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Exemplar - Albert and Emmy Riedel
On the Generation of Animals
The Ring of Paracelsus
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50 Years of Sharing - Albert and Emmy Riedel

It is no little chore for a couple to reach their 50th Wedding Anniversary. To accomplish such a feat requires much giving and receiving between husband and wife. Add to this relationship the responsibility of raising 5 children and you can say such couple has had a full life.

Exemplar is pleased to honor Albert and Emmy Riedel upon celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary August 2, 1982. However, this couple has accomplished much more during their 50 Years of Sharing. History records a list of people who, at great personal sacrifice, gave of themselves in order that others could benefit. Albert and Emmy Riedel should be added to such a list. This exceptional couple has imprinted throughout the World their influence upon many people. While most of us are limited during our lifetime to a small circle of people this couple has expanded their relationship to reach people of most nationalities by founding the Paracelsus Research Society that today has evolved into the Paracelsus College. This non-profit educational research center has been the nucleus for them to share freely with all people their understanding and wisdom.

Over the years many have found their way to the college and its teachings. The enthusiasm runs high upon experiencing such teachings, but often overlooked the sacrifices by Albert and Emmy to provide such blessings.

The buildings and grounds that greet each offers a clean inviting atmosphere in which to receive the teachings. To maintain such an appearance for over twenty years, after thousands of people from all walks of life attending, has been a major task. I am sure neither would care tell the hours of work they put into building and maintaining such an environment. It is the little things that go unnoticed for the experience of something Great. Little things that have to be repeated over and over again to allow for the Giving. Building, cleaning, teaching and giving to complete one class, and when completed commence over again, cleaning, teaching, and giving.

To experience No Privacy in your own home and surroundings for over twenty years, because you have been willing to open your door and even the telephone to all who are in need of assistance, is something very few have experienced. To invite all who are led to you into your home and for one reason: To give, to share, to offer out of love gifts that will change a person's life for the better if applied sincerely and diligently; this is what 50 YEARS OF SHARING personally and openly Albert and Emmy Riedel have accomplished.

They have not requested to receive this honor from Exemplar, for such is the case in the list of people who throughout history have given, in order that others might be benefitted. Their thoughts are not upon what is in it for them, but rather what they can give that will make life better for others. Their rewards are found in the reflections of those who have received of their gifts and are in turn giving of what they have received so other,, may benefit. It requires one to Give First that another might have the opportunity to receive.

50 Years of Sharing by Albert and Emmy Riedel has allowed many to receive. Each of us that has had such an opportunity should pause, think, and penetrate as deep as possible into the core behind the reason for this couple to sacrifice, and endure all these years in order that others might benefit. As we become more conscious of the purpose behind their giving, we should be willing to sacrifice and give of ourselves in a like manner so that this reflection of Love will continue to expand and live on long after all of us have left this plane of expression.

Exemplar is honored that it has this opportunity to express its gratefulness to this couple that have endured through the years the pain, suffering, and sacrifices required to allow so many an opportunity to receive.

In openly discussing the pain, suffering, and sacrifice by this couple, one could think this is to be a pessimistic writing. Do not make such a mistake. It is the opposite that's seldom discussed to allow for the most optimistic rewards.

In closing think about the many areas of giving that has been required of this couple over the years. Little things so many do not think about, but take for granted. As you recall such areas and extend that over 50 Years of Sharing you will know the reasons Albert and Emmy Riedel are honored by Exemplar.

Exemplar salutes you, Albert and Emmy Riedel, for all that you have given; will continue to give, and build as a living testimony to your lives.


On the Generation of Animals

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Jr.

In the writer's first article which appeared in this Journal, entitled "The Analytical Technique Applied to the Water Work: A Modern Aproach",1the objectives were to:

1. Confirm the existence of the substance termed Gur, as delineated in the Golden Chain of Homer2.
2. Present the physical characteriztics of this substance.
3. Evaluate the role of electrical phenomena in relationship to the production and structure of the Gur.
4. Define the variables that effect the production of this substance as a function of modern times.

While these objectives were being met. they were preliminary to further experimentation along the guidelines as established in the Golden Chain of Homer, and expanded upon by oral instructions given at the Paracelsus College.

