Volume 1: Number 3 Autumn 1977

The Tree of Life of the QBL in its geometric proportions.

Editorial: The Penny Ritual
Evolution and the Hierarchy - D. Foster
Esoteric Astrology - L. Foster
What Was It?

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It was mentioned briefly in the previous editorial how easy it is for the aspiring student of the higher Self to forget .... to forget his or her Real Self, Essence or what Frater Albertus terms Personality. This is the Self of Tiphareth on the Tree, the Self, conscious of the Divine light from Kether. This Real Self is in harmony with the One Will and sees things as they are. This Self has objective Consciousness.

This is the Self that we all aspire towards. This is what the teachings are all about .... to show us the way to live in the Real self of Tiphareth.

But all of us most of the time forget .... forget to even look towards the Self. We live in the lower triangle of the Tree centred on Yesod, the ego, the separate self, the self-centred self, the self that needs to protect, reinforce, assert, acquire, achieve, gratify itself.

This Self is basically motivated by fear or insecurity which is nothing else but a state of separation.

The trouble is most people believe that this self of Yesod is real and that there is no other self or no other life. Yet, even those of us who have had a glimpse into Tiphareth, the greater Self, through the teachings or otherwise, we still need constant and regular reminding of who we really are because like everyone else, we "sleep" most of our lives in the separate Yesod.

Thus it would be helpful if we could apply certain techniques to help us in reminding or self-remembering, as Ouspensky calls this. He speaks of the division of attention which is the characteristic feature of selfremembering: "When I observe something, my attention is directed towards what I observe - a line with one arrowhead:

I ---------> Observed phenomenon

When at the same time, I try to remember myself, my attention is directed both towards the object observed and towards myself. A second arrowhead appears on the line.

I <---------> Observed phenomenon

Having defined this I saw that the problem consisted in directing attention on oneself without weakening or obliterating the attention directed on something else. Moreover this "some thing else" could as well within me as outside me."

Explaining further, Ouspensky says ".... we do not remember, that is we do not feel ourselves, are we aware of ourselves at the moment of a perception, of an emotion, of a thought an action. If a man understands this and tries to remember himself, every impression that he receive while remembering himself will, so to speak, be doubled." That is he will be in a state of higher consciousness and closer the Real Self.

Expressed in another way, self-remembering serves to convert the many "I's" or wills of the ego into the One Will. That is, my will becomes Thy Will.

Other sets of reminders h been used by those who wanted to centre in the Self of Tiphareth.

on the orthodox side of a Tradition the ritual of t religious service raises the Yesodic level of consciousness by creating a conducive atmosphere for Tiphareth to be contacted So also do such psychedelic aids as incense, stain-glass windows, prayer and chanting, etc. These conditions aren't maintained continually however except in a religious community such as an ashram or monastery.

For the aspiring Qabalist in the everyday world, one of the techniques used to remind him of his will is the method of remembering the other members of his group at, say, ten in the morning, at noon and at three in the afternoon. At these times, no matter what he is doing, he must recall the faces and names of all present at the last meeting. The effect is to shift him out of ego consciousness, up the path to Tiphareth. This act of will cannot but make him realize who he is, where he is and why he is doing it.

A method used effectively for many years now by students of the P.R.S. is that of "The Penny Ritual". This seemingly simple daily ritual is strongly recommended to P.R.S. students and should be considered by students at their class group meetings for adoption.

The ritual has a unifying and strengthening effect on the individual as well as the whole group. it is also performed individually in a quiet place at home and preferably at a common daily hour to be agreed on by the group. The individual should obtain a container. Any small-size container of either wood or metal, even glass will do. Then take a piece of durable paper and write (do not type) on it: "This I shall do every day to remind me that the Law of Duality is at work within me, for I will it to be. Each token placed in here, is for one of my alchemistical brothers and sisters, on the Path, who need help. Likewise shall thoughts of Light, Life and Love contribute to the achievement of their cherished goal: To become true Alchemists. May the Cosmic grant the fulfillment of this prayer and its accompanying deed. "

Date it correctly, exact time, day, month and year roll it in the form of a little scroll and place it in the container. Do not just scribble it. Put your whole feeling of love and gratitude into every letter, as if you were writing it with your heart's blood, if we were to speak symbolically.

