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The Stone of Shalom

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Astrology For The Neophyte - The Sun p.323
Information Interchange - A Medicine Out Of Commom Sulphyr; Oil of Egg p.327
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Essence of Copper

(The Alchemical Sulphur or Oil)

By Frater Albertus

There are two basic ways to extract the essence from copper. The first deals with the metal or its salts and the second with its natural state as an ore. The first is found to be more pure, since it has the other extraneous substances removed by way of smelting or otherwise. Reagents are the purest form of the substance in question, as the analysis on the labels will indicate. Salts of copper, such as nitrates, sulphates, chlorides etc., need to be freed from it when an extraction of its essence is attempted. This can be done by calcination, repeated washings, and crystallization. Tests for acid contents should be made with litmus and must show neutral. The metal has to be as free as possible from all foreign substances to assure a true end product. When native metals (ores) are used, it should be remembered that they, are not pure. Gangue and other metals are usually combined with them. Azurite. malachite, etc., are copper ores but they show at least trace elements of other metals that need to be and should be removed before an extraction is made as the now copper substances will likewise yield their essence when extracted.

When using native metals, calcination, to drive off their sulphurous and other volatile impurities, should precede any extraction. All ores should be ground as fine as possible by manual or mechanical means and then be subjected to repeated washings until the ore remains on the bottom of the container. When followed by the calcination as described above. the remaining impurities, such as arsenic volatile particles, will be removed.

After the ore becomes more subtle, it will then yield easier to extraction of its essence. However, depending on the condition of the ore. it will usually turn to a dark, blackish color during the state of oxidation. In the end, it will show a copper tint to the dark oxide, for this is what it will be. This native oxide differs from the cupric oxide in our work. The basic difference to be found is that one has gone to the metallic state by way of fusion while the other still retains its natural, not fused (smelted) character.

As far as the extract in form of its oil is concerned, it will not show too much difference in appearance, smell, or medicinal potency. There is with the latter this exception: a certain amount of the alchemical mercurial substance will be carried into it, when judiciously extracted. Since in the end several washings and evaporations are taking place, there is little likelihood that this mercurial substance will be retained. The reason for this is its high volatility. Those who are able to retain this mercury substance in a separate container will have a coveted vehicle for future extractions.

The essence of copper in form of an oil (alchemical sulphur) is the object of this treatise. Its quality is noticeably oily. So is its taste. At one time it will mix with ethyl and on another occasion it will separate and sink to the bottom. This is due to the medium used to extract the essence. When carefully extracted, it will form a homogeneous tincture with alcohol. It would have to be absolute or rectified anhydrous alcohol in order to bring the proper extraction about. When ethyl oxide (ether) is used, it will yield the oil when all the ether has been distilled out or evaporated. The residue is the oil of copper.

The remarkable fact is that the oil can be extracted even from the metallic copper. It should be remembered that the extreme heat during the smelting process would normally let any oily substance evaporate. In hermetic language it reads: "That which is essential cannot be destroyed by fire. It can only be purified." Indicating that an essential part of any substance goes through a process of purification and not destruction. What is being dissolved or evaporated is, in this case, only nonessential.

Various degrees of fire make possible various stages of manifestation. This all important fact cannot be overemphasized. Especially during the calcination is the regulation of heat of great concern. Some metals yield to a state of flux sooner than others. Various melting points give proof to this end. Some metallic ores, flux easier than others. For this reason, great care should be used while calcining ores. However, if the objective is only the extraction of the essential oil then it is not of any importance. Still, it should be remembered that, at one time or another, the mercurial substance also needs to be extracted. This information is inserted here to show how important it will be at such a time. And certainly, he who goes through the time consuming procedure to calcine an ore would not use all this time to get only an essential oil from it when a similar result can be gotten by using an already prepared Reagent or other commercially prepared oxide, from which can be extracted the alchemical sulphur only.

