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Astrology For The Neophyte

By Carl W. Stahl

The Moon In The Constellations

Ancient astrology was a Moon based astrology. By this we mean that the Moon, in the; affairs of man, held the dominant position of importance and was considered of more practical use in forecasting influences than the Sun. True, the Sun gave life and indicated the spiritual impulses of a man's soul but the Moon, the significator of the physical and, emotional side of man's nature, was the most easily seen and its influence on the daily life was quite apparent. Hence they designated a person as being under Aries when the Moon was in Aries (not the Sun) since these people are given to outbursts of anger, irritation, and other violent emotional methods of expressing themselves, especially if the Moon is angular (i.e., close to the ascendant, midheaven, descendant, or anti-midheaven, the latter being also designated as the nadir).

Keeping in mind that the Moon, on the Tree of Life, is the ninth Sephira which has rule over the sex organs and is assigned the color violet and that it is also the 13th Path which signifies the subconscious mind and is assigned the color blue, we have a basis for determining the esoteric as well as the exoteric meaning of the Moon in the constellations. We must of course blend this with what we have so far learned about the Moon's influence.

Keywords are probably the easiest way for the beginner to blend the influence of the Moon, Sun, and planets in the constellations. Keep in mind here that it is the Moon that influences the constellation. Put another way, we might say that this is as well as the Moon can give off the influence of the constellation. The planets, and also humanity, can only give off, or reflect, what they have to the degree in which they have it. In other words, Moon in Aries, is interpreted as Moon conjunction Mars. The following keywords should help you in this: emotions, moods, feelings, disposition, sexual cravings, mind, subconscious mind, and imagination.


Here love is expressed through feeling and emotion. The normally aloof and somewhat standoffish native now enjoys physical contact and the physical expression of the love nature. They mix freely and indulge the physical expression of love as well as the more general love for all and, the brotherhood of man. They have a love for stylish attire, somewhat garish but always in good taste. They move gracefully and have a charming manner which endears them to others. The Moon here does not give too much energy nor the urge to indulge in physical effort. Because Saturn is exalted here, these natives swing from exalted love to depression, despondency, and a feeling of loneliness. They make good diplomats but not being overly ambitious they may be taken advantage of by those more ruthless than themselves.


Here the feelings, emotions, and actions take on the fiery qualities of Mars. The native is quick to anger, easily irritated, and his sexual instincts are easily aroused. Their sexual encounters are apt to be turbulent, heated, and passionate. Because the Moon is in its fall here, he native may have a malicious and jealous streak, being envious and sarcastic. The imaginative Moon makes them wonderful story tellers, especialIv of adventure and mystery. Women with the Moon here are more daring than their sisters and, because of their freedom from taboos and generally loose morals, are very popular with men.


Here emotion and joy express themselves easily and the native expresses his joy of living by being popular and prosperous. They are addicted to religion, churchianity, and morality. They tend to live moral and respected lives. Sex has a spiritual connotation and they demand more than mere physical satisfaction. They have a tendency to preach their particular brand of morals and to insist that others conform to their way of thinking. Desiring the good things of life, they tend to become health faddists and may be non-smokers, non-drinkers, and may even become vegetarians.


The Moon, being debilitated here, is not able to inflict its fluctuating brand of emotionalism and moods on the native. It makes for a steady diet of depression, melancholy, and indolence. The feelings, being slowed down by the leaden Saturn, are depressed and the native hesitates to express his feelings or emotions, having a fear of rejection and embarrassment. Most of the restriction the native experiences is the result of his own failure or inability to express himself constructively. The native accepts life at face value believing that only toil and effort can bring him to the goal he is seeking. They are sexually active and quite sensual.


The Aquarian expresses the positive aspect of Saturn and the feeling and emotions, while restrained and somewhat cool, still never give way to the deep feelings of depression and melancholy that are exhibited by the Moon in Capricorn native. The Aquarian, along with its more modern ruler Uranus, is ever seeking freedom. The Moon here indicates the desire for freedom of sexual expression. Since the Aquarian has a unique ability for meditation, this position gives them a strongly developed intuition and the ability to plumb the depths of the subconscious mind and come up with the right answers.


Remembering that the Moon signifies craving, we find that here, in the house of Jupiter's negative expression, the native craves the best but finds it hard to distinguish between the negative good and the positive good. They swing, from spiritual ecstacy to degradation. They may make excellent healers and can use their hands to restore others to health. In sexual matters they demand a spiritual response from their mates that is hard to produce. Being capable of great spirituality, they are also capable of great self deception.