Then take the little container in your hands and, raising them, utter your promise and plea to the Cosmic Intelligence. Take a deep breath and holding it, radiate thoughts of Good Will and Light to those who shall benefit from it, without any thought of compensation for what you are doing. Then place a coin in the container. Any denomina tion is fine, whether one cent piece or fifty cent, so long as you have earned personally that day that amount or more of money by your labour. Your toil and labour must be connected with it. Money is merely a form of crystallized energy.

Now pay heed: If you have not earned during that day at least one cent, (it may be illness or whatever reason) take a substitute, such as a piece of paper and write on it: ONE CENT. Obviously the foregoing doesn't apply to normal days off or weekends which are treated as any other working day. Also, those such as housewives must sacrifice some of their weekly allowance or their due recompense. Remember, the size of the denomination is unimportant, only that the coin is a representative of energy expended that day. More important is the amount of feeling and visualization generated during the repeating of the words that you wrote down on the first day, followed by the placing of the coin in the container. The scroll is to be read out daily until it shortly becomes memorized by heart.

If, for any reason, you cannot convince yourself of any value of this important daily task, do not, under any circumstances, try and then stop and repeat it again. You must have your heart in what you are doing or the ritual will have no power. You either do it, or you do not. Because this is the first step to your discipline. Within a few months you will become aware of the integrating effect of the Real Self.

Discuss with your class group what to do with the accumulated coins after some months. You may wish to donate them to the P.R.S. Student Lab. Fund, but it is not the money we want. It is the raising of consciousness and conscious assistance for the Cosmic work of evolution that is required. It can only come from within you and you are the beneficiary, but you are not obligated to do so.

This way you prepare yourself for the work ahead of you and the contact you will establish with some Alchemists.

Do not take this as a bona fide promise; for only you can make it come true.

Now read the whole over again.



We have been told that Alchemy is Evolution or the raising of vibrations and that the purpose of our life and "why we are who we are" is specifically related to evolution.

Now, if we examine a statement by the teacher G.I. Gurdjieff, it may illuminate us further as to Man's evolutionary purpose - "The role of Man on Earth is to be an apparatus for transformation of energy; that certain energies which Man has to produce are required for Cosmic purposes, and that those who understand how these energies are produced are the ones who truly fulfil the purpose of human life."

Now we already know from biological and ecological considerations of the mutual material interdependence between air, water, minerals and plants; between air, water, minerals, plants and animals; and between Man and all the former levels of life. Orthodox Science recognizes the energy and evolutionary interdependence between all these levels and also it acknowledges the threat of imminent disaster due to manmade imbalance between all these levels of life brought about by widespread pollution and destruction affecting all these levels. The Orthodox Scientist and the humanist views all this totally in terms of Man, that all values and mean ings derive from human experience and that Man and evolution exists for Man alone. This theory proves unsatisfying and fails to make sense to many seeking understanding. However, occult science (QBL and Alchemy) goes further and teaches that Man is merely a middle link in an evolutionary chain which extends as many levels above man as it extends below him. But also, that the transformation or transmutation of energy occurring between levels of life are psychic as well as material. It must be understood that Man feeds off the soil and minerals, plants and animals (vertebrate and invertebrate) psychically as well as materially, i.e. Man's Soul or consciousness feeds from lower levels. At the same time, higher levels of intelligence, by whatever name (e.g. demiurgic or angelic forces) need to feed from Man's transmuted energies, and that these higher intelligences are just as dependant on Man and animals as Man is dependant on higher intelligences and those below him. This has been called the Law of Reciprocal Maintenance and is a Cosmic Law. It has been said that the purpose of human life is to create a Soul for the Earth by our transmutation. Many masters have indicated that they are as dependant on their disciples as their disciples are dependant on them. Often a Master has a mission to raise their disciple or disciples to a particular level and until this is achieved the Master cannot evolve further.