The oil of copper represents the essential quality of the metal. The body wherein it is contained - the salts - are not of any use for us presently. They represent still poisonous salts. The virtue of copper, and for that matter, any metal or mineral, is to be found in its essence and not in the body thereof. No matter how poisonous a substance may be, its inherent virtue, when properly extracted and purified, is nonpoisonous. Arsenic and antimony, for instance, certainly need to be listed as poisonous. Yet, they will yield an extract which does not show any venomous qualities, as has been proven by those who have been taking this very oil of antimony and have not experienced any ill effects. On the contrary, beneficial results became manifest. The essential oil of antimony, although taken from a very poisonous body (metal or ore), is proof of the results to be obtained. In like manner will other metals yield their essence.


p. 323

Astrology For The Neophyte

By Carl W. Stahl
The Sun In The Constellations

The Sun is what one is at heart, indicating the nature of one's inner goals, aspirations, and interests. It signifies the life, vitality, and the inner character. In the foreground it causes self-centeredness, pride, vanity, the desire for fame, honor and renown. It also gives a love of display and a yearning for personal recognition. The Sun symbolizes the "God of our Hearts" and it appears that this God wants to be worshipped and so it tries to excel in mentally creative and sportive ways.

KEYWORDS. Glory, fame, honor, mental creation, life, superiority, vitality, self centeredness, pride, honesty, candor, integrity.


ARIES (April 14th-May 15th) LIBRA (Oct. 18th-Nov. 17th) TAURUS (May 15th-June 15th) SCORPIO (Nov. 17th-Dec., 16th) GEMINI (June 15th-July 17th) SAGITTARIUS (Dec, 16th-Jan. 14th) CANCER (July 17th-Aug. 17th) CAPRICORN (Jan. 14th-Feb. 13th) LEO (Aug. 17th-Sept. 17th) AQUARIUS (Feb. 13th-Mar. 15th) VIRGO (Sept. 17th-Oct. 18th) PISCES (Mar. 15th-April 14th)


They excel at painting, sculpturing, sketching, decorating, fashion designers, florists, and entertainers. This portion of the zodiac includes some of the most beautiful and peace loving of humans. They have the herd instinct highly developed and enjoy the company of others, being usually found at fashionable social events where they enjoy themselves. Since Saturn is exalted here, they have a tendency to appear sullen and taciturn. This also makes them absent minded and forgetful. With the Sun in its fall here, the native is not overly ambitious nor egotistical. Mediation is their strong point. They have the ability to tie up loose ends and bring about agreement and peace when all others have failed.


The night house of Mars has the fighting instincts, rashness, and outspokenness of its ruler. The fixed star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, lies at 15 degrees and is known as "the rival of Mars." The native fights for the sheer love of fighting, whether it be physical, verbal, or , written. The more primitive types will make their own trouble when they can find none handy. They are adventurous and foolhardy in their search for danger.


Under Jupiter are born some of the most moral and law abiding of people. They fear public opinion, are socially ambitious, and try to associate with the best people. They seek the company of church dignitaries, government officials, and other successful people. They join church societies, vigilante committees, and other organizations where they can impose their own type of morality on others. Being fire, he is quite idealistic and in all his messing around in others lives is ever searching for the goal of spiritual perfection. They excel as philosophers, scholars, physicians, and professional men in general.


The native approaches life negatively and with pessimism. He avoids publicity and may have a hard childhood. They are stingy and usually live a frugal, economical life. They bring economy to bear in all their phases of existence and hate waste. They prefer the status quo, hate change, and seldom entertain or accept entertainment from others, for this would make them beholden to others. They keep others at a distance. They like serious literature and are fond of good music and may even compose it. The native limits his whole existence by a belief in things as they apparently are. Once he sees the devil as he really is great occult progress is possible.


Aquarius appears to be more intimately related to Uranus than to Saturn whose night house it is. They love to travel off the beaten path. Being serious minded, sensitive and sympathetic, they take an interest in the daily affairs of life and are always ready to help by word or deed those who seek aid. They are soft spoken, intelligent, humorous and knowledgeable. They feel the same about a president or king as they do about the poorest and most wretched of mankind. Both are God's children and must be treated as equals. They have a feeling about the fitness of things and seem able to see the inside of machinery and determine what makes it tick. All knowledge is his province and he can go into the silence and come back with the answer.


As the negative, or night house, of Jupiter these natives are easy-going, calm, unruffled, and placid. They love pleasure, avoid responsibility, and have an attraction for mystery. They have the neptunian quality of being able to play a part to the utmost. They greet strangers as old friends, royally make a big fuss over them, and only the gleam that occasionally escapes from their eyes betrays the game they are playing. They are great at make-believe, deceit, and flattery. They enjoy good food and entertainment. They love to make money with as little physical effort as possible and may love to gamble. Knowledge is absorbed rather than learned and mysticism and occultism have a strong fascination for them.