The content of the text cited and instructions given deal with the generation of the 3 Kingdoms of Nature, i.e., the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral. Accordingly, these 3 Kingdoms can be generated in a somewhat artificial manner through imbition of the substance termed Gur, or Preadamic Earth as it is also termed3 with various combinations of water from which it is derived. The writer's interest lies exclusively in the generation of the Animal Kingdom, and it is to this extent that the experiments in this second phase of laboratory research were confined.

A total of 37 experiments, conducted over a 3-year period, were attempted. Success came on the 35th, 36th and 37th undertaking. While the number of variables are admittedly enormous, in the end, analysis offered a workable combination. The results are microcosmic animal-like organisms.

The purpose of this present paper is to explain fully and in complete detail the methods used: those which brought successs as well as those which ended in failure. In Science, failure can teach as much, if not more, than success.

Since this is the second phase of the experiment, it seems a brief review of the first article, "The Analytical Technique Applied To the Water Work, A Modern Approach" is desirable. Without being repetitious, it is intended to provide present readers without access to its original format with key points of explanation, as well as provide a complete whole of the experiment between two covers.


In any scientific presentation, exact reference points must be provided to allow accurate evaluation of the methods, variables, and conclusions drawn. To this end, the methods of water collection and preparation as laid down in the Golden Chain of Homer are quoted here:
Take a quantity of dew, rain, snow or hail which you like, but the most expeditious way is if you can take rainwater from a thunder shower, receive it into clean glazed vessels and filter it, in order to separate the dirt from it which intermixes from the roofs of houses, and you will after filtration, have a Clear, Crystalline water, of no particular taste, in fact a fine clear water, fit to be used like any other fine water. Place this collected water in a warm garret, where neither the sun nor moon can shine upon it, cover the vessels with a linen cloth, to prevent the dust from getting into it.

Let it stand a month unmoved, and if the place is warm enough, you will by this time receive an alternation in the water, because this water begins the power of the implanted spirit to grow warm although imperceptably and to break; it begins to ferment and Putrify and acquires a bad smell, and you will observe that it be comes turbid, although it was perfectly clear at first, and a brown spongy earth ascends swimming at the top, which increases daily and from its weight falls to the bottom.

Here you see a separation, occasionad by the ingrafted spirit of the gross from the subtil. The separated earth is brown, spongy or like wool, slimy and slippery and this slimy earth is the Universal Gur of Nature.4

This Gur, of Preadamic Earth, is the base material from which the 3 Kingdoms of Nature are generated.5

I. Water Collection

The practical application of this is the collection of the rainwater as the first step. This was accomplished using a section of 12'x100' of polethylene sheeting, suspended between wooden slats. This resulted in a 1200 square foot receptacle. During a violent electrical thunderstorm, a total of 125 gallons of rainwater was collected. Although the second step would normally be filtration followed by putrifaction, the rainwater was filtered and checked for acid contamination by distilling a 500 ml. sample in a conventional distillation train. (This procedure was introduced due to the current high levels of acid rain which are prevalent throughout most of this country.) While the distillate was clear, the residue remaining in the distillation flask was a murky yellowish to reddish color. Subsequent analysis by chromatographic methods showed an admixture of nitrates, sulphates, and a mixture of generally acidic components, thus establishing the presence of acid rain. Quantitative analysis of the contaminant yielded a concentration of 0.05 grams per liter, a relatively high concentration which could adversely effect the purity of the Gur. Hence, it became necessary to distill all the rainwater prior to putrifaction. However, since the classical distillation train method is prhibitively extensive in terms of time and economy, a high speed steam distiller was used. This device, which is capable of producing 11 gallons of highly purified distilled water in a 24-hour period, completed the task in less than 12 days.

II. Water Re-Electrification

The second factor of consideration is the electrification of the water. As stated in the Golden Chain of Homer, the rainwater is to be collected during an electrical thunderstorm, the natural electrical phenomena adding an electrical charge and high niter content to the water. However due to the metallic construction of the high speed steam distiller (common to all makes and brands), as well as their grounded electrical features, negation of the electrical charge component can result. As such, it became necessary to reintroduce that charge. The mode of reelectrification chosen was electrostatic electrification as produced by a Van de Graff generator. (See photo l.) This is a device which produces high voltage electrical energy through the interaction of electric fields. The unit used here was rated at 500,000 volts at 50 microamperes. It is easily adaptable to eletrifying water by the simple expedient of attaching a platinum electrode from the charged sphere directly to the water. The water is then electrified over a 12 hour period.

Photo 1: 500,000 Volt, 50 microampere Van De Graaf Generator used to re-elictrify the distilled waters.