The whole question of ecological disaster and pollution now takes on even greater significance and importance as we approach a Cosmic overview.

Modern Man ignores Cosmic laws even when they are revealed to him. He does not see that he is already involved in the retributive consequences of his irresponsibility. We cannot plead ignorance, for even if we are unable to grasp intellectually the universal scheme, we can be sensitive to its working by the prompting of conscience.

Taking our Mother Earth as just one example - the soil life is dynamic. It is in a constant state of transformation. It grows from all kinds of breakdown

Hundreds of thousands of men and women are deeply distressed by what is being done to our Mother Earth.

They may interpret this distress in superficial terms, but they do make great efforts to preserve our heritage. They half understand that by poison ing the soil, we introduce psychic poisons into ourselves. It is an observe fact that all countries which use a maximum of artificial fertilizers are subject to the maximum of psychic disorders. People refuse to admit that the connection is more than accidental. This refusal to face reality enters at every stage of our involvment in the world process

Man does produce the necessary psychic energy and fulfil his responsibility, his purpose and his destiny when he works and serves consciously in co-operation and harmony with higher Intelligence and lower Nature.

Simultaneous to producing this energy, such a man or woman on the Path receive Grace or "Baraka" or higher energy in order to assist their own evolution.

This raising energy is "third force" of evolution or the Holy Spirit. Hundreds of thousands of men and women are deeply distressed by what is being done to our Mother Earth.

They may interpret this distress in superficial terms, but they do make great efforts to preserve our heritage. They half understand that by poisoning the soil, we introduce psychic poisons into ourselves. It is an observed fact that all countries which use a maximum of artificial fertilizers are subject to the maximum of psychic disorders. People refuse to admit that the connection is more than accidental. This refusal to face reality enters at every stage of our involvement in the world process.

Man does produce the necessary psychic energy and fulfil his responsibility, his purpose and his destiny when he works and serves consciously in co-operation and harmony with higher Intelligence and lower Nature.

Simultaneous to producing this energy, such a man or woman on the Path receives Grace or "Baraka" or higher energy in order to assist their own evolution.

This raising energy is the "third force" of evolution or the Holy Spirit.

Man also in the alchemy laboratory can produce similar energies in his transmutation of plants and minerals to produce medicine for higher use.

We must realize that the evolution of the Earth itself as a being is dependant on man fulfilling his role and that the Earth's evolution affects that of the Solar System.

It seems that Man has not only neglected his obligation and possibilities, but set up such an imbalance in the hierarchial system, the reestablishment of balance now can only occur through demurgic action from above Part of this action appear to be recruitment of increasing numbers of individual who are willing to consciously aid in the Cosmic evolutionary process.

- Don Foster

Reference: John G. Bennett "Gurdjieff : Making a New World" (Turnstone Books).


On the surface, astrology may appear to be only a game, only another occult system, which, though coherent within itself, bears no true relationship to life, and does not answer the fundamental questions "Who Am I?" and "Why Am I?"

Esoteric astrology seeks to understand the relationship between creation and the creative source. Unlike Exoteric astrology, which considers primarily the outer manifestation, and studies diversity and separateness, Esoteric astrology is concerned with the inner, the manifest. The whole, diverse expression of life reveals obedience to certain laws, which in turn reveal the workings of Intelligence, proceeding through many levels from one central and primal source - "The One flowing forth into the many".

Alan Leo sees this primal source as "a vast ocean of Being and Substance" in which millions of solar systems, millions of universes live and move. The Absolute is the source, the centre and the circumference of this ocean. Each Sun is the visible expression of an Intelligence whose whole Being is its solar system. The planets live and more in the Sun's life, and are subject to it sphere of influence. They are the vehicles of Intelligences which serve the Sun they are "the mansions of His ministering angels".

