours and so will you have the Blood of the Red Lyon, most red as Blood, which is our Mercury, and our Tincture now prepared, to be poured upon its ferment, that is, upon the CaIxes of most pure Gold, etc., But if you would use it for the white Work, you must distil your Mercury three times with a slow Fire, always reserving the Faeces apart in every distillation, and then will you have your Mercury most white as Milk: And this is our Virgins Milk, whitened Menstruum, and our Argent vive Philosophically exuberated; with which by Circulation make an Oil out of the Calxes of Luna, and proceed in all things, as you did with the red Mercury upon the Calxes of Gold, and you will have a white Elixir, which will convert any Metal into perfect Luna: But the Golden Oil ought to be perfected and tempered, and well united with artifical Balsam, by the way of Circulation till out of them is made a most clear and resplendent Golden Liquor, which is the true Aurum potable, and Elixir of Life, more precious, for Mens Bodies, than any other Medicine of the World.

The like Menstruum Ripley has in Medulla Philosophiae Chymicae.
62. The Simple Stinking Menstruum of Ripley.
Medulla Phil. Chym. Pag. 170.
Take the sharpest juice of Grapes, and being distilled dissolve into a clear Crystalline Water, the Body being well Calcined to a Redness, which is by the Philosophers called Sericon; of which make a Gum, which is like Alum in taste, and is by Raymund called Azoquean Vitriol. Out of this Gum with a slow Fire is drawn first a weak Water, which has its taste no sharpness, no more than Spring-water: And when a white Fume begins to appear, then change the Receiver, and Lute strongly, that it may no way expire; and so you will have our Aqua ardens, Aqua vitae, and a resolvitive Menstruum, which before was resolvible: This is the Potential Vapour, able to dissolve, putrify, and also purify Bodies, divide the Elements, and by its attractive Virtue exalt its own Earth into a wonderful Salt: And they that think there is any other Water, besides this which we speak of, are mistaken in this Work. This Water has a most sharp taste, and partly also a stinking smell, and therefore is called Stinking Menstruum; and it being a very Airy Water, it therefore ought to be put upon its Calxes in less than an Hour after it is distilled or rectified; but when it is poured upon the aforefaid Calxes, it begins to boil up, and then if the Vessel be well stopped it will not leave working, though no Fire be administered to it from without, till it be dryed up in the Calx; wherefore you must apply no greater quantity of it than scarce to cover the Calxes, then proceed to the full compleating of it, as in the work of the compounded Water. And when the Elixir is reduced to a purple Colour, let it be dissolved in the same Menstruum, being first rectified into a thin Oil, upon which fix the Spirit of our Water by Circulation, and then it has the Power of converting all Bodies into most pure Gold, and to heal all Infirmities of man's Body, more than all the Potions of Hippocrates and Galen, for this is the true Aurum Potabile, and no other, which is made of Artificial, Gold Elemented, turned about by the Wheel of Philosophy etc.

The same Menstruum is had in the Vade Mecum of Ripley.


63. The Menstruum of Sericon of Ripley. In Vade Mecum, commonly called the Bosom-Book.
Take of Sericon or Antimony thirty Pounds, out of which you will have twenty Pounds or thereabout of Gum, if the Vinegar be good; dissolve each pound of that Sericon in two measures (a Gallon) of Vinegar twice distilled, and having stood a little while in digestion, stir the matter often every day, the oftener the better, with a clean slick, filter the Liquor three times, throw away the Excess, to be taken away as superfluous being no Ingredient to the Magistery, for it is the damned Earth: Then evaporate the filtered Liquors in Balneo Maria with a temperate heat, and our Sericon will be coagulated into a Green Gum, called our Green Lyon, dry that Gum well, yet with care, lest you burn the flowers, or destroy the Greens of it: Then take the said Gum, put it in a strong Glass Retort well luted, and with a moderate Fire distil a weak Water to be cast away: But when first you perceive a white fume ascending, put to it a Glass Receiver large, and of sufficient capacity, whose Mouth is exactly joined to the Neck of the Retort, which must be very well luted, lest any of the fume be lost or evaporate out of the Receiver: Then increase the Fire by degrees, till a red fume ascends, and continue a stronger Fire, till bloody drops come, or no more fume appears: Then abate the Fire by degrees, and al1 being cold, take away the Receiver, and forthwith stop it, that the Spirits may not exhale, because this Liquor is called our blessed Liquor, to be kept in a Glass Vessel very close stopped: Then examine the Neck of the Retort, where you will find a white and hard Ice, in the form of a congealed Vapour, or Mercury sublimate, which gather carefully, and keep, because it contains great Secrets, of which lower: Then take the Faeces out of the Retort, being black as Soot, which are called our Dragon, whereof calcine one Pound, or more, if you please, in a Potters, Glass-makers, or Philosophical Furnace, into a white Snowy Calx, which keep pure by itself, it being called the Basis and Foundation of the Work, Mars, our white fixed Earth, or Philosophers Iron: Now take the residue of the Faeces,

or black Dragon, and sift it on a Marble, or any other Stone, and at one of the ends light it with a live Coal, and in the space of half an Hour the Fire will run over all the Faeces, which it will calcine into a very Glorious citrine Colour; these citrine Faeces dissolve with distilled Vinegar, after the aforefaid manner, filter also three times as before, then evaporate the dissolution into a Gum, and distil the Menstruum, which is now called Sanguis Draconis, or or Dragons Blood, and repeat this Work in all things as before, till you have reduced all, or the greater part of the Faeces into our Natural or Blessed Liquor, all which Liquors pour to the first Liquor or Menstruum, called the Blood of the Green Lyon; the Liquor being thus mixed, putrify it in a Glass Vessel the space of fourteen days: Then proceed to the separation of the Elements, because in this Blessed Liquor you have now all the Fire of the Stone, hidden before in the Faeces; which Secret has been hitherto kept wonderfully close by the Philosophers: Now take all the Menstruum; being putrified, put it in a Venice Glass of a fit size, put an Alembick, to it, and lute with Linnen Rags dipped in the white of Eggs; the Receiver must be very spacious, to keep in the respiring Spirit, and with a temperate heat separate the Elements one from another, and the Element of Air, which is the Oil (ardent Spirit, containing a little white Oil at the top) will first ascend: The first Element being distilled, rectify it in another Vessel fit for it, that is distil seven times till it burns a Linen Cloth, being dippd in it and kindled; then is it called our rectified Aqua ardens, which keep very well stopped, for otherwise the most subtle Spirit of it will vanish away: In the rectifications of the Aqua ardens the Air will ascend in the form of a white Oil, swimming upon the Aqua (ardens) and a citrine Oil will remain which is distilled with a stronger Fire: Mercury being sublimed, and reduced into Powder dissolved per deliquium, upon Iron Plates in a cold place, pour a little of the Aqua ardens to the Liquor being filtred, and it wlll extract the Mercury in the form of a Green Oil swimming atop, which separate and distil by a Retort, and there will ascend first a Water, and then a thick Oil, which is the Oil of Mercury: Then distill the Flood or Water of the Stone into another Receiver, the Liquor will be whitish which draw off in a Balneo with a moderate heat, till there, remains in the bottom of