As in Scorpio, the Moon in Aries, makes the native erotical easily and quickly aroused. Being cardinal, this is of short duration. They are quick to anger and, once they have acted on the cause of the irritation, as quick to forget. They are brusque, loud, and lack shyness. They are quick to act and find it difficult to sit still. They squirm, when restrained, and rebel against the slightest restriction. Imagination and worry go hand in hand and they have a tendency to go off half-cocked, without thinking, to do something about their worries.


Natives of this constellation tend to lead quiet and simple lives. The Moon here increases their desire for sexual gratification and the domestic life. They are gentle, humorous, easy-going, with a tendency to be lazy, seeking comfort before all else. Love and companionship is ever uppermost in their minds and they have great sex appeal, making friends easily with the opposite sex. They seldom stray from the home fires and love large families. They have a craving for knowledge and study is their second great love.


These natives have a tendency to go overboard for the tall tale. Imagination loves to embellish what may be a simple fact. They may be writers of fiction where the truth is not an essential ingredient. Unless emotionally carried away, sex may be more a matter of words or thought rather than action. Emotion, as opposed to reason, makes facts a hinderance and an abomination. They make good orators, lawyers, story tellers, and actors and they like to speak from the lecture platform. They have no difficulty in making their feelmigs and emotions known.


The native is soft, tender, sensitive, gentle, yielding, dependent, effeminate, and graceful. Every shade of emotion appears instantly on their faces. They are sympathetic and will patiently listen to any tale of woe. Women find the men of this constellation very attractive. They are extremely sex oriented. They are constantly on the move and tend to take many journeys and have many affairs, They are appearance oriented and quite clothes conscious. Jupiter, exalted on the 15th degree of Cancer, gives them emotions and feelings of a high moral character.


The Moon here has reached the home of the Sun. They are constantly demanding to be the center of attention and they become it. They speak with authority and others listen. Being impulsive, they tend to judge prematurely. They condemn, exaggerate, and are inclined to be prejudiced. They are ardent, forthright, impulsive, and passionate in the sex act. The creative thought is overcome by feelings and emotion. They are very conscious of their appearance. Women with the Moon here act and usually look like a queen. They are impetuous, hot tempered, but seldom violent. They love their children and will sacrifice everything for their material success.


Emotions and feeling interfere with the thought processes. The analytical Virgo swings from one extreme to another, never seeming to be able to decide which method to use. However, once the mind is quiet, they are capable of picking up extra sensory impressions. Being strongly imaginative, they live in inner worlds of their own. Being clairvoyant and clairaudient, they have a knowledge of what others are thinking about. They are gentle, patient, discerning, and intelligent. Their sex life may be more imaginary than real.

If you take the foregoing brief paragraphs as given and use them in chart interpretation, you will lose most of their value. The information given in this series of articles should be a start in learning the true astrology.



Review Of A Biography Of McGregor Mathers

SWORD OF WISDOM, By Ithell Colquhoun. (London, Neville Spearman, 1975. 307 pp. $4.95 net) American edition to be published by Putnam. Temporarily made available in the U.S.A. by Samuel Weiser.

McGregor Mathers was one of the prime movers of the celebrated Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Though it had a brief stormy life, its effects on the world through its membership, which was never very large, have been extensive beyond belief.

For the first time ever, we are given insights into the history and character of McGregor Mathers. Miss Colquhoun, who was a cousin of the chief of a G.D. Temple long after Mathers died, has marshalled the basic elements of Mathers' biography. There is a great deal missing, though this is no reflection on Miss Colquhoun who has done a yeoman's job. One of the most commendable features that intrigued me is her profound dispassion and objectivity while expressing her empathy and even devotion to Mathers himself.

Mathers' marriage with Moina Bergson was childless and apparently sexless. But between them, they produced the extraordinary mass of esoteric material comprising the magical work of the R.R. et A.C., an Inner Order of which the G.D. was the outer garment.

Two things stand out clearly-that he was always flat broke, which was common knowledge, and that he was prone to celibacy, which I had never suspected previously. This is curious because his horoscope shows Scorpio rising; Mars, the ruler of the ascendant, is found in Virgo in the 10th House. Despite having a fine analytical mind, he must have been a bit prissy because of this. Since, however, Mars is the uppermost figure in his chart, the old rumors that he was a martinet, autocratic, and dictatorial may have had some validity. The author has reproduced Mathers' natal horoscope, which is most useful in helping to evaluate much of the biographical data.