Being the day house of Mars, with the Sun exalted here, these natives are the most aggressive and domineering of all people. Mars gives a desire for power, violence, and force, while the Sun gives ambition with a* craving for fame, supremacy, leadership, and a desire to occupy the highest posts of authority. They are uncomfortable taking orders from others, They must rule. They are egocentric, proud, intolerant, and seldom admit to a mistake. They are critical of others but resent criticism of themselves. Being fiery, they are proud as the Devil himself and on the lower stages put themselves first, trampling on others to reach the heights of success. Aries directs others, Scorpio leads in person.


The Moon is exalted here and the peaceful Venus rules so it is no surprise that these natives incline to the peaceful enjoyment of life. They seek to know and can attain knowledge through contemplation, study, and patient and prolonged effort at their favorite occupation and hobbies. Through contemplation they are able to tear away the veil of the apparent and reveal the truth in all its simplicity. Taureans seldom read fiction 'as truth is their eternal quest. They speak the truth and expect it from others. They manage to control their tempers regardless of how much turmoil they are exposed to. They can hear the still voice in the silence. They love the human form and prefer the company of any type of human to the grandeur of nature. Only the call of love can tear them away from their philosophical pursuits.


They are versatile, excelling at gymnastics, traveling, craftsmanship, manual dexterity, writing, dancing, singing, mathematics, and in all means of communication. Mercury, the ruler, being the god of thieves and merchants, the ancients held that falsehood and theft were also attributes of Gemini. They are not religiously inclined. Their symbol, the Twins, indicates their desire in having an alter ego to share their time with them. They live mostly in their minds and are at the whim of the changing winds of thought, changing their plans and opinions from day to day, and even from minute to minute. They love to sway the minds of others by their thought or as vocalists. They constantly seek variety, usually by travel. Discrimination is the lesson they must learn.


The Moon is the significator of the imagination and those born with her in the foreground, as well as with the Sun in Cancer, have imaginations so strong that they sometimes mistake their own mental thought forms for reality and may suffer from illusion. They make good writers, actors, painters, poets, and reporters of the imaginative type. Since the Moon is a dead body, Cancerians often have a feeling of emptiness. They have a tendency to play a part, trying to inflate their egos. Cancer signifies the mother principle and it is always HIS or HER home, HIS children, HIS relatives, etc. The Moon signifies the etheric as against the strictly physical which is indicated by the ascendant.


Since the Sun rules Leo, the children of this constellation take it for granted that they were born to rule hence honor is their just reward. They feel that they are the chosen of the Lord and have a mission to perform. The "Little King," or Regulus, at 5 degrees Leo is the principal fixed star. Both Alexander The Great and Napoleon I were born with the Sun in conjunction with this star. Although generous to a fault, Leo's prime interest is in themselves or in their creations. What they say may be brief but it carries an air of authority that defies contradiction. Danger has great fascination for them and they love to play with fire. Whenever they enter an assemblage of people, one can almost hear the blare of trumpets announcing them.


Mercury is exalted in this, its night house, making the native pure in heart and deed. They are conscientious in all things and firm believers that honesty is the best policy. They are intelligent, quick learners, possessing great knowledge and the ability to use it. They are skilled with their hands, possessing mechanical ability, lacking only ambition. They succeed better when working for others and make good engineers, draftsmen, mechanics, factory workers, clerks, school teachers, orators, professors, and others who work with the mind. They are excellent strategists and can plan schemes down to the smallest details. They shun society and parties being more at home in study or workshop. They are highly nervous and some part of their body must be moving at all times. Service is their key to progress. +