the Cucurbit a thick Oily substance, like melted Pitch, keep this Water by itself in a Glass well stoppered. Take notice, when first the Liquor rises white, another Receiver must be put to, because that Element is wholly distilled: Two or three drops, of that black liquid Oil being given in the Spirit of Wine, do Cure any Poison: Now to this black and liquid Matter pour our Aqua ardens, mix them well together, and let the mixture settle three Hours, then decant and filter the Liquor, pour on new Aqua ardens, and repeat the operation three times, then disill again in Balneo with a gentle heat, and this reiterate thrice, and it will come under the denomination of the rectified Blood of Man, which Operators search for in the Secrets of Nature: Thus have you exalted the Elements, Water, and Air, to the Virtue of a Quintessence; keep this Blood for occasion. Now to the black and liquid Matter or Earth, pour the Flood or Water of the Stone, mix them well together, and distll the whole; till the Earth remains very dry and black, which is the Earth of the Stone; keep the Oil with the Water for occasion: Reduce the black Earth to a Powder, to which pour the aforesaid Man's Blood, digest three Hours, then distll in Ashes with a Fire sufficiently strong, repeat this Work three times, and it will be called the rectified Water of Fire, and so have you exalted the three Elements, namely, Water, Air, and Fire, into the Virtue of a Quintessence: Then calcine the Earth being black and dry, in the bottom of the Reverberatory, into a most white Calx, with which mix the Fiery Water, and distil with a strong Fire as before; the remaining Earth calcine again, and distill and that seven times, or till the whole substance of the Calx be passed through the Alembick and then have you the rectified and truly Spiritual Water of Life, and the four Elements, exalted to the Virtue of a Quintessence; this Water will dissolve Bodies, putrefy and purge them: This is our Mercury, our Lunary, but whosoever thinks of any other Water besides this, is Ignorant and foolish, never attaining to the desired effects.

This Menstruum is made of the same Matter as the precedent Menstruums. For Green Lyon, Adrop, Philosophical Lead, Mineral Antimony, Airy Gold, Mercury, etc are Synonyms of one and the same Matter: This Matter being dissolved in distilled Vinegar, and again inspissated into a Gum, in taste like Alum, is by

Ripley in the Description the antecedent Menstruum in Numb. 62. called Lully's Vitriol of Azoth, or Vitriolum Azoqueum: Lully in practica Testamenti, Cap.9. Pag.159.Vol.4. Th. Chym makes a Menstruum of B. C. D. By B. he meant the said Green Lyon, or common Argent vive, which is as he says elsewhere, is more common to Men, than vulgar Argent vive B. says he, Pag.153. of the said practica, signifies Argent vive, which a common substance consisting in every corruptible Body, as appears by the property of it, &c. By C. he intended common Niter. C. says he, signifies Salt Peter, which has a common (acid) Nature, and like Argent vive by the property of its strong (acid) Nature, Pag.154. 4.Volum. aforesaid. By D. he understood Gum Adrop, made of the Green Lyon. D. says he, sigifies Azoquean Vitriol, which corrupts and confounds all that is of the Nature and Being of common Argent vive. In the same place, Both C. and D. he calls the purer mediums. Cap.58. Theor. Test. pag.96. You must know Son! says he, our Bath, you may wash the Nature of (Phil) Argent vive so, as Nature could never do, that is, to make Argent vive a complete Elixir. But (Phil.) Argent vive and Metals being both in Nature, and in your Work extremes, and extremes not being able to join themselves, without the Virtue of a middle disposition, which is between the softness of Argent vive, and the hardness of Metal, because there is by reason of that middle disposition a Natural compliance, which is the cause of Conjunction between Body and Spirit, as it is in every thing generated, or in capacity of being generated: in Nature are many mediums, whereof two are more pure, and more viscous, the Green Azoquean Vitriols, with the stony Nature which is the Salt and Nature of Stones. By the help my Son! of this contemptable Matter is our Stone, which we have so much sought for, procreated, etc.

With the other of these mediums, C, the stony Nature, Salt Peter, Salt of Peter, or Niter, we have no business at present; but being solicitous of D. Gum Adrop, or the Azoquean Vitriol of Lully, it will be worth while to consult Lully himself: Of which the Philosopher, Cap.59. Theor. Testamenti, thus: Son! says he, the Azoquean Lyon, which is called (Azoquean) Vitriol, is by Nature made of the peculiar substance of common Argent vive, which is the Natural Root from whence Metal is procreated in its own
Mine. By common Argent vive, he meant not the vulgar but Philosophical Argent vive, the natural Root as well of Metals as Minerals. When we say common Mercury, says he, we speak of that, which the Philosophers understand; and when we name the Vulgar, we speak of that which is known to the Countrymen, and sold in Shops. Cap. I. Lib. Mercuriorum, which the following Synonym's of this Mercury, namely, Chaos, Nature, Origo, Green Lyon, Argent vive, Unguent, Oil, Pasture and Liquor of great Value, do also testify in Cap.45. Theor. Test. Pag.75. Vol. 4. Th. Chym.

This common Argent vive, or Green Lyon, must be purged from its Superfluities, before the Azoquean Vitriol of Lully, or the Gum Adrop of Ripley can be made of it. You must, says he, my Son! being a Student of this Science, be steadfast, and not search after this or that, because this Art is not perfected with many things; and therfore we tell you, there is but one only Stone, that is Sulphur, and one only Medicine namely, the composition of Sulphur, to which nothing is to be added, only the Terrestrial and Phlegmatick Superfluities taken away, because they are and ought to be separated from our Argent vive, which is more common to men, than Vulgar Argent vive and is of greater Price, Merit, and stronger Union of Nature, from which and the first forms of it, it is necessary to separate by the known degrees of separation, all that belongs not to the Sal Armoniack of Metals, etc. Cap.18. Theor. Test. pag.33. Vol.4. Th. Chym. We say there is but one only Philosophical Stone (volatile not yet fixed, or matter of a Menstruum) extracted from the things aforesaid by our Magistery. And therefore when it comes newly into the World, you must not add any other Powder, or any other Water, nor any thing incongruous to it, more than that, which is born in it, being radical to its own Nature, and the Mother of it, which seeds and carried it, that is Sulphur, which formed the Stone in a Celestial Colour: But before you extract (distil) it (the Stone) thoroughly purge and cleanse it from all its Phlegmamatick, Terrestrial, and corruptible Infirmities, which are contrary to its Nature, because they are the death of it, with which it is surrounded, which do mortify its vivificative Spirit. Cap.7. Theor. Test. pag. 20, of the said Volum. It is to be diligently

noted, that one of the two aforesaid Natural Principles (Sulphur and Argent vive) is more truly Natural in the whole, and through the whole substance of it, as well within as without, and that is the pure Sulphur, hot and dry, introducing its form, that is, according to which the form of a Metal pursues a pure effect: But the other (Argent vive) is unnatural, that is inwardly natural, and outwardly against Nature; but the internal natural part is made proper and also con-natural to itself, because it comes by its own Nature, but the external part is added to it by accident, and is to be naturally separated from it after the corruption (Putrifaction) of it; wherefore it is manifest that such Argent vive is not in the whole substance of it natural, in the first reception of it, nor is depurated to the full, unless it be depurated by the Ingenuity of Art.C. 5.p.10. Codicilli.

As to this Purification of Argent vive, or the Green Lyon, Ripley thus: Wherefore says he, this Mercury (the corrosive Spirit of common Vitriol) is by Raymond called, Our Fire against Nature: Nevertheless the same thing happens in some measure to this Mercury (the acidity of Vitriol) as also to the other (Vegetable Mercury, or Green Lyon) which is our natural Fire: For both of them are hidden in the middle or center of their Bodies, that is, between the Phlegmatick Water on one side, and Terrestrial Crassitude on the other side, nor are they obtained without the great Industry of Philosophy, and so those parts can avail us nothing, except only their middle substance: For says Raymond, We take neither of the first Principles, because they are too simple, nor of the last, because they are too, gross and feculent, but only of the middle; wherein is the Tincture, and true Oil, separated from unclean Terrestreity and Phlegmatick Water: Therefore says Raymond thus; The unctious Moisture is the near Matter of our Physical Argent vive, Pag.289. Pupillae Alchym.