Our Sun radiates life currents which descent and ascent through the planets. These rays are transformed in the process for the use of evolving entities, and adapted to the stage they have reached in the scale evolution. The planets absorb what they need and give off the excess. Thus our Earth receives energy directly from the Sun, but is also influenced by those rays which are "coloured" by the planets, which are transformed by the planetary Intelligences.

Our Earth is ruled by an Intelligence known as the Lord or Spirit of the Earth or sometimes called the "Demiurge". The task of this Intelligence is to guide the evolution of all beings on this planet. It regulates the rays of solar energy influenced by the planets, which affect all forms of life on Earth.

Around the Earth, Alan Leo says, is a sea of Ether, formed of subtle substance or "inner planes of matter". This sphere is the Earth's aura, and in it is reflected everything concerning the Earth and its evolution. The aura and the signs of the zodiac are closely related, for the Zodiac is the Akasha, within which everything that was, is and will be on the Earth, is recorded.

The horoscope of an individual reveals his relationship to the evolving solar system and his own particular stage of evolution. The order and arrangement of the planets express his karma and indicate the direction of growth during this incarnation.

The twelve houses may be compared with the physical body, and planetary positions in the signs with the inner man, who inhabits that body. Thus the houses have a more direct bearing upon the fate and fortune in the outer world, the karma of the current incarnation. Young souls are more deeply immersed in the body and are therefore more influenced, more limited, by house position than older, more evolved souls, who will be affected more, by signs and planetary aspects. The very highly evolved, who have passed through one or more great initiation, will come more under the direct influence of the planets. Even these advanced souls, though, will have to take on mundane bodies and submit to certain limitations. Their house positions will indicate the kind of work they have undertaken. The natal horoscope can reveal the starting point in this life, and indicate paths of growth. Solar progressions, seen in terms of the influences of decans and dwadashansas, can further reveal developments in the mind and the external conditions of life. But only by understanding the operation of cycles (within a day, week, year, seven-year period, etc.) can man begin to work in accordance with the laws. If he initiates an action under favourable influences, it will bear fruit. But, if he attempts something when the time is not ripe, he will not succeed. "There is a time and a season for every purpose under Heaven".

It is not a simple dialetic of either being ruled by the stars, or, through knowing the laws, being master of them. The truth is never in duality, but in unity. By endeavouring, consciously, to understand and work in harmony with the planetary influences, man can assist the process of his evolution. In this process, his limited, subjective consciousness. ruled by desire, is slowly transformed. His will becomes more in tune with the Greater Will, his soul more in harmony with the Divine Intelligence. There is no instant, final initiation. It is a process working on many levels, from the very gross to the very subtle. On every level, one must serve. For only by serving can one evolve further, and only by serving can one aid the Great Work, which is the evolution of the whole, the transmutation of all beings into perfected soul consciousness.

- Lenni Foster

Esoteric Astrology by Alan Leo
The Masters of Wisdom by J. G. Bennett


It may be of interest to note that although we have witnessed a performance we will ask ourselves what it was supposed to represent.

Alchemical aspirants are in search of that elusive mercury of the Philosophers. Those, who in ages gone by searched for it and only after many years of toil and labour produced it rejoiced exceedingly because they could recognize it at once. They waited and studied, they had experimented, tried and failed. When at the end, however, their goal was reached there was no doubt, no questioning anymore, because they knew and understood what prolonged studies and experiments had revealed.

If we set out and are not sufficiently prepared we may become a witness to such a manifestation but, not realizing what it meant, will pass it up as just another one of those occurences we have witnessed before. The Alchemist who achieved it after much labor will call it one of the most momentous days in his entire life; the casual observer will have noted nothing of the kind but would have to be told about it.

This signifies also the reason why Alchemists are not perturbed or worried that their knowledge may fall into the hands of those not prepared because they would not recognize it anyway.

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