III. Gur Production

The entire quantity of distilled and re-electrified rainwater was placed into 10 plastic food grade containers, each with a capacity of 15 gallons. Two controls were established, as follows:

Control 1-10 gallons of rainwater collected from the roof of a house. It was filtered but not electrified.

Control 2-10 gallons of rainwater collected from the roof of a house. It was filtered and electrified.

All containers were covered with a finely porous percale material and set aside in a dark place at 75-80o F. for 90 days to putrify, although 30 days to 45 days will do as well.

At the end of 90 days, the containers were opened and the results analyzed. The 10 containers which had been distilled and re-electrified showed a 28% per container higher yield of Gur when compared to Control 2, and a 41%, higher yield per container when compared to Control 1. In addition, the Gur obtained through distillation and re-electrification had a much deeper reddish color, as well as a highly repetitive matrix structure. The Gur from Controls 1 and 2 lacked these properties. In addition, the Gur from Controls 1 and 2 showed the presence of acidic components when analyzed by chromagraphic methods, thus establishing the carry-through of the acids to the Gur formation.

IV. Conclusion

It has been shown that rainwater available today is highly likely to contain acid components due to industrial processes. As such, it must first be distilled prior to putrifaction. The electrical charge component must then be re-introduced, either by the means given, or similar means. Putrifaction in a warm, dark place follows next, which yields a highly turbid condition in the water. The final step is the distillation of the waters which separates the Gur from them.

We now enter the second phase of the experiment: the generation of the Animal Kingdom of Nature Proper.


1. Experimental Procedure-Evaluation of the Method used in Animal Generation according to the Golden Chain of Homer.

A. Water Separation

Once again it is necessary to estabour reference points by quoting from the Golden Chain of Homer:
Now pour your troubled Water and Earth into a large glass body which place in an earthen pot, fixed into a charcoal distilling furnace, apply a large alembic and receiver and light your fire, which keep so gentle that only the Steam or Vapours rise. Let this all come over first as a pure water, which contains animated Air, that is, Air and Fire. Distill no more of this very volatil water over, than what will go over with the gentlest degree of Heat, whilst the subject in the body only vapors away but must not be suffered to boil; in this manner you vapour over about the 1/4 part of the whole or less.

Take the receiver off with this Very volatil water; This water, the more so, if you afterwards rectify it per se over a Steam Bath, is more luminous and clearer than common distilled water, which is proof that it contains much Air and Fire.

Now apply another receiver and continue the distillation raising your heat sufficiently, so as to cause the thickish water in the glass body to boil, and in this manner you must distill all the water over, which will appear like water and in drops in the alembic; continue the distillation until it remains in the body like melted honey and looks brown, but beware of distilling until it remains dry, because you would burn the young and tender Virgin Earth in the bottom of the Vessel, which is not yet fixed. Take the distilled water away and put it by as the Element Earth.

The honey like matter or the moist Earth remaining in the glass body take out cleanly and put it into a china basin and set it on the Sun to evaporate until it is perfectly dry; then grind it in a glass mortar to a subtil Earth now you have Separated the Elements out of your chaos.

Now it remains to be proved that they are truly Elements. or else it must be false what I have written, that all sublunary subjects proceed from them. To produce heavenly subjects out of this chaos or Metheors,as this water itself is a Metheorical production. let no one undertake; but we will demonstrate that animals, vegetables, and minerals may and can be generated, and that is what we preter.d and no further.6

There are several points discussed in the manuscript which require further elucidation. The following should clarify the process, such that its reproduction in the laboratory will be more profitable.

1. The 1/4 part of the water which is to be collected by the gentlest degree of heat should be kept at 95-98o C, Upon even heating of the distillation train, a "sweat", i.e., water distillation without boiling, will result.
A good quality, calibrated themometer is essential.

2. The first 1/4 part is termed the Water of Fire and Air, but appears in parts of the manuscript as simply tne Water of Air. It must be remembered that when the term Water of Air is encountered, a Water of Fire and Air Combination is actually indicated.

3. The second 3/4 part is the Water of Water, and should he distilled over by rapid boiling, but not too vigorously. A temperature of 102oC. will accomplish this without burning the Gur.

