1973 - 1979

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Volume I; Number 1; Winter 1973 p.1 - 40
Editorial p.1
Parachemy A New Name With a New Meaning p.3
Sacred books of the Sibyls p.4
The Alchemist's Handbook p.5
That Elusive Planet Vulcan p.8
Mercury - The Troublemaker! p.15
Polarity of Known Planets - And Those Yet To Be Discovered p.17
Numbers and Q.B.L. p.19
Questions and Answers p.36
Volume I; Number 2; Spring 1973 p.41 - 60
Iron in the Blood p.41
Alchemistical Compositum by Saint Dunstan p.45
Questions and Answers p.57
Volume I; Number 3; Summer 1973 p.61 - 76
Alchemy and Meditation p.61
The Magistery by W.B. 1633 p.65
Concerning Sulphur - Michael Sendivogius 1677 p.67
Volume I; Number 4; Autumn 1973 p.77 - 94
Alchemy Throughout The Ages (part one) p.80
Questions and Answers p.90
Volume II; Number 1/2; Winter/Spring; 1974 p.95 - 126
Alchemy Throughout The Ages (part two) p.117
Questions and Answers p.125
The Positive alchemist... Cockren - back cover
Volume II; Number 3; Summer 1974 p.127 - 150
Easter Egg Experiment p.147
Questions and Answers p.148
The Positive Alchemist... Norton - back cover
Volume II; Number 4; Autumn 1974 p.151 -174
In Memoriam/ The Alchemical Work - Armand Barbault p.153/154
Questions and Answers p.170
East - back cover
Volume III; Number 1; Winter 1975 p.175 - 202
Medicine & Alchemy In Indian Culture p.190
Snow p.198
Your Spa At Home p.200
Volume III; Number 2; Spring 1975 p.203 - 222
That Elusive Planet Vulcan Again p.211
Theriac - back cover
Volume III; Number 3; Summer 1975 p.223 -250
That's What It Is! p.230
Colloidal Gold As An Alchemical Preparation p.234
Astrology for the Neophyte p.241
Questions and Answers p.247
Jacob Boehme - back cover
Volume III; Number 4; Autumn 1975 p.251 - 282
Astrology For The Neophyte - The Influence of the Constellations p.258
Hen Eggs - The Elements and Their Influence p.274
Informative Interchange - p.278 Vinegar of Antimony; Sandbath
Question and Answers p.281
Paracelsus - back cover
Volume IV; Number 1; Winter 1976 p.283 - 310
Astrology For The Neophyte - The Moon p.292
Review: Biography of McGregor Mathers p.305
Informative Interchange: Mother's Birthday System of Chart Erection p.306
Questions and Answers p.308
Volume IV; Number 2; Spring 1976 p.311 - 334
Essence of Copper p.314
Astrology For The Neophyte - The Sun p.323
Informative Interchange: "Medicine out of Common Sulphyr"; Oil of Egg
Questions and Answers p.330
Volume IV; Number 3; Summer 1976 p.335 - 362
Astrology For The Neophyte - Mercury p.344
Informative Interchange - Sidereal V Tropical Astrology
Questions and Answers p.358
The Fool- back cover
Volume IV; Number 4; Fall 1976 p.363 - 390
An Interview With Eugene Canseliet p.366
Vegetable Radical Menstruum p.372
Astrology For The Neophyte - Venus p.376
Questions and Answers p.386
The Mysterious Prophecy - back cover
Volume V; Number 1; Winter 1977 p.391 - 418
The Philosophical Mercury p.394
The Four Elements - Earth p.398
Astrology For The Neophyte - Mars p.402
A True Method to Obtain Oleum Vitelli from "Easter Eggs" Without Breaking the Shells p.411
Questions and Answers p.414
The Alchemical Transmutation of Substance - back cover
Volume V; Number 2; Spring 1977 p.419 - 442
The Four Elements - Water p.423
Astrology For the Neophyte - Jupiter p.426
The Water of Life p. 429
The Hermetic Bookshelf: Hans W. Nintzel p.434
Questions and Answers p. 438
Separation - back cover
Volume V; Number 3; Summer 1977 p.443 - 462
The Four Elements - Air p.451
Astrology For The Neophyte - Saturn p.454
Do Chemicals Have Memory? p.458
Questions and Answers p.459
Purification - back cover
Volume V; Number 4; Fall 1977 p.463 - 494
Interviews With Frater Albertus p.466
Uranus In The Constellations p.474
Meditation And The Western Tradition p.477
The Four Elements - Fire p.488
Informative Interchange: Electro-Magnetism; Gur p.492
Cohobation - backcover
Volume VI; Number 1; Winter 1978 p.495 - 518
Interviews With Frater Albertus p.498
Fixed Oil of Sulphur p.504
Neptune In The Constellations p.509
The Noble Eightfold Path p.511
Informative Interchange - Simple Vacuum Extraction Method p.515
Volume VI; Number 2; Spring 1978 p.519 -542
Interviews With Frater Albertus p.522
Philosophical Mercury p.526
Pluto In The Constellations p.537
Informative Interchange: The Distillation of Volatile Oils p.540
Schamayim - back cover
Volume VI; Number 3; Summer 1978 p.543 - 566
Why Alchemy? p.548
Dephlegmated Spirit of Wine p.557
Questions and Answers p.562
Volume VI; Number 4; Fall 1978 p.567 - 594
Interviews with Frater Albertus p.571
Questions and Answers p.591
Volume VII; Number 1; Winter 1979 p.595 - 622
The Philosophical Mercury p.601
Questions and Answers p.618
Salt - back cover
Volume VII; Number 2; Spring 1979 p.623 - 650
Interviews with Frater Albertus p.626
Report on Bee Pollen p.639
Questions and Answers p.646
Mercury - back cover
Volume VII; Number 3; Summer 1979 p.651 - 682
Questions and Answers p.679
Sulphur - back cover
Volume VII; Number 4; Fall 1979 p.683 - 710
Informative Interchange - Kirlian Photography p.703
Kiln for the Distillation of Acetic Antimony From Its Ore p.704
Questions and Answers p.706
Perfection - back cover