Argent vive, or the Green Lyon, is purified by common Vitriol, as thus: When the Argent vive is put in a dry Vitriolated Vapour (Spirit of Vitriol) which is a sharp Water, it is presently dissolved by the Incision and Penetration, caused by the sharpness, being manifestly strong and dissolving, is converted into the Nature of Terrestrial Vitriol not a Metalick, nor a clear Coelestial Form, as appears after the evaporation of the

the said Water, and the congelation of it in the form of Yellow Crystals, which Yellownesss proceeds from the sharp Sulphurous Terrestreity, which was beyond measure mixed in the said Water by Atoms, with an Homogenous Universality and simplicity, which simplicity was taken and bound by the said Terrestreity, with the alteration of the Light, Clarity, and Lucidity into Obscurity, &c. Cap. 89. Theor.Test. 141.Vol 4. The Chym. Son the thick Vitriolated Vapours from which vitriol is produced, is very sharp and pontick, and therefore penetrates the parts of the Sulphur, and Argent vive being depurated, and penetrating, tinges that purified Matter congealing it into the form of that Vitriolated and yellow Terrestrial Vapour, which is mixed with them. Wherefore we have said is manifest, that is, This is the great Gate, namely, that the Terrestrial Virtues must not excel the Celestial, but on the contrary, if you will have the thing desired, Cap.85. Theor. Test. Pag. 137. of the same volume. You may remember that you would put nothing with the Menstrual (the Matter of the Menstrum) but that which proceeded from it at the beginning of its mixtion; for if you add an incongruous thing, it will presently be corrupted by the incongruous Nature, nor will you ever have that which you would have. Gold and Silver, and Mercury are dissolved in our Menstrual, because it participates with them in proximity and vicinity of the first Nature, and from hence will you extract a white Fume, which is our Sulphur, and the Green Lyon, which is your Unguent, and the stinking Water, which is our Argent vive: But it is requisite for the Green Lyon to be thoroughly dissolved in the Aqua Foetens or stinking Water, before you can have the said Fume, which is our Sulpur, which Sulphur is indeed the same way dissolved from the Body, congealing the Spirit in the form of a dry Water, which we call the Stone, and the highest Medium of all our Work. Which is the connection and aggregation of both Natures, that is, of Body and Spirit. Son! This Water is called Aqua Ignis, or if you had rather Ignisaqua, that indeclinable Word because it burns Gold and Silver better than Elementary Fire can do, and because it contains in it heat of a Terrestrial Nature; which dissolves without Violence, which common Fire cannot do. Wherefore we enjoin you to make the Magistery of the hottest things you can get in Nature, and you will have a hot Water, which dissolves all things. Cap 59 Theor. Test. Pag. 98 of the same Volume.

These sayings Ripley comprehends in short, thus; These Words, says he, may serve a Wise Man in order to know and acquire the Green Lyon; But this Noble Infant is called Green Lyon, because being dissolved it is Clothed in a Green garment. Yet out of the Green Lyon of Fools (Vitriol) Fire, that Water which is called Aqua fortis (Spirit of Vitriol) in which the said Lyon ought to be Elixirated. For all Alchyimical Gold is made of Corrosives; &c.pag.139. Medulla Phil.

This Argent Vive, Green Lyon, Philosophers Lead, so being purified with Vitriol, must be further matured or calcined into a Red color, Minium, Lead calcined, Sericon &c E.(that is Vitriolated Azoth, pag. 15. Theor. Test.) the Fourth (Medium or Principle) is a substance produced from its Mine, and in it more near to the Nature of Metals, which is by some Calvantis, and Azoth Vitreus ((Mercury Vitriolated or Azoquean Vitriol) which is the Earth and Mine of Metals, and is by another Name called Urisius of shining white and red within Black, and Green openly, having the Colour of a Venomous Lizard, immediately generated out of Argent vive, the Matter aforesaid impregnated with the said hot and dry Sulphurous Vapour (of common Vitriol) in its resolution congealed into a Lizard, in which (Azoth Vitriolated) is the form and species of the stinking Spirit in its mixtion, Mineral heat of which is multiplied, which is the Life of Metal and is signified by E. Cap.3. Theor. Testam. Pag.12. Volume 4. And a little after: In the Work of Nature is Argent vive, but not such as is found upon the Earth, nor will be, till it be first turned into an apostemated and venomous Blood. In the same place: You must know Son! that by Art and Nature Argent vive is congealed by an acute Water, understand therefore Philosophifically, because if it were not sharp and acute, it could not penetrate, which is the first action in dissolution, after which dissolution it is returned into an apostimated Blood, by the mutation of its own Nature into another. Son! there are two things, which ought to stick together by the agreement of contrariety, one pure, the other impure; the impure recedes, Fire being an Enemy, by reason of its Corruption;
the other remains in the Fire, because of its Purity, being transmuted into Blood, and this is our Argent vive, and our whole Secret, clothed with a tripartite Garment; that is, black, white and red, and that alone we want for the purpose of our Magistery, Argent vive containing all that is necessary for a Quintessence. There is in Mercury whatsoever Wise Men seek; for under the shadow of it lies a fifth substance; for the substance of it is pure and incombustible; and all of it is nothing else but Gold and Silver (not common Metals, but airy, being in Mercury, or the Green Lyon) melted and fused within and without by Virtue of the Fire (against Nature) and afterwards purified and separated from all its Original Blemish and Pollution; for that Gold which is incombustible, remains fused and liquid, and imparts its Golden Nature in the said Mercury, &c. Cap.62. Theor. Test. Pag.103. Volume,4. Th. Chym.

Out of this Philosophical Minium, calcined Lead, or Sericon only, the Adepts sometimes distilled thier Menstruum; for Example, the First of this kind in Numb. 59. Sometimes they dissolved this Minium in distilled Vinegar, which being drawn off, they reduced it into Gum Adrop, or Lully's Azoquean Vitriol, out of which they then distilled the stinking Menstruum, or Menstruum foetens, in Number 60. Sometimes they dissolved Gum Adrop per deliquium first, and then distilled it. The thirteenth way of practising, says Ripley, as it here appears, is very curious and that is in Saturn, (Philosophical) rubified in a Glass Vessel stopped, to prevent respiration, with a strong and continual Fire, till it becomes red: Take therefore that rubified Saturn, and pour a good quantity of distilled Vinegar upon it, and shake it very often every Day for a Month (a week) then separate the Vinegar by a Filter, and take only that which is clear without Faeces, and put it in Balneo, to distil, and after the separation of the Vinegar, you will find at the bottom of the Vessel a white, or sky Coloured Water, which take, and being put in a Bladder five double, to keep out the Water, dissolve it in Balneo into a crystalline Water; put that Water in a Distillatory, and if you will, separate the Elements from it, or distill the dissolved Water, which rectifie in a Circulatory, and the Earth which remained in the bottom (in the distillation) calcine, till it grows like a Sponge, and then is it very fit to re-assume its Mercury separated from it, that a new

Generation may, be made, and a Son brought forth, which is called King of Fire, and which is so great in the Love of all the Philosophers, Cap.17. Philos. Pag. 220. Of this Work Ripley made mention: Cap.4. of the same Book, Pag.194. Saying, There is moreover, another Work in Gum produced by Vinegar from red Saturn, out of which is the separation of the Elements made, after it is dissolved in Bladders: The Menstruums of Gum Adrop, which waysoever made, were called Stinking Menstruums, because of the stinking smell: This Water, says Ripley, has a most sharp taste, and partly also a stinking smell, and therefore is called stinking Menstruum. Assafoetida also is so called from the smell, which our Mercury has when it is newly extracted out of its polluted Body, because that smell is like assafoetida, according to the Philosopher, who says; That stink is worst before the preparation of this Water, which after the circulating of it into a Quintessence, and good preparation, it is pleasent and very delectable, and becomes a Medicine against the Leprosy, and all other Diseases, without which Gold vive, you can never make the true potable Gold, which is the Elixir of Life and Metals, Adrop. Phil. Pag.548. Volum. 6. Theat. Chym.