4. After distilling over the second part of water, immediately pour the reddish brown liquid (which contains the Gur) left in the distillation flask into a narrow porcelain container, the bottom of which should have as small a surface area as possible. Next, place the container and in a sandbath at 75-80oF. to dry gently. (Containers with a large surface area tend to disperse the Gur so thinly, that the heat of drying, even though gentle, will cause it to burn.) With the narrow container, the resulting Gur will be powdery and reddish in color.

a. Water Separation and Gur Production

The initial experiment dealt with the separation of the Water of Fire and Air and the Water of Water by distilling 10 liters of putrified rainwater at any given time through a conventional distillation train. (The conventional distillation train was tried at this point due to the continual refluxing of water which high speed steam distillers require. This results in a high degree of uncertainty that the most volatile first 1/4 part is truly coming over first.) Heating was accomplished using heating mantles driven by 10 ampere variable transformers, which provide high degrees of regulation.

The first 1/4 part, i.e., the Water of Fire and Air, collected measured 2500 ml. Total time of distillation: 88.5 hours. The water was placed in Pyrex flasks, stoppered with cork topper to insure lack of contamination due to sulphurated rubber stoppers. The pH of the first 1/4 part was 6.99. (All pH measurements were made with a digital electronic pH meter, calibrated against standard reference solutions, and adjusted for slope and temperature conditions.)

The second 1/4 part, i.e., the Water of Water, was boiled over at 102oC. and stored in the same manner as the first 1/4 part. Its pH was 6.78. The total time of distillation was 12.75 hours. The residue in the distilling flask was poured rapidly into a 250 ml porcelain crucible, and placed in a sandbath at 80oF. Complete drying occurred in 18 hours. 4.85 grams of reddish, powdery Gur was received. It was finely ground, and prepared for electron bombardment.

In any experiment such as this, it can be argued that bacteria, spore, or larvae present in the putrified and distilled water could account for positive results. And rightly so. Therefore, a means of sterilization of the Gur was necessary. Electron bombardment was chosen due to its effectiveness in destroying the organisms mentioned. Essentially, the Gur was placed in a Pyrex vessel, evacuated to 27" Hg continuous, with the vacuum pump having a Cfm at 0" Hg of 4.0. The electronic and vacuum jet were connected to the vessel by ground glass joints, sealed with high vacuum grease. 50,000 volts at 25 microamperes were applied for 6 hours. (See Photo 2)

Photo 2: Electron bombardment of the Gur, using 50,000 Volts at 25 microamperes.

FinalIy, the Gur was added to a watchglass which was previously strerilized by autoclaving. (See Photo 3)

Photo 3: 1 Gram of Electron bombarded Gur in sterilized watchglass ready for imbibition.

b. Animal Generation According to the Golden Chain of Homer

Once again, in order to give a complete rendition of the procedure as laid in the Golden Chain of Homer, an exact quote is:

Take your before mentioned dried and powdered Earth, pour first together 1 part of Water and 3 parts of Air, with this mixture humect your Earth so copiously that it may become like liquid or melted honey, place the glass body which contains this mixture on the air. where it is warm the sun may shine on it but not too hot, nor at the meridian, and the glass is left open.

You will perceive that in a few days, there will be different kinds of small vermine in the thick water; when the water diminishes and dries up, you must humect it again, so that it may remain of the same consistence like syrup, as before; and you will perceive that the first small vermine will die and loose themselves, and others will be produced who will feed on their putrifaction, and become larger and more in number.7

In order to comply with that which is given, 1 part of the second 3/4 and 3 parts of the first 1/4 were combined and used to imbibe the Gur in an open-air condition in the laboratory. (Although this would seem to negate the sterilization procedures carried out previously, we shall see later through additional controls this was not the case.) The technique of imbibition is such, that the Gur must maintain a honey-like consistency. This poses a practical problem in that the Gur, once imbibed, must not be allowed to dry out. less the imbibition cycle be started over again. This necessitates careful observation of the process. (Through experimentation however, it was found that 1 gram of Gur could be brought to this honey-like consistency by imbibing 4.5 ml of the water mixture. At an average room temperature of 70oF. the Gur will dry out in 65 minutes, thereby requiring re-imbibition every 50 minutes to prevent this.) The watcthglass and contents were kept in indirect sunlight for 72 hours, while the consistency was maintained.

