Volume VII: Number 3 Summer 1979



Questions And Answers

Q. Which of the four elements correspond to carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen?

A. The applied correspondence is usually carbon: earth, oxygen: water, nitrogen: air and hydrogen: fire.

Q. In doing experiments with antimony, wouldn't the wealth of information in the older Laboratory Alchemical Bulletins be an excellent source of information for us?

A. Yes, but no written information will take the place of practical instruction.

Q. Example for animals: 1 part earth (Gur) to 2 parts of first 1/4 (Fire and Air and Water). How do we get equal parts when one is liquid volume and the other is weight or measure?

A. One part earth can be any amount as long as the liquid mixture is in proportion, as this is used continuously to moisten the Gur until more of the liquid mixture is required.

Q. Please comment on steps 16 and 17 of the "unfixed process" of the alkahest of tartar. Step 16: Distill slowly the spirit out. Step 17: When retort is dry, pour in again. If you distill to dryness, the alcohol as well as the water would come over. Do we pour the alcohol only back into the retort?

A. Pour the entire distillate back.

Q. Early in Basil's Triumphal Chariot of Antimony he talks of fermenting wine and beer. Is it also possible to ferment minerals and antimony specifically? How can one go about this? Page 27 of the Triumphal Chariot of Antimony.

A. Read the instructions on how to prepare the vinegar of antimony when the word putrefaction is mentioned.

Q. We have been given two models for evolution. One is expressed:


            +               -                    

        Thesis       Antithesis

... which is strictly a cause and effect or action - opposition - reaction process. In the laboratory works we have seen that analysis must precede synthesis. Things must be reduced to their components before they can be recombined by art into a more evolved form. It should be possible to integrate these two. The question is: How should analysis be introduced into the dialectic diagram to permit application of the art to living?

A. A separation of each before purification is needed before a synthesis can be obtained. The analysis of each is needed to determine; its pureness.

Q. How pure was the ammonium sulfate that the ancients extracted out of wine? How could they get phosphoric acid out of wine with vacuum?

A. It is not known to us.

Q. What is the Crown of Eternal Life? Is it the same as the 1000 petalled Lotus of the Hindus? Of what use is it?

A. It is a symbolic saying meaning that timed intervals, as we know them, will have no meaning anymore as all intervals are by then found only consciously within the unlimited or eternity.

Q. How is fear overcome, especially fear of death? Is death a friend or foe?

A. That depends on the thoughts of an individual. If his life was one of doing good, he enjoys life here and will continue wherever it may continue, as he is friendly towards life. He who knows his own thoughts and actions to be contrary may fear its continuation. A change can overcome fear.

Q. If each one of the 12 planets ruled 2 hours in each day, would this conflict with H. Spencer Lewis in his "Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life?" (Chart D, page 144.)

A. Yes. It would have to be applied according to the law of polarity between sunrise and noon and midnight to show the polarity of all the planets.

Q. Please clarify the phases of the moon as it effects the water separation and distillation.

A. The polarity of the phases of the moon, positive when waxing and negative when waning, will show on water which is negative.

Q. The item marked appeared in last week's "Newsweek." In it the writer states that in 1982 all the nine planets of the solar system will be allgned on the same side of the sun. The writers warn that this planetary line up will result in major earthquakes in California and other areas. They go on in the article to outline how they have arrived at this conclusion, because of great magnetic activity, etc. The article is very interesting, but I would like to hear your comments about what you think might result world-wise as a result of such a line up of planets all on one side of the sun.

A. Consider the influences of the signs and their respective duration as well as aspects.

Q. Please comment on the difference between King and Queen scale, especially plotting our individual course.

A. The Queen scale gives us our path and the King scale our goal. To plot one's course depends on the choice one makes as the path one begins his life's journey upon is not necessarily the only path that leads to one's goal. The Intelligence of the metzIah is to be considered if it corresponds with one's own intelligence. If one has become conscious where he is at present, he may choose. He who does not know anything about it will be guided unknown to him, unless an inner opposition brings a stop about.

Q. On the cycles from 1973 to 1988 it has decentralization of World Power. In view of conditions in the world today, does it look as though this is happening?

A. One needs only to follow events. It could not be any plainer.

Q. I have a camphor plant at home. Would this be different medicinally than the tridosha camphor tree?

A. Yes.

Q. Citrus fluids are not listed in any of the usual books. What plants would such be under and what are their main virtues? Are Cumquats, Oranges, Lemons and Grapefruit all the same?

A. Culpeper mentions their planetary rulers and virtues. They are not all the same, though closely related.

Q. When does the birth of a tree take place, i.e., when does the tree achieve its "own life?" a) When the apple falls from the tree? b) When the seed begins to sprout? c) When the bee deposits the pollen? ("C" rejected because the preceding is seen in analogy to the fact that a child is born at the moment when the umbilical cord is severed.)

A. A tree does not achieve its 'own life.' The fruit is contained within the seed. In the case of a tree it 'is' the life of the tree, and not a plant or shrub, as soon as germination begins.

Q. The negative seems to be necessary in order for the positive to manifest. If so, how does the knowledge of evil or the demonic side fit in with our study of the angelic or good? Will it be profitable to know evil as well as good?

A. It certainly has proven profitable. However, it depends on how much or how little one profits thereby.

Q. I have come to the conclusion that love is complete within itself. It is not only thinking, emotion or doing but all three. This being so, how does the statement, "Every positive contains its own negative," fit in?

A. Love in its 'true' essence is not a fact constantly subject to changes according to the law of polarity. Since love is truth, which is not a fact, it therefore has 'overcome' the law of positive and negative. That is why so little is to be had of love which is truth.

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It is Sulphur that gathers together and fashions all that is of the Earth, unfolding in manifold and distinctive ways Itself.

The nature of Sulphur is both tangible and intangible. In its tangible aspect it is an oil and is to be found in all substance, the amount contained varying with different substance. In its intangible aspect it is consciousness, and consciousness is found in all substance in varying degrees.

Sulphur characterizes each thing in a particular way while Salt provides a matrix and Mercury gives animation. The proportion of Salt, Mercury and Sulphur in any thing gives an individual uniqueness. The mystery of the Unknown is Known through the interaction of this triune principle, the operation of the three essentials, Salt, Mercury and Sulphur -in all substance.

Each of the three essentials are of a triune principle. One correspondence of the triune principle of Sulphur is Salt - Subconsciousness, Mercury - Consciousness, and Sulphur - Superconsciousness or Cosmic Consciousness. As well, Sulphur which is a triune Consciousness has an organ, the Brain (Salt), through which it operates and an Intelligence (Mercury). which empowers its manifestations. Within Salt there is an inherent infinite potential which the operation of Sulphur directs and Mercury enlivens.

Just as there are to be found different grades of oils, such as an essential oil and an ethereal oil, so are there to be found different grades of consciousness, such as subconsciousness and superconsciousness or cosmic conclousness. And as there are know to be many diversified qualities of oil, each having a distinct characteristic, so in a similar way are there known to be minds that vary in degree of consciousness and differ in quality.

To anoint with oil can give a healing to the body and to the mind. Such an administration is both physically and psychologically applied. The anointing with oil ceremonially, particularly in a sacred administration, can be an outer verification of an inner transformation in the expansion of consciousness and the greater responsibilities that accompany it.

Cosmic Consciousness corresponds to the Alchemistical Sulphur toward which the individual mind with its present degree and quality of consciousness evolves.


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