Volume VI: Number 4 Fall 1978


The Greater Vision


Interviews With Frater Albertus p.571
Questions and Answers p.591


Interviews With Frater Albertus

Q. Frater, did you know that it is said you are connected with magic?

A. Definitely!

Q. Then you admit that you are conducting magical exercises?

A. Nothing of the kind.

Q. But you just said ...

A. You got me all wrong. Let me ask you a question. What does the word "magic" really mean to you?

Q. It refers to extraordinary feats, things we can't reasonably explain, like miracles.

A. Simply stated, magic is referring to wisdom. A magi is a wise one. Yes, I am connected with that which refers to wisdom, as this is of utmost importance to me.

Q. In the latest issue of "Fate Magazine"* someone wrote about you and said that you have written books about magic. What do you have to say about that?

A. How many times have I stated anybody can write about others as it pleases them. I have written no books on magic as it is commonly understood, and have no intention of doing so.

Q. I have this magazine here with me. May I quote from it?

A. Go ahead.

Q. "In years past Frater Albertus has written several straight magical texts." End of quotation.

A. OK. Now what do you want me to say?

Q. When statements are made as this one given in "Fate Magazine," one would suppose that such are proven or at least well founded.

A. If such are proven and well founded, OK, but if they are just the imagination of those who write them or perhaps even are the outcome of sensational contemplations to arouse readers' interest, I prefer not to get involved.

Q. You've just mentioned imagination. You know that a lot of daydreaming is nothing else but imagination. What about dreams?

A. Yes, indeed. But don't throw all dreams into one category. There are also what are known as prophetic dreams, where one is shown what he did not know before; in fact what may yet have to come about. The imagination ot the individual has nothing to do, with this at all. Here we deal with facts that are predetermined as they already exist in one state of awareness and will again manifest in another person's state of awareness in a futuristic state.

Q. But how can one distinguish between such dreams or imagination?

A. The Jewish Talmud says: "A dream that is not understood is like a letter that has not been opened."

Q. What about the dreams individuals have about their own future?

A. It would not be correct to speak here of dreams because it is usually here where the imagination enters. It is a form of projection into a futuristic state that can but may not be actualized, depending on the events ahead of time.

Q. Then you don't believe in daydreaming or visualizing future individual's ability to bring its realization about?

A. Of course I do. What has been brought about which concerns PRS, Paralab, and Phameres, let us say, had its beginning in what you've called the dream state, where it was shown ahead of time what should come about provided the individual involved will also project his own activities connected with it in a likewise manner. Let me try and explain it this way: What good is a letter if you don't open it. You don't know what it contains. Even after you have opened it and you don't comply with its contents what good was the letter? You may apply this to dreams likewise.

Q. May I ask you something of a perhaps personal nature?

A. Go ahead.

Q. Do you have now or did you have in the past any such dreams that you're following up that have not yet come into being? I mean, that have not as yet materialized like PRS, Paralab and Phameres?

A. Yes, I have had such a dream, as you call it, that has not had its fulfillment as such, not because my imagination is not active; on the contrary, I am very much occupied with it in its various stages.

Q. Would you mind if I were to ask you what this is?

A. Actually it is no secret because to a small group of PRS students it was already revealed in 1972 in Europe.

Q. Well, what was it?

A. It concerns the combination of the activities of PRS, Paralab and Phameres as one unit.

Q. As one unit? How's that? How can they be one unit?

A. This, too, will have to be a dream come true, because it is the fulfillment or completion of each segment merged into a harmonious one. However, each will have to function as a complete entity before such a merger becomes possible. When this has been established, it will then be made known, not only here but in several locations in various countries all over the world - and made available to all concerned. Such "places" will be found to play an important part in the Eves of those who are in search of the miraculous, as it has been rightfully so named.

Q. Would you please be a little bit more specific?

A. Are you asking me to go into details right now?

Q. Yes, if you will please.

A. Well, I am a little reluctant to do just that. However, let me put it this way so that you can get at least a general idea and some of the various things connected with it that are of primary importance.

*September 1978 issue, pages 104-105.