The result of the experiment: negative. Neither living organisms on the surface nor beneath it could be detected. This basic procedure was conducted 10 times. Each time, the results were negative. In an attempt to isolate possible variables, water was procured from various parts of the country and the process conducted an additional 15 times. Each time analyzing and changing such factors as temperatures of distillation, lengthening and shortening times of imbibition, varying drying procedures, etc. All results were negative.

c. Conclusion

From the numerous experiments conducted, it was concluded that modern atmospheric conditions causing acid rain, and/or the means used to rectify the waters' conditions negated the experiments. Hence. it became necessary to investigate other variations of the process of Animal generation.

II. The Analytical Experimental Approach

Upon analysis. the variables whicl presented themselves for further consideration were:
A. Water transformation through acid contamination.
B. High speed steam distillation of the water.
C. Re-electrification of the distillrd water prior to putrifaction.

In an effort to test these variables two additional experiments in each category were run. In category A, rainwater with an acid component and a pH of 4.95 was filtered but not distilled. or re-electrified. After putrifaction, its pH was 5.02. The waters were separated, Gur obtained and sterilized by electron bombardment and imbibed. Results: negative. In category B. rainwater with a pH of 4.87 was distilled by high speed techniques, resulting, in a pH of 5.20. After re-electrification it was putrified and yielded a pH of 5.31. Gur was obtained, sterilized and imbibed. Results negative.

In category C, the experiments were divided into 2 parts: Rainwater; pH 4.87 was filtered, distilled by conventional distillation train, which yielded a pH of 5.05. It was not electrified. In C2. rainwater was filtered, distilled by a high speed techniques, electrified. and re-distilled by conventional distillation train. It yielded a pH of 5.41. Both waters when putrified yielded a pH of 5.22. Again, waters were separated and the Gur obtained, sterilized, and imbibed. Results: negative.


The experimental variations seem to indicate that these variables were of no import in contributing to the negative results. Rather, it seemed that the process as interpreted in the Golden Chain of Homer should he Suspect.

III. The Analytical Experimental Approach-Process Review

At this juncture, the Golden Chain of Homer was reviewed, in an effort to find something which may have been overlooked. One point, concerning the re-distillation of the first 1/4 part, to bring about increased "luminosity", was considered.

In this attempt, 10 liters of rainwater (pH 9.2) was filtered, distilled by high-speed techniques, electrified, nd resulted in a pH of 5.25. Upon putrifaction, it gave a pH of 5.53. the Waters were separated: The first 1/4 part yielded a pH of 6.82. The second 3/4 part gave a pH of 6.96. However, while distilling the first 14 part, it was noticed that the pH of the first 1/2 of the first 1/4 part have a pH of 5.50, i.e., near that of the original putrified water. The second 1/2 of the first 1/4 gave a pH of 8.16. This interesting development prompted the labeling of the first 1/2 of the first 1/4 part as the Water of Fire, and the second 1/2 of the first 1/4 part as the Water of Air, due to volatility considerations. The second 3/4 part was not re-distilled its pH was 6.96.

The Gur was prepared as in all previous cases, and imbibed. This time however, the 3 parts of the Water of Fire and Air were produced by combining 1.5 parts of the separated Water of Fire with 1.5 parts of the Water of Air, to the standard 1 part of the Water of Water (the second 3/4 part), to give the final 3:1 ratio. After 72 hours of imbibition, the results were negative. The experiment was conducted a second time, with the same results.

Refering once again to the Golden Chain of Homer, a statement was seen in a new light: "Let it all come over first as a pure water, which contains animated Air, that is Air and Fire."8 In keeping with this, the 34th experiment was run by sweating over 9.8 liters after standard procedures of preparation of the 10 liter quantity of putrified water, whose pH was 5.56. After separation, the pH of the first 1/2 of the first 1/4, the second 1/2 of the first 1/4, and the second 3/4, were approximately as those in the last experiment. The residue in the flask after first sweating the 9.8 liters over was judged to be meaningless and disregarded. The Gur was prepared by electron bombardment, and the 3:1 water ratio produced as in the last experiment, and the Gur imbibed. After 80 hours, the results were negative.

In the 35th experiment, the residue left in the distillation flask after sweating 9.8 liters of the water over was dried in standard fashion and added to the Gur that was obtained after separation of the water, which was conducted in precisely the same manner as given for the last experiment. pH measurements of the first halves and second 3/4, again, were approximately as those in the previous experiments. The Gur was sterilized and the water mixture produced again as in the previous two experiments, and the Gur imbibed over an 80 hour period. Results: Something entirely different occured this time. Visual observation showed the presence of 2 miniature worm-like organisms in the Gur. One possessed little motion and kept mostly beneath the surface, while the second, a much lighter brown in color than its viscous surroundings, moved in and out of the Gur freely. (See Cover Photo and caption.) In that photo, the organism at the 5 o'clock position, moving from the interior to the surface of the Gur, is the one indicated as possessing the most mobility. No more than 2 organisms were detected throughout an intensive period of observation.