These Menstruums they called White Fume, because of their white and opaque Colour. It is also called White Fume, says Ripley, nor without cause, for in dillillationa white fume goeth out first, before the red Tincture, which ascending into the Alembick, makes the Glass white as Milk, from whence it is also called Lac Virginis, or Virgins Milk. In the same place: Out of the red Fume or red Tincture, otherwise called the Blood of the Green Lyon, the Adepts did by rectification alone prepare two Mercurys, namely, red and white: Upon this occasion, says Ripley, I will teach you a general Rule: If you would make the white Elixer, you must of necessity divide your Tincture (the Blood of the Green Lyon) into two parts, whereof one must be kept for the red Work, but the other distilled with a gentle Fire; and you will obtain a white Water, which is our white Tincture, our Eagle, our Mercury and Virgins Milk: When you have these two Tinctures, or the white and red Mercury, you will be able to practice upon their own Earth, or upon the Calx of Metals; for the Philosophers say, we need not care what substance the Earth is of, etc., Adr. Phil.p.554.Vo;l.6. Theat. Chy. Roger Bacon made a two-fold Mercury thus:

64. The Green Lyon of Roger Bacon. A Raymundo Ganfrido in verbo abbreviato de Leone Viridi. Pag.264 Thesauri Chymci Baconis.

The abbreviated most true and approved, Word of hidden things being manifested, I have a short discourse abbreviated to you in the Work of Luna and Sol; in the first place earnestly requiring the Readers not to expose so Noble a Pearl to be trodden upon by Dogs or Swine; for this is the Secret of all the Philosophers Secrets, the Garden of Delights, Spices, and all. Treasures into Which he that hath once entered; will want no more: Now that Word, not without cause desired by many Men, was first declared by our eminent Doctor Roger Bacon - afterwards J Fryer Raymond Jeffery, Minister General of the Order of the Fryers Minors, took care to explain the Word, with as much brevity as I could to the Sons of Philosophy. In the Name of Christ then, take a great quantity of the strongest Vinegar diligently distilled through an Alembick, in which dissolve a good quantity of the Green Lyon, being dissolved, distill through a Filtre, and keep it in Glass Cucurbits well stopped: If any remarkable part of the Lyon remains undissolved, dissolve it with the aforesaid Vinegar, and distil through a Filtre, and being dissolved, join it with the other Waters before reserved in the Cucurbits, then take the reserved Waters (dissolutions) and distil them all in Balneo Mirae, applying Alembicks to them well luted. that the Cucurbits may not respire, put Fire under, and receive all the Waters which wll be distilled, but have a care that the dissolved Lyon be not altogether congealed in the Cucurbits, but that it may remain liquid or soft; then take all the Cucurbits, and put all that is in them into one Cucurbit, which lute well with its Alembick, and put it in a Furnace of Ashes, as is fitting, and put a gentle Fire under, because of the temper of the Glass, and becaute of the Heterogenous moisture, which is in the Lyon to be rooted out: And take notice, that must be always done with a gentle Fire, but when the Heterogeneous moisture is gone over, strengthen the Fire by little and little, and have an Eye continually to the Beak of the Alembick if a red Liquor begins to go over, but if it does not yet go over, continue the aforesaid fire till it does, but when you see the red liquor distill, exchange the receiver forthwith and lute it well to the Beak of the Alembick and strengthen the Fire, and you will have the Blood of the Lyon, exceedingly red, containing the four Elements, very odiferous and fragrant(after due putrefaction) keep it therefore in a good phial well stoppered.: Then take the blood and put it in a Phial close stoppered to putrify and digest, in hot dung, changing the dung every five days, there to be digested for the space of fifteen or sixteen days and this is done, that the Elementary parts may be dissolved, and be fitter to be divided into the four Elements and that by distillation; being putrified for fifteen or sixteen days, take it out and put it into a Cucurbit, to be distilled with a gentle Fire in a Balneum Mariae but it is enough for the Water to boil with the Fire, take the Water (distilled) and the Faeces which you find at the bottom of the Cucurbit, keep carefully the Water, which you distilled, distill seven times, reserving the Faeces which it makes, with the other Faeces reserved before, and so you will have a splendid Water, clear and white as crystal, and very ponderous, which is said to be the Philosophers Mercury hidden by all the Philosophers and cleansed from all its superfluities, most choice and most precious; keep it therefore warily and wisely in a phial well stoppered; Then take all the Faeces of the Mercury, as I have said before reserved, grind them well on a marble (with the Phlegm of distilled Vinegar) dry them in the Sun and grind again, from time to time imbibing them with the Water of distilled Vinegar upon the Marble and drying in the Sun, and repeat the operations of grinding, imbibing and drying, til all blackness and superfluity is driven out of the faeces which you will know thus; if the Faeces be red, reddish or citrine by the aforesaid imbibitions and ablutions, then it is well done, but if they be black, repeat the contritions, imbibations and desicattions, til you have the sign aforesaid, and then keep them. Then take a Glass cucurbit, wherein put the Faeces above prepared with a good quantity of distilled Vinegar, and set it in a Furnace, that is, in Balneo Mariae, put Fire under,and continue it in course, till the Faeces, aforesaid be thoroughly dissolved by Virtue of the Vinegar and Fire and being well difssolved, take the Cucurbit from the Fire, and distil them through a Filtre as is fitting, all that Water(dissolution of the Faeces) being thus distilled (filtered) put it in a new Cucurbit, well stoppered, but if any considerable part remains in the Filter to be dissolved, take that part, and set it again upon the Fire, as you did the first Faeces in the Balneo Mariae, 'til it be dissolved, that you may dissolve those Faeces which remained with the Vinegar, as you dissolved the first Faeces in Balneo with Vinegar in a cucurbit then distill through a filter as before, and put it with the other Water distilled before which you reserved; then take that new Cucurbit, in which you put the aforesaid Faeces and dissolved and distilled before, and lute it well with its Alembick and set it on a Furnace in Balneo, give Fire, and distill as is fitting; but have a care that the Faeces be not thoroughly dried, but let them be moist and liquid; Then take down the Cucurbit from the Furnace, put it upon Ashes sifted and well pressed, and give it a gentle Fire for the tempering of the Glass and extracting the Heterogenious Moisture, which it has from the Vinegar., and see often to the Beak of the Alembick; if a Golden or Ruddy Liquor distills, if not continue the Fire till it does; being distilled presently change the Glass being very clean, and lute it well to the Beak of the Alembick, then strengthen the Fire, receive the Ruddy Oil; and thus continue the Fire, till all the Liquor be distilled, and save the Faeces because they are the Fire, but the Oil aforesaid, the Philosophers call their Occult Sulphur; which you must rectify thus; Put it again in a Cucurbit, put on an Alembic well luted, then set it on a furnace in Ashes, Administer a gentle fire, till it distills, receive the Liquor which distills in a bottle well stoppered with the Beak of the Alembic and the remaining Faeces save, because they are the Fire; join that Fire with the other Fire reserved, and putrefy by distilling it seven times, and reserving the Faeces, it makes as I said before, and so you will have your Air or Sulphur well depurated, clear bright and perfectly purified, and of a Gold Colour &c. The Blood of thee Green Lyon being fifteen days putrified, Bacon cohobated Seven times by Balneo into a clear and ponderous Water,

which he called the Philosophers Mercury; out of the Faeces left in the rectifications of this Mercury, dissolved in distilled Vinegar, be made a new Gum, out of which he then distilled a Golden Liquor, or ruddy Oil, which after the Seventh rectification he would have the Philosophers Air, or Sulphur well depurated, clear and bright: But Ripley used two ways in rectifying the stinking Menstruum, or Green Lyon, for either be divided the fresh Blood of the Green Lyon into two parts, distilling only one half, the distilled part he called, white Mercury, white Tincture, Virgins milk, &c. The other remaining part he calls the red Mercury, red Tincture, &C. as it may be seen in his Book called Adrop Phil. in the place before alleged; or putrified the whole Menstruum, the Blood together with the white Fume the space of Fourteen Days, which after that be divided into three Substances, a burning Water, a Water thick and white, and an Oil, of which at length he made a Vegetable Menstruum, which is described by Lully in Potestate Divitiarum and by Ripley, (above in Numb. 35.) in his Vade Mecum.