There is a great amount of surprising material in the book altogether apart from the biography of Mathers. The author's comments about A. E. Walte and William B. Yeats, amongst others, are positively revealing. She is highly critical, rightly so, on the one hand, but on the other contributes some vital insights on the topics of magic, alchemy, Enochiana, and of all, things Tantra. Her suggestions that there may have been an inner orally transmitted teaching concerning Tantra within the upper echelons of the G.D. came as a complete surprise. However, her ideas are not lightly to be put aside; they pack too much authority.

In a word, this is a book of the utmost significance to anyone interested :ii practical occultism or magic. I have been screaming, as it were, for years for a biography of Mathers. My wish has finally been granted, and I am grateful. Many other students will find much in here to be equally grateful the author for what is manifestly her labor of love.
- Dr. Israel Regardie



Informative Interchange

The Mother's Birthday System Of Chart Erection

In the practice of astrology a fairly exact chart is a necessity. What is needed is a simple method that gives results. Paul G. Clancy, the originator of just such a method, called it the Mother's Birthday System. This method is accurate in about 70% of the births it is used on. However, if birth time is unknown, we have found that this method gives a chart that seems to work even though it may not be the exact time of birth. We give this method and in addition to it three basic rules, for if you would all use this method on your own charts, especially those of you who have accurate birth times, we might be able to work out a method that worked almost all the time. Only the mother's birthday is the date considered.

To the Moon's position at noon G.M.T., add 13 degrees of longitude for each year from the mother's, birth date and the date of the child's birth using proportion to obtain the number of degrees for part of a year. Add the number of degrees so obtained to the mother's moon position after having first reduced the noon position into degrees of a circle starting with Aries zero degrees. If more than 360 degrees subtract 360 degrees before using the new Moon position as the midheaven in a man's chart and the Nadir in a women's chart. Look up Ascendant and other house cusps in a Tables of Houses for the Latitude of birth.

When checked with known birth times this usually gave a time within 30 minutes or less of the accepted birth time, but this did not always give the M.C. in a man's chart nor the Nadir in a wornan's. When the person knows whether they were born from noon to midnight, or from midnight to noon, this posed no problem. For others we give the following three rules.

Rule 1. When a person folds his hands in his lap naturally, the thumb that will overlap in a birth from noon to midnight will be the right thumb. In a midnight to noon birth it will be the left thumb that overlaps.

Rule 2. When gripping a pestle and grinding something in a mortar, the one who naturally uses a counter-clockwise motion was born in the period from noon to midrnight. The person who does this in a clockwise motion was born in the period from midnight to noon.

Rule 3. When folding the arms, it will be found that in those born from Noon. to midnight the right hand rests outside and over the left biceps while the left hand is tucked under the right arm. In those born from midnight to noon the reverse is the case.

Problem: Given the mother's birthdate as June 14, 1888 and the child's as March 13, 1914 find the midheaven and ascendant of the child's chart for a Latitude of 43 degrees North Latitude. The Moon at G.M.T. Noon was 19o12' Leo. Midheaven of birthchart, rectified by other methods, is 23.4 degrees Cancer, Ascendant 19o33' Libra.

To change Leo 19o12' degrees to part of circle we proceed as follows.

Child's birthdate 13 days 3 months 1914 year
minus Mother 14 days 6 months 1888 year
equals 0 days 9 months 25 years

1 month 1.1o 25 years
2 month 2.2 X 13o
3 month 3.3 325.0 degrees
4 month 4.3 + 9.8 degrees for 9 months
5 month 5.4 334.8 degrees Mean motion of Moon
6 month 6.5 +139.2 degrees Moon at noon Mother's Birthdate
7 month 7.6 474.0
8 month 8.7 -360.0 one circle
9 month 9.8 114.0 degrees or 24 degrees sign Cancer. Midheaven in a male birth.
10 month 10.8 11 month 11.9

M.C. 24o Cancer
Asc. 20o03' Libra, for 43 degrees N. Lat.

Having proceeded this far the actual finding of the time of birth is a mere matter of adding and subtracting. A reversal of the figures usually used. Let us see how this works. Looking in a table of houses we find that an M.C. 24o Cancer gives a local sidereal time of 7h 43m 33s.

(1) 7h 43m 33s L.S.T.
+ 5 35 36 Correction to place
+ 13 19 09 RAMC Greenwich
+24 00 00
37 19 09
-23 21 06 ST 3-13-14
13h 58m 03s Approx. GMT

13h 58m 03s G.M.T. Birth
+23 21 06 S.T. 3-13-14
37 19 09
-24 00 00
13 19 09
- 5 35 36 Correction to place
7h 43m 33s L.S.T.

