Laboratory Equipment


Fermentation lock, 10 litre demijohn, 25 watt brewing pad, yeast, sugar, (nutrient optional)

Straight jacketed (Liebig) condensor B24 ground-glass joints (can also be used upright for circulation, reflux and steam distillation)

B24 1 litre boiling flask

Still heads; various joint sizes

Still Head with thermometer insert

End piece with Hoffman clamp

End piece with receiver flask

Steam distillation
Steam Distillation oil separatory unit (Clevenger apparatus) preferably with stopcock.

Separatory funnels

Any size is useful
Small 25, 50 and 150ml approx. retorts with B10 fittings
B24 1 litre (use standard fittings - B24 from 250 ml up)

Clamp and Boss head

Water cooling for condensors
Plastic tubing from hardware stores
25 litre container
Immersible pump (see Water circulation for condensors)

Heating Portable electric hot plate - distillation; bain mariae
Electric frying pan for sandbath - circulation, distillation, evaporation, etc.
Gas bottle and burner - calcination

General- any & all sizes are useful
Sealable jars
Mortar and pestle
Stainless steel & pyrex bowls
Coffee filters and/or Whatmans lab. grade
Funnels - plastic, glass & ceramic
Bottle brushes
Tooth brushes

pH papers - Universal Indikator pH 0-14 or Red & Blue

Silicon Hi-Vacuum grease for ground glass joint lubrication.