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An Introduction
to the
Art and Science of Alchemy

Herbal Spagyrics and the Opus Minor

Six Day Prima Class

Monday 10th to Saturday 15th June 2019


Bendigo, Victoria


The Herbal Work

An introduction for anyone seeking a way into the theory and practice of Alchemy.
Utilising the Spagyric techniques in laboratory practice to produce the essential



of the Vegetable Kingdom.


The Tree of Life and its traditional forms and ideas using:

Four Worlds

Analogical correspondences

Symbolic language


Sacred Geometry: the sacred art and science of proportion and form.

Cycles of Life

The observation of the Astro-Cyclic Pulsations that influence all things.

The internal and external influence of Celestial Cycles

Five Universal Laws

Seven-phase Cycles

Chart construction; including Geocentric/Solar birth-charts


Internal Alchemy: Self-observation; the parallel process

Each class is undertaken consecutively beginning with the Work on Herbs. It is usual to take one year before Secunda.

Those wishing to attend need to ensure that they are able to attend the whole course.
This includes a pre-dawn activity on the third day.

The notes that each student takes are for personal use and may not be used for any form of commercial profit.

No mobile phones to be used during class sessions.

What to bring:
Drawing compass or will be supplied.
Colour pencils/pens
A4 notepad (or larger)

Daily schedule

9:00 am - 12:00 and 12:45 - 4:00 pm.

The classes are given by Jeannie Radcliffe and Rik Danenberg

Enrolment and Fees
The exact venue address will be supplied upon receipt of the enrolment form.