After 32 hours, the Gur was allowed to dry out, and was then reimbibed to test for regeneration, but in larger form, as stated in the Golden Chain of Homer. An additional 80 hours of re-imbibition yielded negative results: the organisms did not regenerate.

The 36th experiment, conducted precisely as the last, yielded 2 organisms also, both quite rapid in movement. When placed under a microscope, individual details of their structure were ill defined due to their body densities. One feature that did stand out was an elongated body with 4 tentacle-like projections, i.e., 2 at each end. Upon return to their environment, the Gur was dried out and re-imbibed. No new, larger generations were detected. At the same time, 4 other trays of Gur, imbibed with the first 1/2 of the first 1/4 of water, the second 1/2 of the first 1/4, and the second 3/4 of water, and an original mixture of the combined 3 parts of the Water of Air and Fire (unseparated), respectively, were imbibed at the same time and exposed to the same environmental conditions. These controls gave negative results, thus verifying the positive results received were not due to contamination. The 37th experiment took place using the same controls, plus two others: one watchglass of Gur was distilled rainwater, the other with tap water. All six controls gave negative results, while the main experiment, repeated exactly as the 35th and 36th, brought forth organisms, although no more than 3 were detected. Upon drying out and reimbibing, no regeneration occurred.


The fundamental purpose of these experiments was to test the thesis of animal generation as originally set down in the Golden Chain of Homer. Extensive experimentation has shown that the core of the thesis is correct, although the process differs. That is where the analytical technique, as exemplified by scientific procedure, demonstrates its essential role in furthering the goals of the experimentalist.

It is hoped that readers of this paper will undertake this pursuit as outlined. Independent confirmation is not only desirable, it is essential.


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About the Ring of Paracelsus


Beginning with a description of the so-called "Ring of Paracelsus" handed over to the Medical Society in 1965, commemorating the 600 year celebration of the University of Vienna and which is now kept in the department of History of Medicine, it shall be considered in the light of all available documents and facts, if the ornament (a stone dating back to the Romans, with a setting of much later date) was actually in the possession of Theophrastus Bomnbastus von Hohenheim. A period of about 200 years has to be bridged, as the earliest document connected with it is a letter dated 1754 in Linz, Upper Austria. Neither the writer of this letter or anything about his family has been established, so that at the present time this question cannot be answered. In addition, during the second half of the 18th Century a Paracelsus adoration started that could have contributed to the connection with this ring.

If you expect scientific documentation of this theme from me, I have to disappoint you. The history of the Ring of Paracelsus is similar to the life of Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541) where much is still in darkness. It is difficult if at all possible to shed light upon either subject. Fritz Eichler (1887-1971), the then Ordinarius of the Institute of Archaeology of the U. of Vienna, described the Ring as follows: "The oval on the outside sloping Signat Ring is a grey Jaspis on one place broken like an oyster shell. Its size is 13:12mm. The face of the imprint is 11.5:95mm. The description of the flat topside of the engraved picture begins with the impression which gives the position of the hollow enerraving. A youth with a coat thrown over his shoulders approaches a Goddess in a long dress standing upon a rounded pedestal, to cover her with a wreath he holds in his left hand, with ribbons hanging to the ground. The picture of the Goddess shows her face from the front with both arms in a symmetrical pattern somewhat bowed, and her dress like a shaft covering her from the breast down, with the seam and very few folds showing in her clothing. The head cannot be recognized because of the totally impressionless presentation except for a stick-like appearance above the head. The youth has his head covered and carries a forked object upon his shoulders. Both figures rest jointly on a level groundline. The coarse rounded technique gives only a general impression without any details in the engraving to characterize the Idolized Goddess, and cannot be explained other than those of similar sculptors of antiquity where one adores a Goddess. The stone dates back to approximately the 3rd Century A.D. At that time those who did wear such stones were more cocerned about the artful presentation than any magical or protective powers of such stones."