Questions And Answers

Q. Sal ammoniac (extracted with alcohol) should be distilled three times in making KM. Each time you distill there is a very dark residue left in the distillation flask. Even when the sal ammoniac is sublimed three times and then distilled there is still a dark residue left. Over a period of two or three years I saved this dark residue from distilling sal ammoniac until I had a 250 ml flask almost full. I never knew if it had any use or value but saved it as some people save string - reluctant to throw it out but skeptical of its value. Comments please!

A. Save it but don't use it for anything at present, except for charging the KM by adding pure alcohol to it and redistilling.

Q. My understanding is that an alcohol tincture of a mineral is beneficial and circulates through the body quickly because there is an affinity between the blood and the spirit in the alcohol! What is the purpose of striving for the "Dexterous Distillation," or the oil of antimony, when oil and alcohol do not mix! Doesn't just a tincture suffice for our purposes?

A. In most cases a tincture suffices, but the oil of antimony does indeed mix with alcohol in its first stage, similar to an ethereal plant oil that mixes with alcohol.

Q. Mineral tinctures made with ether have considerable impurities! Can a mineral tincture be made with nitric or sulphuric acid - then wash out the acid and then make an alcohol tincture? And would this tincture be an unfixed tincture?

A. It would be an unfixed tincture but not a pure mineral tincture per se, as one would work with nitrates and sulphates of the mineral in question.

Q. What compound of chemical elements or what element most closely resembles Gur in nature?

A. Alkaline substances.

Q. When the acetone menstrum over the antimony fume has been precipitated with a supersaturate solution of an alkali base and filtered and this filtered residue dried and the oil of antimony extracted from this by alcohol in a soxhlet extractor, will the remaining material in the soxhlet thimble yield any vinegar or fixed spirit after this material is dried and a dry distillation is attempted?

A. No.

Q. What is the sulphur of Mars? Magnetite? Lodestone? Pyrite?

A. In iron pyrite and those mentioned here it is crude sulphur, in parachemy it is the oil (alchemical sulphur).

Q. Would Pitchblende be more or less significant, alchemically speaking, as say Galena?

A. Pitchblende would yield radium, Galena lead, but both would have the alchemical mercury.

Q. For alchemical operations can we purchase aqua fortis, nitre, vitriol, rectified spirits of turpentine?

A. Yes, you can but it would be necessary to know how they were produced in the first place.

Q. Are quartz crucibles and flasks used in alchemical operations?

A. Yes, they can endure more heat.

Q. How closely related, if at all, are turpentine and amber?

A. Both are from the pine and fir trees originally.

Q. Is a Leibig straight condenser better than a coiled condenser when extracting The Alkahest?

A. A liebig condenser does not cool as much as a coil condenser in this case.

Q. Can I lute a crucible so that it would be air tight in a strong fire?

A. Yes, but it depends on what's in it that could burn.

Q. Is there any difference between philosophic mercury and what some Sages call animated Mercury?

A. No.

Q. In Prima class it was given that Sun = Sol = the Giver of Life. I also have written in my notes that Sun = that which keeps you alive Sulphur. This is also supported by the fact that the first three letters of the word Sulphur is almost Sol. Since Mercury = Life of Spirit, we draw the following conclusion: Sulphur is the giver of Mercury. Is this correct?

A. Your conclusion has merit.

Q. Is the water, the 'Flood' obtained when you don't use a menstruum?

A. Yes.

Q. You have been asked many times about the Philosophical Mercury, I am sure of that. I would like to know, can it be made out of anything or is there something special required to produce the Philosophical Mercury from - or, by any chance, is it a substance known already, perhaps only under another name, or names?

A. The Philosophical Mercury can be obtained from any metal. In some metals the mercury is unripe, as some alchemists called it, whereas in gold it is most ripe.

Q. When Von Bernus attempted to produce the Philosophical Mercury, he observed a poisoning effect - "the flies are falling down dead." The same is mentioned in the article in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Volatile lead compounds may distill over and escape into the air. Could you please point out the danger?

A. It was not von Bernus but Richert in the Black Forest who had this experience. There is grave danger working with lead and its compounds if one does not know how to handle them.

Q. When you speak of the Prince of Peace returning in 1986 in "The Alchemist of the Rocky Mountains," do you refer to Jesus or a great Avatar having attained the Christ consciousness?

A. No, this was not indicated in the quotation from the "Alchemist of the Rocky Mountains". A prince of peace can be anyone whose mission it will be to help in the establishment of peace on earth at a given period. +


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