Informative Interchange

"The Preparation of a Medicine out of Common Sulphyr"*

"Take common Sulphyr, and grind it small. Then grind it with three parts of calcined Vitriol, put it together into a high Cucurbite, and Sublime it in sand till nothing will Sublime more. Take then these Flowers, put them into a glass and pour on them a common Aqua Vitae Tartari, which hath been dissolved in a Cellar, so that it swim on top of it a hands breadth. Place it in a convenient heat, and the sulphyr will open itself in a few hours, and become transparent red like a Ruby. This being done, pour off the extraction into another glass, and put to it very good distilled Vinegar, and the Sulphyr falls to the bottom with a great stink. Pour off the Aqua Vitae, and edulcorate well the sulphyr, and dry gently. Put this Sulphyr again into another Glass Cucurbite, and pour upon it Spirit of Wine, which is prepared with Philosophical Tartar. Set it to heat for three days, the Spirit of Wine imbibeth again that excellent Tincture of the Sulphyr. Then pour off the Extraction and draw off the Spirit of Wine with a pretty strong fire in sand, and here will come over with it a pleasant sweet smelling Aqua Vitae. Having done so, rectify the Oil in Balneo Mariae, and draw off the Spirit of Wine gently, and the Aqua Vitae Sulphuris remaineth in the bottom.

The Use of this Medicine: "Six or eight drops of this Oil being taken in a Spoonful of Wine, are good for those that are in a Consumption. It is good likewise for Coughs, openeth the Breast, and Ulcers of the Breast, and also imposthumes: it relieveth against whatsoever may occasion any putrefaction in a man's body, if the use of it be continued for some time."

In several of the old alchemical treaties, Collectanea Chemica, to name one, all suggest that the best way to extract the spirit and oil of sulphur is by setting the sulphur on fire under a campana or bell. The smoke and fumes are trapped and recitfied. Some suggest other ways: The Last Will and Testament of Basil Valentine, p. 442, where he extracts the oil of sulphur with "spirit of wine prepared with Philosophical Tartar in three days." If one does not have all of the proper equipment nor knowledge of preparing such a menstruum, one might obtain a fine spirit and oil of sulphur by this process:

Finely powder good sulphur vive, put into flask 9/10 empty, and cover with about one inch of spirit of wine. Allow it to macerate in a warm place for a long while, then in a cool place for a long while. The moon may help you if you will let her.

Don't watch for a tincture so much, rather for crystals to grow. When you see them, warm the flask, pour off the menstruum, filter, cool, and watch the crystals regrow.

If you are lucky, the crystals and oil will be ice crystal clear. The menstruum will be no longer soluble in S. W. and all will be a great solution.

George Starkey or Basil Valentine can tell you about all of its virtues and doses. If it doesn't work, macerate the S W (spirit of wine) and sulphur again for awhile. It took me two years to do it the first time, and is a problem for all with little patience. The value is that it requires no more equipment than a couple of jars and a funnel to filter.

If you make your sulphur preparation as I have described and choose to take it as a medication then watch the kidney area of the iris to make sure you are not accumulating sulphur in the body. The spirit and oil of sulphur will not harm the body. Crude sulphur will be stored in the body and is harmful.


Oil of Egg

Paracelsus (Paracelsus, Franz Hartmann) talks about extracting the Ens of Herbs (spirit and soul) by placing an herb in saturated solution of undistilled angel water, then gently pouring over this the Spirit of Wine, allowing it to macerate until the Ens rise into the Spirit of Wine and gently separating the two.

The same can be used on the yolks of hard boiled eggs to extract the oil of egg. If done carefully and with a dozen or so eggs, one may find the oil not only mixing with the alcohol and the angel water, but also droplets of pure oil floating between the two which means that it is only a matter of separation of the oil to obtain it. Rather than bothering with removing the oil tincting the angel water and the S W, just add more egg yolks for the extraction of more oil.

- Dale Halverstadt, U.S.A.

*The Last Will and Testament of Basil Valentine, 'Manual Operations" p. 442 by Basil Valentine, Pub. by London 1671.

For further information regarding the Ens, see Paracelsus: Life and Prophecies, Franz Hartmann, M.D., Rudolf Steiner Publications, 1973, pages 208 212, The Elixir of Life, Appendix section of THE LIFE AND TEACHINGS OF PARACELSUS. Here information is given concerning the Primum Ens, which Paracelsus has said is the source of all life. Paracelsus maintained that the human body could be rejuvenated to a certain extent by a fresh supply of vitality and his aim was to find a means by which such a supply could be obtained and used to protect and prolong the process of life. Nature provides us with remedies for such purposes and the Primum Ens, Paracelsus said, is such a remedy. He speaks of the fabulous halcyon and its rejuvenation - how its own substance is renewed by drawing its nutriment from the Primum Ens. So, he says, may man rejuvenate his constitution by purifying it so that it may be able to receive without any interruption the life-giving influence of the divine spirit. The medium through which life acts consists of elementary substances that are found in Nature and which form the quintessence of all things and, according to Paracelsus, there are some substances in which this quintessence is contained in greater quantities than in others, and from which it may more easily be extracted. Two such substances are the herb called melissa and the human blood. The preparation for the Primum Ens Melissae and the Primum Ens Sanquinis are given. - Ed. +

