Gently I Answered And Said...


Copyright 1978 by Paracelsus Research Society
This is a special limited edition of 500 numbered and autographed copies of which this is No. 206



My hair was blond,
now it is white.

During my youth
I dreamed
some beautiful dreams.
As time went on
some of my dreams came true,
and made me,
both, happy and sad ....

In my late teens a story
found its way
into a book I wrote
about a youth, a prince,
who lived in India.
It was about his dreams
and how they ended
so abruptly
because of those
who tried to influence his life.

All this I do re-live
I go back again
to India....

It is a thing now of the past
is it? ....

You, too, have dreamed,
and still may dream
a beautiful dream,
waiting impatiently
for its fulfillment. . . .

What you will read
(that follows here)
is not a dream
for you will hear
when two will speak.
Are you the one
who asks the questions,
the one who answers them?
One time, you may be
oh so young
and inexperienced,
while still at other times
wisdom and understanding
show their age as one so old ....
so very old.

Find out yourself.
Above all else do try,
and keep on trying very hard,
to listen to thine own
true self.