The stone is set in silver mounting of a much later date and is a simple silver ring with a cavity which this stone fits. The bottom of the ring face is engraved and its side is decorated with a wreathed border. This makes it impossible to assign the setting to a specific period; however it could be from the very time of Paracelsus. By no means is it older than that. This would show a relative low value for the object itself, although the silver setting was of greater value at the time of Paracelsus than it is today. In addition to the description of the Ring, it should be mentioned that the diameter (of the Ring) is rather small as it measures only, 17mm. and would fit only the hand of a woman or a small man. The description of the skeleton of Paracelsus that was originally at the Poor Peoples Cemetery at St. Sebastian Salzburg, where he had found his last rest, showed incomplete bones of a small man of advanced age and of delicate stature. Thus the small Ring diameter is not a contradiction but is also no evidence of the genuiness of the Ring. To find an answer to this question, if the Ring described in the letter of 1754 was related to Paracelsus, as mentioned, and (was) actually in his possession, would require a re-construction of the previous possessors thereof. We shall try this chronological order in reverse.

On April 3rd, 1958, the Widow and Orphan Society informed the Vienna Medical Doctor Collegiate and the Federal Ministry of Finances that on March 27, 1958 the Society had been dissolved. On June 7, 1959 an official announcement appeared in the Vienna newspaper that the Society had been incorporated into the Medical Society as of Dec. 31, 1958. During this merger, the last President, Oskar Stracker (1885-1973) presented a seven times sealed small package containing the "Ring of Paracelsus" and the documents described. All of which were presented to University of Vienna and its Institute of History of Medicine in 1965.


Inquiries by Students and ... Answers

Q. In the last issue of Essentia you brought out a new world calendar with 30 days each in a month. What about the Holidays as we celebrate them now, like Easter and Christmas? New Years Eve would be out as there is no December 31st.

A. Festivals, religious or otherwise, remain as they are. Easter is determined by the moon phase and can fall at any time, like now, between March and April. Christmas has an arbitrary date set as Dec. 25th with Christmas Eve as Dec. 24. This can be celebrated the same date also on the new calendar. New Years Eve would be the day (eve) before New Year or the 1st of January with some people, or on a different date with other people. The calendar represents a norm by which all nations would conduct their international affairs. It leaves all the leverage needed for individual religious festivities intact.

Q. Basil Valentine uses for the tincture of antimony rectified Vinegar. Does he mean by that our glacial acetic acid (96%)?

A. No. It means acetic acid distilled out of wine vinegar until the strongest acid can be produced leaving the phlegm behind. Formerly vinegar was put outside in freezing temperature when the water would freeze and the acid crystalized out. For this it had to be already fairly strong vinegar.

Q. Concerning the Aludel. I had such an instrument made with three bulbs each over the other. The total height including flask on bottom is about three feet tall. During sublimation the anticipated separation into three colors did not show. In the bottom flask the colors of the rainbow showed but not above. Could the reason be because it was too tall as the sublimate should have shown in the first bulb. Can you answer this question?

A. Your problem was most likely the heat necessary to raise the sublimate accordingly. Then there the time factor to be considered. Since none of these are mentioned, it would be good to check these once more.

Q. What difference is there in the quality when sulphur has been extracted with steam and the regular way with water or alcohol? How is the steam distilled Sulphur purified?

A. You are referring to plant extracted sulphur. The difference is that steam distilled sulphur (oil) is purified during the distillation. The other method gives a liquid extract from which, after removing the menstruum (extraction media), the sulphur can be obtained by washing with absolute alcohol. An ethereal oil mixes with alcohol.

Q. Can one use as a basis to make the plant stone, (a) only the water soluble salt: (b) only the water insoluble salt. (c) a mixture of both at the ratio of 1:1. Are the results quantitatively different?

A. Yes, there is a difference. In plain language, all separated and purified substances of an herb are to be taken to make a plant stone. When some are left out there cannot be results of quantitative equality.

Q. Is one to understand that Terra Venetianae is the Venetian Borass?

A. Yes, it is Venetian borax.

Q. After the oil of antimony has been obtained how should it be best stored. How long can it be stored before it would lose its efficacy?

A. Pure oil of antimony kept in dark glass bottles, well stoppered, should be useable after many years. The fact is, we have not stored any oil of antimony for a great length of time because we are using it up almost as fast as we can produce it for experimental purposes. When oil of antimony has been made into a tincture with alcohol, it will be conserved for a long time when the alcohol content is about 50 %.