Questions and Answers

Q. Has the index been completed yet for THE TRIUMPHAL CHARIOT OF ANTIMONY?

A. Yes, but not published as yet.

Q. Which is better, burial or cremation? Why?

A. "Better" depends upon prevailing circumstances.

Q. Please pronounce the ineffable name of the God of the Hebrews. Is this the lost word or is it AUM?

A. The ineffable name is associated with Jod-He-Vau-He.

Q. What does it mean to calcine under a muffle? What would the equivalent be today of a muffle?

A. It refers to a muffle furnace where the heat is enclosed in a muffle and is not an open fire or source of heat.

Q. Is a vacuum necessary or desirable to extract the white and red mercury?

A. Not necessary but highly recommended as less heat is required.

Q. Can we distill sulfur in a closed flask (retort) to get the spirit and oil of sulfur in greater quantity?

A. Yes.

Q. Can a good glass of Sb be made using fume Sb and Sb2S3 as a fluxing agent?

A. Yes.

Q. Can one use the radical vegetable menstruum to fix and to corporify the spirit of wine in a one step process after the salt of tartar has been purified?

A. Not very well. To fix the spirit of wine is a different process, as you will know by now.

Q. Why not purify the calcined tartar with ethanol and water rather than having to calcine so many times?

A. Prolonged calcination opens up the pores of the tartar more so than a purification. It is a matter of calcination.

Q. On page 70 of THE TRIUMPHAL CHARIOT OF ANTIMONY: "If the spirit of wine be added to aqua fortis there will be a strong effervessence, and these two substances will not agree; but if they be properly united by means of philosophical distillation, they will form a highly useful compound." I have put them together and they explode. First, what is he making and must they be put together without allowing them to explode?

A. This has to be handled very carefully. Both are very much alive and of contrary nature. A drop by drop method is usually best.

Q. In our ordinary daily use of the metallic tinctures, is it preferable that we use them in the fixed form?

A. Fixed medications work on fixed diseases, unfixed ones on the contrary diseases. Great judgment shonld be used here.

Q. Please give us a simple way to hermetically seal a flask, and still be able to open it when needed, such as for adding to contents, and then resealing again.

A. When using a gentle heat of digestion place a cork stopper on a longnecked flask, then immerse the top of the neck in molten wax. It will solidify at once after removal. Where greater heat is required, the glass needs to be fused and broken when adding more to the contents, and then resealed. This depends of course on the substance used. An inflammable one cannot be brought near a flame or sparking equipment. Some glues like epoxies work very well in some instances.

Q. About how many degrees of heat are there in the Ist degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree and 4th degree?

A. The first degree is associated with the water bath temperature, the second with the sandbath, the third formerly with the heat of ashes and the fourth with open fire.

Q. How is the vegetable stone used to extract the quintessence of the plant world? Will the stone extract the quintessence from only the herb from which it was made?

A. It is used by immersion in a macerating herb. It will extract from any herb and does not need to be the one the stone is made from.

Q. Both distilled water and absolute alcohol seem to have a "magnetic" affinity for substance macerated in them. Does distilled water and absolute alcohol have the same "magnetic" affinity for thoughts and feelings? In other words, if there is noise and confusion around the preparation of an alchemical experiment, will this be communicated to these two substances and conversely can these two substances be "sharpened" alchemically by prayer?

A. It has been found repeatedly that noise by way of its sound waves did interfere with some lab procedures. A prayerful attitude of the laborant certainly reveals composure and thoughtfulness, a tremendous help to "sharpen" one's undertaking.

Q. Do we know why Iron is the only metal which can be attracted by a Magnet?

A. We do know "how" iron is attracted to the magnet. As to "why" we do not know. Sorry.

Q. Will you please elaborate on what you said about giving and thl "Living Philosopher's Stone"?

A. To give means more than just to distribute. The Philosopher's Stone is said to replenish itself, like an enzyme. So does enlightened man not lose by giving of what is his, but regenerates himself.