(3) 7h 55m 45s C.S.T. p.m.
+ 6 00 00 Corr. to GMT
13 55 45 G.M.T. A.T.
+ 2m 18s Acceleration
+23 21 06 S.T. 3-13-14
37 19 49
-24 00 00
13 19 09 RAMC Grn.
- 5 35 36 Corr. to place
7h 43m 33s RAMC place
Longitude used was 83o54' West.
15) 83 (5h
8 X 4 equals 32 minutes

15) 54 (3 min.
9 X 4 equals 36 seconds

5h 32m + 3m 36s
5h 35m 36s Correction to place.

-Carl W. Stahl



Questions and Answers

Q. Will you comment on Mary Baker Eddy's concept of healing through Mind. As I understand her Doctrine, the Scientific Man, our higher self, is a perfect emanation of Divinity. Through a proper understanding of this fact and through exercise of will the body, a reflection of the Divine Ray of Divinity is brought to perfection.

Walter Russel makes a similar assertion in a more scientific way. I understand him to say that at the center of our physical being there is what he calls the zero point where matter meets anti-matter. It is at this point of absolute stillness that God's Will and man's will become as one. When the individual Realizes this and enters into the absolute stillness of anti-matter, he discovers who he is, that he is not his body. He discovers that his body is but a material reflection of his true self. When he discovers this, he has gained control of his body and can heal himself "mentally" and has access to all knowledge.

Will you comment on this in reference to our studies?

A. What needs healing? The physical being, the body. What brings about sickness? The absence of sufficient Spirit (Life) in the blood which is the carrier of the spirit of life, the same spirit that was breathed into the nostrils of man during his formation. When the soul (consciousnessmind) becomes aware of such a shortage it will set about replenishing and restoring the missing vitality of the blood. This can be done by the use of available spirit as found in food or medication or directly by appealing to the source of the Universial Spirit which permeates all substance. When the first attempts fail and man has tried all his available knowledge then and only then may he make a direct appeal to the Supreme Consciousness (God) for the blessing of the Spirit from on High wherein the fullness is to be found. This is the last highest recourse to which man should appeal, only after he himself has made all possible effort to live a life which will let him retain a healthy body.

Q. If soul evolves through the mineral and plant and animal world, and even though it is under a herd consciousness, when we kill a mouse or step on ants, etc., and if this is intentional, are we building negative karma?

A. There is a difference between killing for food to sustain life in us and wanton killing for sport (?). A vegetable destroyed before it can propagate its own species cannot fulfill its measure of creation and produces want of its kind. If consumed for food and sufficient seed is left to procreate, it is different. It is the mind of the operator that determines what the outcome (karma) will be as he shows his reverence for life in all things.

Q. What would be the best furnace to purchase for home use for advanced Alchemy experiments?

A. Pottery kilns have proven very effective and usually cost less than laboratory furnaces.

Q. What is Menstruum Metallorum?

A. The mercury of the metals.

Q. At what point does the vinegar of antimony become the pure fixed spiit of antimony?

A. After putrefaction and redistillation.

Q. How do you make Aqua Fortis using 1/2 Nitre and 1/2 Vitriol? What vitriol in this sense-iron or copper sulphate?

A. The old ones used native copper sulphate and distilled from that their "water". Nitre was potassium nitrate not sodium nitrate.

Q. What is the best method to distill off the angel water from tartar or potassium carbonate without having the flask or retort break almost every time?

A. A gentle distillation under vacuum in a water bath works very well.

Q. Which method would be better to extract the white and red mercuries PbS (Galena): 1) Dry Method, No Menstrum 2) Rain Water 3) Glacial Acetic Acid 4) Fixed Vinegar of Antimony?

A. We found the dry method very successful.

Q. On page 126 when the three principles were conjoined, did Cockren have his Mercury and Sulphur separate or were they together in the form of Philosophic Gold and then added to the salt of Galena?

A. Separate.

Q. How did you purify the salt of Galena to prepare it for the conjunction?

A. By calcination.

Q. If the salt remaining in an extraction of Antimony after precipitation is always poisonous and should be discarded, would this also apply when you atlempt to make the stone with Galena-would the body, the salt also be poisonous?

A. No. During the process of the making of a stone, the salt undergoes a change or literally a transmutation.