Concerning these three Substances of the stinking Menstruum, Ripley, has these following Sayings, in his Book named Terra Terrae Philosoph. Page 319. where thus; When therefore you have extracted all the Mercury out of the Gum, know, that in this Mercury, are contained three Liquors, whereof the first is a burning Aqua vitae, which is extracted by a most temperate Balneo: This Water being kindled, flames immediately, as common, Aqua vitae and is called our attractive Mercury, with which is made a Crystaline Earth, with all Metallick Calxes also, of which I will say no more, because in this Operation we want it not: After that there follows another Water thick and white as Milk in a small quantity, which is the Sperm of our Stone, sought by many men for the Sperm is the Original of men and all living Creatures; whereupon we do not undeservedly call it our Mercury, because it is found in all things and all places; for without it no man whatsoever lives: and therefore it is said to be in every thing. This Liquor, which now you ought to esteem most dear, is that Mercury, which we call Vegetable, Mineral, and Animal, our Argent Vive, Virgins-milk, and our permanent Water: With this Mercurial Water we wash away the Original Sin, and pollution of our Earth till it become white, as Gum, soon flowing; but after the distillation of this aforesaid Water, will appear Oil by a strong fire, with this Oil we take a Red Gum, which is our Tincture, and out of Sulphur vive, which is otherwise called the Soul of Saturn, and Living Gold, our precious Tincture, and our most beloved Gold; of which never man spoke so plainly; God forgive me therefore, if I have any way offended him, being constrained to gratifie your will.

Some great Mystery of Art is here discovered by Ripley, for the revealing of which he fears the displeasure of not only the Adepts, but of God himself: Lully, and others have indeed plainly enough declared to their Disciples, though perhaps it may not appear to us being less instructed in the matter, what our Green Lyon is, what common Mercury more common to us than common Argent vive, what the Azoquean Vitriol is, and the Menstruum made thereof; but Ripley affirms that no man ever spoke so plainly of the present Secret. The Adepts have indeed in their Practicks described the use of (Philosophical) Wine without any veil of Philosophy; and among them Raymond and Arnold with somre others have attained to the knowledge of the same, but (to use Ripley's expression in Medulla) how it might be obtained they said not: Wherefore they being silent, Ripley the first, and indeed the only man of all, declares to us, that the Key of all the more secret Chymy lies in the Milk and Blood of the Green Lyon, that is, that the stinking Menstruum (or the parts of it, Mercury and Sulphur, Virgins Milk, and the Lyons Blood, white and red Mercury) being fourteen Days digested gently, is the white and red Wine of Lully, and other Adepts. Nor was he satisfied in declaring this freely to us, but adds Strength and Light to his Words, in making Vegetable Menstruum the Rectify'd Aqua vitae (described by Lully in Potestate Divitiarum, and by us in Numb. 31.) of the said stinking and corrossive Menstruum, by which one only example he was pleased to teach us, that the Vegetable Menstruums may be made of the said stinking Menstruum: Lullys rectified Aqua vitae is made by divers Cohobations upon its own Caput Mortuum. We may if me please proceed by another way, or metbod. Distil the Menstrumn Foeteas, being fourteen Days digested, and first will ascend the Aqua ardens, then the Phlegm and in the bottom will remain Matter thick as melted Pitch, which are the Constitutive Principles of all Vegetable Menstruums.
Let us therefore desist from further pursuit of the said Green Lyon, which we have pursued through the Meads (meadows) and Forest of Diana, through the way of (Philosophical) Saturn even to the Vineyards of Philosophy. This most pleasant place is allowed the Disciples of this Art, to recreate themselves here, after so much Pains and Sweat, dangers of Fortune and Life, excercising the work of Women and the Sports of Children being content with the most the red Blood of the Lyon, and eating the white or red Grapes of Diana, the Wine of which being purified, is the most Secret Secret of all the more secret Chymy; as being the white or red Wine of Lully, the Nectar of the ancients, and their only desire, the peculiar refreshment of the Adopted Sons; but the Heart-breaking, and Stumbling-block of the Scornful and Ignorant.

But before we depart hence, I will present you (Paracelsians) with another Dish, and that not unsavory, that is, that the Virgins milk, or white Mercury (otherwise the white Wine of Lully) extracted out of the Green Lyon is by Paracelsus that Glue of the Eagle, or Green Lyon, so carefully sought after for: For Eagle and Green Lyon are to the Adepts Synonym's of the same thing: For thus Ripley before: You will obtain the white Water, which is our white Tincture, our Eagle, our Mercury and Virgins milk. Consequently therefore, red Mercury (or the red Wine of Lully) is the Blood of the Red or Green Lyon: For the same Lyon is called sometimes Green (in his youthful Estate) sometimes red (in his more grown Estate) and therefore the blood is sometimes said to be of the Green Lyon, sometimes of the Red: So Ripley (in the Menstruum descibed in Numb. 61.) saith; Take the Blood of the Red Lyon being most red, as Blood, which is our Mercury, and our Tincture now prepared to be poured upon its Ferment, that is upon the Calxes of the purest Gold: also elsewhere; The Blood of the Lyon of a Rosy Colour. But let us hear Paracelsus himself.

65. The Green Lion of Paracelsus.
Aurei Velleris Germ. p. 41.

Take distilled Vinegar, wherein dissolve the the Green Lion, putrefy, filtre the Solution, draw off the Liquor in Balneo to an 0iliness ; this Oil or Residue put in a Retort, distill away the moisture in Sand with a gentle Fire: Then increase the Fire, and the Green Lyon, being compelled by the strength of the Fire wIll yield his Glue, or Air; To the Caput mortuum, pour its Phlegm (the moisture drawn off) putrefie in Dung (or Balneo) and distil, as before, and again will ascend the spirits; force it strongly, and there will come a tenacious Oil of a Citrine Colour: Upon the Caput mortuum pour again the first distilled Water, putrefy, filtre, and distill, as before: Lastly with a most strong open Fire, and there will come over a Bloody, 0il, which is otherwise called Fire: The remaining Earth reverberates into whiteness, etc.

Hitherto we have had the Stinking Menstruum made of Azoquean Vitriol only, yet sometimes the Adepts have added common Vitriol to it, thus.

66. The Stinking Menstruum made of the Gum Adrop, and Common Vitriol of Ripley. Pag. 357. Viatici.

Take and Grind the Gum made of Sericon with distilled Vinegar, and as much of Vitriol evaporated, and first distil the Water with a gentle fire, then with a strong; receive the Oil (blood of the Lyon) which separate from the Water, till you have the pure Oil by it self.

Sometimes instead of common vitriol, they added common nitre to the Azoquean Vitriol; thus Lully in Practica Testamenti made his Stinking Menstruum.