Q. How does one reconcile the difference in the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs? The planets are in different houses and some are even different degrees?

A. Read the article by Carl Stahl on this subject in the next issue of Parachemy.

Q. In regard to a planet's cycle in one's personal life and using Saturn's 30 year cycle, does this cycle start at birth and is the first 15 years positive and the next 15 years negative?

A. Since you use the word cycle, yes, the first one half of a cycle is positive.

Q. What are the Cardinal Sins and Virtues for overtones of planets?

A. Such belong to the same category, only more pronounced and yet more subtle. For example, Mercury - envious, benevolent; Uranus treacherous, generous.

Q. Could we have a more thorough explanation of the cycles - spiritual and material? The seven and the twelve.

A. Spiritual as you say indicates a seven-phase mental cycle. The twelve-phase cycle is of a material manifestation. See also "Men and the Cycles of the Universe" by Frater Albertus, published by P.R.S.

Q. Which has the greater effect upon one, the one or the overtone?

A. Should you refer by one as one of the seven planets, then it would be the one. However, the planetary intelligence prevailing, either one of the seven or overtone is the correct one and gives more in-depth information. See also. the previous question.


Q. It would seem that the King and Queen Scales represent differing levels of reality, consciousness, spheres of being. Is this correct? On one level the Moon is Blue and rules Sagittarius, on the other the Moon is Violet and rules Cancer. Would you please comment.

A. The importance of color as it affects us has been neglected to a great degree. It is the intelligence of the moon (clear and pure) upon the influence of Sagittarius (inspirational) by way of the Jupiter (blue) influence that forms a different awareness than the moon (clear and pure) upon Cancer (tenacious) by way of its own placement in Cancer.

Q. The Alchemist's Handbook page 42: "Vital Life Force or quintessence can only be separated through alchemy." Does it follow that there are 7 (or 4) types or variations of V.L.F. (quintessence)? Isn't this what page 44 says: "Out of the Cosmic retort rises the V.L.F. to let the qabalistic Tree of Life grow"? Then does:
1) The V.L.F. in Air contain mostly the Saturn-Mercury type? Air
2) The V.L.F. in Earth contain mostly the Venus-Moon type? Earth
3) The V.L.F. in Heat contain mostly the Jupiter-Sun type? Fire
4) The V.L.F. in Water contain mostly the Mars type? Water

Then V.L.F. actually comes in each color and all variations thereof? But do not all these variations of V.L.F. emanate from ONE, PRIME force? Alchemist's Handbook, page 12: "Life Force ... is an EMANATION of Nous."

My understanding is that Nous primarily comes from the sun, or is reflected by it, to the earth - but that nolthing pervades ALL. So what is the relation between Nous and Nolthing? Please comment on this and the preceeding.

A. There is only one universal spirit or life throughout. In our solar system this life force is adjusted by way of our sun to maintain life upon our earth, or for this matter, upon all planets.

Life can present itself in manifold manifestations. When we speak of life force, we are referring to energy meeting resistance thereby creating a field of force, such as in our sun, also known as Nous, emanating from our sun as part of the universal life or spirit.

As far as the four elements are concerned, this emanation permeates all of them.


By Frater Albertus

Take Sb2S3, finely pulverized, and put into thimble of soxhlet extractor. Add vinegar of Antimony into bottom flask. Extract until vinegar turns red and all vinegar has been extracted out of the Sb2S3. Filter. Place filtrate in sandbath for 40 days. When it has turned black as ink, it has gone into solution. Take this and distill vinegar out over moderate heat. It will come over clear while at the bottom remains a dirty substance. Pulverize this and wash with distilled rain water. Dry gently and place in circulatory vessel. Add spirits of wine (absolute alcohol) to cover substance 2-3 inches. Close vessel and put in sandbath for two months. When the alcohol turns red, pour out extract, filter. Sediment is of no further use. Distill filtrate gently - the alcohol will distill and carry the antimonial tincture with it. The distillation flask looks like gold but will lose the gold color again. Take the distillate and circulate for 10 days. During this circulation the oil separates and sinks to the bottom. Place in separatory funnel and you have the pure sweet oil of Antimony - free from all corrosion.