Antimony 'Speisglas' - photo courtesy of C. R. Garden

Tinctures of Antimony of Basilius Valentinus according to The Triumphal Chariot of Antimony

calcination lead & antimony
Calcination of Galena in terracotta and Antimony ore in iron frypan.

calcinationsb Calcination of antimony continued.

calcining sb Samples of different stages of calcination.

gas furnace Making glass of antimony using gas and air mix blown by a reverseable vacuum cleaner for more oxygen and a higher temperature. (1200 C.)

glass of antimony Pouring yellow glass of antimony

glass of antimony Pure glass of antimony two times vitrified


Preparation of Kerckring's Menstruum

sublimated sal ammoniac Sublimated sal ammoniac (ammonium chloride) and ground sublimate in a sandbath on low heat to prevent moisture absorption. Digested with pure spirit of wine to make the Kerckringius Menstruum to extract the oil/tincture of antimony.

The Unfixed Tincture of Glass of Antimony

The Fixed Tincture of Antimony

glass & vinegar soxhlet Soxhlet extraction of the glass by rectified red vinegar.

vinegar solution of glass The solution after extraction.

Fixed solution
Fixed powder of the glass after evaporation

Regulus - the little king - of antimony

Regulus of Antimony