67. The Stinking Menstruum made of Azoquean Vitriol, and Nitre of Lully. Cap. 9. Pract. Testam. p. 159. Vol. 4. The Chym. Take one part of D, (D, signifies Azoquean Vitriol, which destroys and confounds all that is of the Nature and Being of common Argent vive, Pag. 154.) and half a part of C, (C signifies Salt Peter or Nitre Pag. 154 of the same volume) which being very well ground, sifted, and mixed together, put in a Glass Cucurbit in a Furnace, and putting on an Alembick, in which the Spirits are by resolution distilled and condensed; lute the joints of the Vessels with linen Cloth, impasted, and steeped in luting, made of Wheatflower, and the whites of Eggs, that the united properties of the three Mercuries, namely, Saltish, Vitriolick and Watery being joined and united together, may be preserved: And observe, that the said Powders put into the Cucurbit exceed not the weight of eight Ounces; and to abbreviate the time, put of the like Powder into two other Cucurbits, according to the weight of eight Ounces in every Cucurbit, and place them upon little long Furnaces, so as I shall declare in the Chapter of Furnaces; put not above three Cucurbits upon one Furnace, for the Fire cannot administer equal heat to more, as the mixtion of Nature requires; and let the said Cucurbits be placed the dislance of five or six Fingers one from another, and let the bottoms of the Cucurbits be luted with Potters Clay mix'd well with hair; put fine Ashes well sifted and pressed the thickness of five Fingers under them and to the Beak of every Alembick put a Glass Phial with a long Neck at the end, because the Receiver of those Phials must not feel the heat of the Furnace, nor the Water of the Phials flow back, nor the Spirits recede or fly away: Then must you provide a good quantity of Sawdust, whereof take two parts, and half a part of the husks of Grapes, or the powder of dry Fire, and mix it with the said Sawdust, and with this Composition fill your Furnace, then light your Fire at both ends, and let it burn for you
you must make no other Fire, till you see six, or ten, or fifteen; or twenty drops of Water distill, and when twenty have distilled, make your Fire with small Wood dry, and so by little and little make the Fire with flame directly to the Matter; and see when it distils, that the Water be clear, and when it is fifteen Points, and the Water clear and the fumes subtil, continue that Fire equally; And if you see it returned from fifteen to twelve Points, or less, strengthen the Fire, and continue it according to the Point of its distillation, and then thirdly, strengthen your Fire one Point further, and continue it till nothing more distills, and then let the Fire go out, stop your Furnace, and let the Matter cool; and if the Water be clear, without any disturbed Colour, or without muddiness, take and keep it, and stop the Phial with warm Wax, that nothing may respire, nor the Air enter, because the Spirits which are subtil, would presently be corrupted by the Air. Remember, when you begin to make the Fire of dry Wood, that your Vessels must be covered with the aforesaid Paste, and wrapped about with Linen Cloths, and the Phials well luted to the Beaks of the Alembicks with the same luting, putting a Quill between the Beak of the Alembick and the Phial; for whilst the Fire operates, the Air will for the most part go out and respire, when it hath not a Receiver to retainit, for it is hot, and the subject which retains it, is not able to endure, an exceeding heat, and therefore it requires some place wherein it may respire; when therefore you hear it blow, open the Quill-hole for it. 0 Father! how have you made the practice thus tedious! Son! That you may be acquainted with all things both small and great, and that you may have both a general and particular knowledge of Fires, and other operations, as also of all sorts of luting; because it is not our intenton to speak any more of them, there being nothing difficult to the wise, circumspect, and intelligent, and that you may hereafter say, that the stinking Menstruum is at your command, which is a mean thing, by which all Bodies are in a short time converted into their first Nature, and it is the pure and proper Original of a wonderful and most commodiuos thing, but you must know how to apprehend it with a clear understanding.

The like Menstruum hath Lully in his Magia Naturalis, which is called
68. The Water calcining all Bodies of Lully
Magiae Naturalis Pag. 359

Take of the Earth, that is, D. (of Azoquean Vitriol) five Ounces and a half, and of the Water, that is C. (of Salt Peter and Niter) two Ounces and a half, The Sum of which is the weight of eight Ounces, and be all mix'd, grind the matter fine upon a marble, then put it in a glass Vessel with an Alembick upon it, and distil the whole substance; first making a gentle Fire of Sawdust, taking two parts of it, and one part and a half of coals small or ground, and a little dry bran, and light the Fire, and let it kindle of itself, till it begins to distill from one Point to twelve (twenty) Points, and then you must begin to strengthen the Fire with small wood, making the Fire of the Flame right under the Matter, and so continue the Fire till it be returned to twelve or fifteen Points, or also to fewer, and then continue the whole Fire according to the Points of its distillation, and after that strengthen the Fire one Point further, and continue it till the Alembick loseth its colour, or no more distils; then cease, and let it cool, gather the Water, keep it in a hot and moist place, and have a care that it respires not: and remember to have a Quill in the luting of the beak of the Alembick, and the Neck of the Receiver, that you may sometimes draw it out, that the Receiver may have vent, for the heat is there so quick, that the Vessel containing the Matter cannot endure it, wherefore it is requisite sometimes to be opened and sometimes shut. Take notice, that this Water, though made of a contemptible thing, hath the power of converting Bodies into their first Matter, which being joyn'd to the Vegetable Virtue is of much perfection, and must be put into practice presently after it is dissolved, that the Spirit which is subtil and of a strange Nature, may not be lost by the Air.

The same Menstruum is described in Lully's Clavicula under the Title;

69. The Stinking Menstruum for the dissolution of the Calx of Gold and Silver, in order to the reducing them into Argent vive.
Cap. 15 Clav. pag.299, Vol. 3 Theat. Chym.

Take of Vitriol two Pounds, of Salt Peter one Pound, of Cinabar three Ounces (I do not understand by what Error Cinabar has crept in among the other ingredients of this Menstruums, for the dissolving of the Philosophers Stone; especially Lully himself, in Cap. 20 Clavulae, speaking of the extracting of Mercury from a perfect Body, having made no mention of Cinabar, whereas not withstanding in the same place he gave a Description of this Menstuum in these few Words, saying: Put of our stinking Menstruam, made of two parts of red Vitriol, and one of Salt Peter, and let the aforesaid Menstruum be first distilled seven times, and well rectified let the Vitriol be rubified and pulverized, then put in the Salt Peter and Cinabar, and grind all together, then put the Matter in fit vessels well luted to be distilled first with a gentle Fire as the Work requires, and as they know how that have done it: Let this Water be distilled very often, casting away the Faeces which remain at the bottom of the Cucurbit, and so it will be your best distilled Menstruum.

Sometimes they added common Vitriol to the Azoquean Nitre: it is thus done.

70. The Stinking Menstruum made of Azoquean Vitriol, common Vitriol, and Niter of Ripley.
- Cap. 1 Pag. 143. Medul. Phil. Chym.
Take Vitriol made of the sourest Juice of Grapes, with the Fire of Nature and Sericon (Azoquean Vitriol) joyn'd together in one mass with Natural Common Vitriol a little dryed, together with the Sal Niter, and out of these distil a Water, which will first be weak and phlegmatick, not colouring the vessel, which throw away: Then will ascend a white Fume,
which will make the vessel look like Milk, which must be gathered, till it ceases, and the vessel is returned to its former colour: For that Water is the Stinking Menstruum; wherein is our Quintessence, that is the white Fume, which is called the Fire against Nature, without which our Natural Fire could not subsist, whereof we will say more in its proper place: And these namely, the Mineral and Vegetable Water, being mixed together and made one Water, do operate contraries, which is a thing to be admired; for this one dissolves and congeals, moisteneth and dryeth, putrefies and purifies, dissipates and joins, separates and compounds, mortifies and Vivifies, destroyeth and restores, attenuates and inspissates, makes black and white, burns and cools, begins and ends. Thse are the two Dragons fighting in the Gulf of Sathalia, this is the white and red Fume, whereof one will devour the other: And here the dissolving Vessels are not to be luted, but only stopped slightly with a Linnen Cloth and Mastick, or common Wax: For this Water is a Fire and a Bath within the Vessel, and not without, which, if it feels any other strong Fire, will be presently elevated to the top of the Vessel, and if it finds no rest there, the Vessel will be broken, and so the composition will be left frustrated. So much as this compounded Water dissolves, so much it congeals and elevates (is congealed and elevated ) into a glorious Earth. And so it is the secret dissolution of our Stone, which is always done with the congelation of its own Water: And because this Fire of Nature is added to the Water against Nature, so much therefore as it lost of its Form by the Fire against Nature, so much it recovers by the Water of Nature, that our work by the Fire against Nature, may not be destroyed or annihilated.