Q. If my recollection is correct the symbol of the Paracelsus College is found without the flask as the Enneagram in Ouspenki's book "In Search of the Miraculous". Please introduce us into the meaning of this symbol.

A. It is based upon the nine numerical integers out of which, by combinations mathematical and other hidden factors, can be determined. This would take explicit explanations of a lengthy nature and can not be covered here in a few lines.

Q. When the Regulus of antimony with addition of Salpeter and Tartar (Winestone) is obtained, does it have a different quality (Energy) than with the addition of Tartar only, without salpeter, as Kerkring describes it?

A. There is a difference which should be obvious.

Q. What clinical results are on hand with Paracelsus Laboratory antinony preparations? What medical doctors have used it? Can Leprosy and Syphilis be healed with antimony preparations. Have, up to now, no toxic side-effects been discovered when using Paracelsus Laboratory Antimony preparations?

A. Results are few and far between, because of the inadequate clinical test facilities. Encouraging results have been obtained but these are not sufficient to meet the requirements of standards set by government agencies. We have started as long ago as September 1969 to work with the National Cancer Institute, but due to lack of funds and competent laboratory help in this particular field are not able to continue, though we still remain in our standing with the USA Dept. of Health, in Maryland in regards to cancer research.

As to what medical doctors have concerned themselves with antimonial preparations is a matter of medical ethics. Some wish to remain anonymous until they feel confident with their results to make the proper announcements.

Hansen's Disease, the medical term for Leprosy, is supposedly curable with the proper antimonial preparation. We have not as yet been able even remotely to cover this area for reasons stated above. This includes venereal diseases for which the essence of antimony or antimonial vinegar is supposedly a curative agent.

No toxic side-effects have been discovered when taken as prescribed by the qualified physician. Since toxic salts of antimony are to be found in such extreme minute quantities, related to parts per million, no harmful side or after effects are likely to occur. From all appearances it is the dynamic factor as an antimonial catalysate which is the medicinal part thereof and can be related to a homeopathic reaction.

Q. Is Love the energy, when vibrations of the same kind can be brought into a harmonious accord? Is this Love?

A. Love is not the energy as the latter is life, but Love is the sum total when harmony has been established auwhere.

Q. Oil of Egg that has been made was initially a golden amber color, over a period of four months it became clear. Has it lost its virtue?

A. Very unlikely. Exposure to light usually can cause this.

Q. What is sulphur viva? According to van Helmont it is white and will riot turn black when burned.

A. It refers to the philosophical sulphur and not common brimstone.

Q. Yesterday you spoke of the over-all consciousness controlling the cell consciousness. In some eastern countries there are religions that practice celibacy or restrict sexual intercourse for the pro-creation of a child. Is there any truth in their claim that they transmute their sexual energy into a higher consciousness and prevent ill health. Or to put it another way, is the practice of intercourse to show your love for your partner eventually debilitation through giving in to cell consciousness.

A. Each cell has a consciousness of its own. Man's consciousness (soul) is the sum total of its own being, therefore is superior to the cells constituting his body. It is similar to a ruler who governs over many people and tells them what is good for them individually and collectively.

Any energy expended needs to be recovered, as no energy can be lost in this universe. Giving in to cell consciousness, as you state is subordination. Control over cell consciousness is exaltation. In the end, the result will show when energy is spent if it has served the very purpose for which it is intended. thereby showing the control of will over substance.

Besides the word love is used indiscriminately and is basically not understood, In practically all instance, when the word love is used. what is really meant thereby is self-satisfaction and self-gratification needing a reassurance. True love does not ask for anything in return.

Q. The making of the plant stone according to Urbigerus was given in detail in Essentia by Prof. Junius. I have tried it and as far as I am aware others also, but without result. Do you know anyone who knows that this process works?

A. Yes, I do. Last March I personally made the experiment with Prof. Junius in Australia and it works. Within a short time, about an hour, the separation showed very clearly on top. In our discussion it was agreed that, for whatever reason, there are times, when under identical conditions it has not worked. We also found that pure oil of cedar does the work of Canada Balsam. The former costs much less than the latter and is easier to obtain. The wet way does work!

Q. I understand that in a recent class working with antimony, when pouring the yellow glass, an image of Paracelsus had been poured. To my understanding the students had this framed and presented it to you on your birthday this year. Can you bring a picture of it in Essentia

A. Here it is, not bad at all, is it not?