From the Receipts we observe.

1. That the Menstruums of this kind, being made of the very matter of Philosophical Wine, or Philosophical Grapes, are the first of all other Menstruums, either Mineral or Vegetable.

2. That the Milky Liquor or Spirit, Virgins Milk, white Mercury, the White Wine of Lully, and the Glew of the Green Lyon, called, by Paracelsus the Glew of the Eagle, are terms synonymous and that the Red Liquor, Blood of the Green Lyon, Red Mercury, the Philosophers Sulphur, and the Red Wine of Lully, otherwise by Paracelsus, the Blood of the Red Lyon, are likewise synonymous.

3. That the acid Mineral Menstruums are by digestion or further elaboration, transmuted either into a simple Vegetable Menstruum or into the Heaven or Spirit of Philososophical Wine.

4. That these acid Menstruums are to be distilled with very great caution, by reason of the excessive effervessence of the Azoquean Vitriol caused by the acids.

5. That Mineral Menstruums are the Heaven, or Essences of Philosophical Wine dissolved in an Acid, so that having acquired this Spirit, you may make them ex tempore by simple dissolution.

6. That the Menstruums even now prepared, are presently to be used, lest they perish.

7. That Menstruums are by dissolving Bodies coagulated.

8. That Metallick Bodies are by these Menstruums reduced into running Mercury.

9. That these are called Stinking Menstruums because of their stinking smell; by the smell alone we can easily distinguish these from those fragrant Menstruums called Vegetable. Thus the unsavoury smell of the Menstruum itself proves that Morienus used the Stinking Menstruum. What is the smell of it, saith King Calid, by way of Question, before and after the making of it. Morienus answereth. Before it is made, the scent of it is strong and unsavoury; but after the preparation of it, it has a good scent, according to that which the wise man saith: This Water resembles the unpleasant smell of a Body dead, and void of life, for the smell of it is ill, and not unlike to the smell of graves. He that can whiten the Soul, and cause it to ascend again, and keep the Body well, and take away all obscurity from it, and extract the ill favour out of it, will be able to infuse it into the Body, and in the hour of conjunction exceeding Miracles will appear, Morien. de Trans Metal. p.33). Geber also acknowledges himself to have operated with a mineral Menstruum, Cap. 25. Summae Perfect. The first natural Principles; saith he, out of which Metals are procreated, are the Stinking Spirit, that is, Sulphur, and Water Vive, which also we allow to be called dry Water and in another place at the end of his Book de Investigat. he goes on; We do by plain and open proof conclude our Stone to be nothing else but a Stinking Spirit, and living Water, which we also call dry Water, being cleansed by natural decoction and true proportion wit such a Union, that nothing can be added or taken away from it, to which a third thing ought to be added for the abbreviation of the Work, that is, a perfect Body attenuated.

10. That Adrop, the Name of the Matter of these Menstruums signifies the Philosophers Saturn, or Lead. The first Matter of this leprous Body, saith Ripley, is a viscous Water inspissated in the Bowels of the Earth. The great Elixir for the Red and for the White, saith Vincentias, is made of this Body, whose Name is Adrop, otherwise called Philosophical Lead, pag. 132 Medul. Phil. Chym.

Our Stone, saith Arnold, in Speculo Alchym. is called Adrop, which is in Latine Saturnus, in English Lead, and according to the Trojans Dragon or Topum, that is, Poyson, Septima Dispos Speculi pag. 596. Vol. 4. Theat. Chym. I have showed that the Philosophers gave it divers Names, because of the diversity of colours; but as to their Intention, they had one peculiar, that is, Roman Gold, or Adrop, or Stone above all the Stones of this world, Quarta dispositio Speculi, pag. 594 of the same Volume. Laton and Azoth are together, and never asunder, but remain always joyned together, but because of the diversty of Colours, the Philosophers called them by many Names; and as the Colours are varied and changed, they imposed so many Names; because Azoth among the Indians is Gold; among the Hermians Silver; among the Alexandrians and Macedonians, Iron; with the Greeks Mercury ; with the Hebrews Tin; with the Tartars Brass; with the Arabians Saturn; and among the Latines, and especially among the Romans Ognividon, (by an Anagram Dono G vini, G signifying Philosophical Mercury, or Sulphur aqueum;) But that none may err, I say it hath proper Name, and is commonly called by men; and every one knows the Stone, Tertia dispos. Speculi. p. 593. Of the same Volume.

Some of the Adepts write not Adrop, but Atrop; by which Name they have been pleased to signifie the Matter of these Menstruums to be as it were the Gate of all the most secret Chymy
for Atrop, by the inversion of the letters is read PORTA, a Gate: Thus Robertus Valensis in Gloria Mundi, pag. 305. That you may attain (saith he) to the true foundation, I will once again repeat it to you, and call it the first Hyle, that it, the beginning ot all things; it is also called the only Holy; apprehend what Elements are in it by those which are repugnant; the Stone of the Philosophers, of the Sun, of Metals, the fugitive Servant, the airy Stone, the Thernian Stone, Magnesia, or the corporal Stone, Marcasite, the Stone of Sal Gemmae, the Stone of children, the golden Stone, the Original of worldly things, Xelis, also by inversion Silex, a Flint, Xidar, by the same inversion Radix, Atrop by inversion, Porta, a Gate; and it hath also as many other Names, yet is but one only thing.

To Robertus Lully seems to incline, who has been pleased to call it every alteraration of the Azoquean Vitriol, or Matter of the Menstruums of this Kind, the first Porta or Gate of the Work; thus he called the dissolution of the Matter the first Gate. In our whole Magistery, says he, there are three principal Spirits necessary, which cannot without the consummation of their resolution be manifested, and they are otherwise called, three Argent vives. And because Resolution is so often used for the First Gate of our Magistery which we will declare; the said Resolution is divided into three principal parts: The first is Corporal, and is called in the Latin Tongue Recsage (that is, Anagrammatically facere G; but by G, he means Sulphur aqueum, Cap. 5. The. Test. pag. 115. Vol 4. Theat. Chym. or our Mercury, cap. 20. Pract. Test. pag. 170. Of the same Volume.) The second is spiritual, and called Agazoph. The third is spiritual and corporal, and called Ubridrugat. &c.

When the Matter in the Resolution of it appears black, this Blackness (for which some have called it Lead) be would have to he a sign of the first Gate. In the first Resolution, saith he, lies all the danger, and therefore I give you notice, that you must have the Sulphurs of simple Argent vives destroyed by heat, in such manner and form, as that their active property may not be expelled by extraneous heat, and that it may not be separated from, its moist Subject, which appears wholly black, full of a noble Spirit: That Blackness demonstrates the sign of the first Gate leading into our Magistery, and without it can nothing be done, because it is the Fire of Nature which is to create the Stone, and which cannot be manifested without the corruption of its Body, Cap. 2.8. Theor. Test. pag. 51. Vol. 4. Theat. Chym.

Lastly, He calls the Distillation of this Matter the first Gate also. The way of preparing the Stony, and fermentable Spirit is to take the Juice of Lunary, and extract the sweat of it with a small and gentle fire, and you will have in your power one of our Argent vives in Liquor, in the form of a white Water, which is the ablution and purgation of our Stone, and its whole Nature: And that is one of the most principal Secrets, and is the first Gate, as you may understand by the Reasons aforesaid, &c. Cap. 9. Theor. Test. pag.21. Of the same Volume.
Being persuaded by these and the like Quotations, I may affirm, that Atrop is to be written rather than Adrop, because besides the Blackness or Philosophical Lead, Atrop signifies the beginning or first Gate of the Work.
11. That in the Adeptical Chymy are many Green Lyons, to be necessary distinguished one from another.
By the first the Adepts meant the Coelestial Sun, governing the whole World.
The Second is Argent vive, more common to us than common Argent vive.
The third is called Argent vive dissolved into a Green Colour.
The fourth is Adrop, Azoquean Vitriol, Philosophers Lead,&c.
A fifth is the Stinking Menstruum, otherwise called the Blood of the Green Lyon.
A sixth is the Green Lyon of Fools, Roman Vitriol, Verdigreece, &C.
The seventh is extraordinary, namely, common Mercury sublimed.
12. That there are also many Saturns.
The first is common Lead, the impurest of Metals, and consequently the most remote of all in our Art; which to prove by the Sentiments of the Adepts is a thing superfluous, almost every where amongst the Adepts a solemn caution for us to be beware of this devourer of Metals and Minerals, Saturn. Have a care, says Ripley, (to bring one Witness for all) of operating with Saturn, because it is commonly, said, Eat not of the Son, whose Mother is defiled, and believe me, many Men err in Saturn. Hear what Avicenne says, Saturn will be always Saturn, yea operate not with the Earth of (Philosophical) Saturn, which the Spirit of it has despised, and left for the worst Sulphur, Cap 2, Philorcli. pag.188
The Second is Adrop or Azoquean Vitriol, whereof before.
A third is the first Colour or blackness of the first Work; of which lower.
The Fourth is Copper, the first of Metals; of which Arnold in Speculo Alchym. dist.8. Pag.605. Volum.4 Theat. Chym. thus; There were, says he, Philosophers that placed our Science in the seven planets; and our first Planet is called Venus, The second Saturn, the third Mercury, the fourth Mars, the fifth Jupiter, the sixth, Luna, the seventh Sol. The Generation of Copper hath the first place after(the Universal) Mercury, says Basilius. Libro de rebus nat. & Supernat. Cap. 4. Of all those things, saith Paracelsus, which proceed from Salts, there is none more nearly allyed to the Mineral Virtue, than Vitriol; the reason is, because Salts are Minerals, and all Minerals lie in one Mass and Ares. Now, Vitriol in the separation of Minerals is the last thing, to which is immediately subsequent the generation of Metals, whereof Venus is the first, Lib. 4. Philos. de Element Aquae, pag. 279. And a little after he saith, The Marcasites and Cachymys being thus separated from the first Matter of Metals, then follows the first Generation, which is of Venus, &c. Besides, by the separation, whereby the nature of the Marcasites and Cachymys are expelled, the generations of Copper do immediately concur, imprint themselves, and are coagulated together, because it is the first Metal after the separation of the Marcasites and Cachymys: in the same Book, pag. 281

The Vitriol of Venus being the first of all things added or joyned to the Vegetable Mercury in tke making of Adrop, is called Lully tke first Male. This Fire, saith he, is that Property of the Mercury, Which you must endeavour to preserve from burning, being the Tincture of Vitriol, with which (the Vegetable) Mercury ought to be sublimed, because it is the first Male of it, and is the augmentation of our Tincture, which is a great addition in virtue and power, when it is joyned with the Tincture of Sol; for if you know how to extract the Property of Mercury from Vitriol and Salt, and make them friendly by conjunction, which is done by gentle sublimations, you will know one of the greatest Secrets of Nature, and the true principal perfection. Codicil Cap. 92. pag. 202. So in many places of his Theoriae Testamenti majoris, he means Vitriol by his Male; in these especially: tbe Fire of our Male, pag, 50. The Virtue of the Male, pag. 94. The Virtue of the Sperm Of the Male, Pag. 108. The Heat of the Male, pag. 72. The Female (Venus ) is in this case the Male, and is not so hot the true (second ) Male, Gold, Pag. 73. Vol. 4. Theat. Chym. This Male also Espanietus mentioneth in the making of his Menstruum. Take, saith he, the winged Virgin compleatly washed and cleansed, impregnated with the Spiritual Seed of the first Male, etc., Sect. 58, Arcani Hermet. Phil.

Paracelsus, the better to express the Masculine Nature of Venus, calls it Metallus, a Noun of the Masculine Gender, as Metallus primus. Take, saith he, the Coralline Liquor, I mean that which is very diaphanous, to which add a fifth part of the Vitriol of Venus, digest them in Balneo for a month; for by this means the Wine of the first Metal separates it self aloft, but the seculent part of (this) Wine, the Vitriol of Venus retains (he means the residue left in the extraction of Vitriol) and to that first Metal (Metallus primus) is made a perspicuous, diaphanous, and truly red Wine, &c. Cap. 12.. Lib. 3. De Vita Longa, pag.65. As the Adepts called Venus first Metal (Metallus primus) in the Masculine Gender, so also they changed Saturnus (Saturn) a Noun of the Masculine Gender, into Saturna, a Noun of the Feminine Gender, to signifie not common Lead, but Venus, being a Feminine Noun, of Copper. I have, saith Ripley, a dear and beloved Daughter, named Saturna, from which Daughter are both the white and red Elixirs assuredly procreated; if therefore you desire this Science, you must extract a clear water from her, &c.

Sometimes to describe by Saturn, not only Venus, but also the Philosophical preparation of Copper (that is to be performed by a Vegetable Menstruum) they made it a Vegetable or Herb, that so they might distinguish that which was, from that which was not prepared; Thus Flamel in his Summary. Some unskilful men, and unlearned Chymists take common Gold, Silver, and Mercury, and handle them so ill, till they vanish away by fume, and thereby endeavour to make the Philosophers Mercury; but they do not attain to that, which is the first Matter and true Myne of the Stone: But if they would attain to that, and reap any good, they must betake themselves to the seventh Mountain, where there is no Plain, and from the top downward behold the other fix, which they will see at great distance. At the top of this Mountain you will find a triumphant Royal Herb, which some Philosophers call a Mineral, some a vegetable, and if pure and clean Broth be made thereof, the better part of the work will be thereby accomplished, and this right and subtil Philosophical Mercury must you take. This place is thus read in Chortalanus, pag.313. Vol. 6. Theat Chym. Ascend therefore the Mountain, that you may see the Vegetable; Saturnine, Plumbous and Royal, likewise also Mineral Root, or Herb, take only tbe juice of it, and throw away the Husks.


The Fourteenth KIND.

Simple Mineral Menstruums made of the acid or saline Essences of Salts.

71. The Water or Oyl of Salt of Paracelsus.
Cap. 3. Lib. 10. Arch. Pag. 38.

Though there be many Ways of extracting the primum Ens of Salt, yet this (method of making Salt circulated, the Circulatum minus of Salt, Water, the Water or Spirit Of Salt circulated, described above in num. 27.) is most commodious and expedient, and after this is that other way, which we mentioned speaking of the elixer of Salt, namely, that new Salt being mix'd well with the dissoIving Water, which is the distilled Spirit of Salt (circulated) must be putrefied, and so long distilled, till the whole substance of the Salt is dissolved, and reduced into a perpetual oleosity, the Body of Phlegm being drawn neatly from it. This way is also taught the preparation of the Arcanum or Magistery of Vitriol and Tartar, as of all other Salts.


We take notice that the Menstruums of the antecedent kind are made of the unctuous Matter of Philosophical Wine, purged, dissolved, and volatilized with an acid; in the present we shall observe the contrary, namely, that the acid or saline Essences of Salts made with the unctuous Spirit of Philosophical Wine, are Menstruums of this fourteenth kind. Paracelsus in the prescribed Receipt reduced Salts by cohobation alone, with the Water of Salt circulated