Volume 3 Spring 1982

Exemplar - Heavy Ion Reseaech
Inquiries by Students ....... and Answers



Unveiling the secrets of matter.
The successes achieved by the Society of Heavy Ion Research.

We bring in the following an article by Rolf H. Simen befitting 'Exemplar,' because it is an example of present day accomplishments that were considered next to impossible not too long ago. The word gold has since times immemorial attracted the attention of mankind. Because of its rarity within nature, it is highly esteemed when compared with other minerals and metals. To make it more available for general use, because of its corrosion resisting qualities, attempts have been made to transmute inferior metals into gold since times immemorable.

Present day attempts notwithstanding, this age old dream is coming closer to realization.

Gold is occasionally manufactured by the Society of Heavy Ion Research (GSI), Darmstadt, Germany, although the process used is hardly what one could call viable. But then gold is not the main interest: it is the findings obtained which help us to better understand the 'stuff' our world is made of. The most efficient heavy-ion accelerator in the world bearing the name 'Unilac' has been operating at this major research centre in the Federal Republic of Germany for some five years or so. Around it are grouped some 30 experimental structures. The results so far can bear scrutiny.

What once fascinated medieval man as element-changing alchemy wrapped in mystery, has literally become a routine manufacturing process at GSI. After all, 'Unilac' is, in part, nothing more than an 'element-converting plant' some 150 metres in length. Here, heavy atoms in their electrically charged state are 'fired' as heavy ions at maximum energy level at other atoms. The manner in which they recombine on impact, the effects of which can be arranged in highly varying ways, is then established. In this way, the more or less 'perfect state' of the elements is reconstructed from the 'schrapnel' of these deliberately engineered impact-catastrophes in a microcosmic world. Light is thrown on the secrets of their inner composition and their capacity to change, and those laws of nature are sought which dominate and control all processes in the physical world.

This was proved in the case of Thulium 147 and Lutecium 151, metals from group of rare earths. Over and above this, atomic nuclei were created with 107 protons and the Mass-Number 262 meaning that is had proved possible to obtain evidence of the heaviest chemical known element hitherto - thus 'out-doing' Mother Nature (well, on earth at least).

By means of many crafty tricks of the latest in applied physics and chemistry, not only are the 'final results' of such reactions examined (reactions which take place in inconceivably short periods of no more than 100 trillionth of a second (10 -20s), but also reaction processes. Other nuclei, for instance, are caused to spin at high speed (by more or less 'light bombardment') through the powerful electric field of the heavy ions out of the accelerator, thus containing clues as to their inner structure and their exact composition. Inter alia, for instance, the experts succeeded in proving that these fields could even trigger off nuclear fission whereby the so-called Coulomb Nuclear Fission was discovered.

What is more, the GSI experts have even succeeded, for incredibly brief periods, in raising the 'ghosts' of chemical elements which do not exist and which may never exist. If heavy ions hurtle past atoms at very close range, the latters' electron shells can combine into the shell of a 'ghost atom' corresponding roughly with the combination of atoms shooting past each other. In this way it has proved possible to almost double the number of atomic shells examined so far. Although these 'quasi-atoms' merely 'flash' as they fly by, the experts have already managed to obtain important information on atomic shells with a 'nucleus' even up to Proton-Number 188. A 'nucleus' of 188 protons corresponds more or less to a combination of the elements uranium and curium.

In practical terms, the findings eventually led to the use of heavy ion radiation in the processing of work materials. Thus, for instance, by means of heavy-ion bombardment and subsequent de-corrosion of the 'firing channels', it proved possible to manufacture filters of a hitherto unknown quality and to achieve the finest of structures in semi-conductor materials. Experiments with living cells provided basic contributions to radio therapeutics and radiation protection.

It is a matter of great supposition as to what new possibilities the present increased performance of 'Unilac' will bring. By early 1982 it will be twice as 'powerful' as at present and be able to accelerate at a maximum of 20 million electron-volts per nucleon (MeV/u).

The basis of this modern alchemy is the fact that the 'components' of a chemical element (such as iron) are identically composed atoms: the 'components' of the atoms, in turn, are uniform for all atoms. Protons and neutrons comprise the atomic nucleus around which the electrons create an extensive energy shell which, in turn, is solely responsible for determining the properties of an element. The number of electrons with a negative electric charge is determined by the number of protons with an equally powerful positive electric charge. If, for instance, one proton in the nucleus 'drops out,' one electron in the atomic shell becomes untenable' and the atom itself is converted into that of another chemical element. A gold atom with 79 protons and 79 electrons, in an atomic shell incorporating the chemical 'properties of gold', turns into mercury if one proton is added to its nucleus. Conversely, gold turns to platinum if one proton is removed from its nucleus. Adding or removing one neutron, on the other hand, leaves a gold atom unchanged. It merely becomes lighter or heavier, as the case may be, but remains a species of gold: a gold isotope. On earth, at least, nature brought this unitgame of chemical elements to an end with uranium, the most complicated of the atoms: its isotope Uranium 238 consists of 92 protons (hence: Element No. 92) and 146 neutrons (hence: Mass Number 92 + 146 = 238)

An exact examination of the possibilities of this 'nuclear unit system' of nature is, as a result, just as interesting as an investigation of the atomic shells and their related properties. This, of course, applies to the naturally occurring elements as much as it does to those created artificially: the obvious question which arises, as a result, of course, is to what extent the composing game, brought to an end on earth with Element No. 92 by nature, can be further continued, and to what extent nature herself has further developed this game (quite possibly) somewhere or other in the universe.

Against this background, the normally highly 'abstract'-sounding reports by the GSI scientists (and their .countless guest-researchers from all corners of the globe) take on plastic form: they have already discovered and investigated more than 75 isotopes, including the lightest group of atomic nuclei which still decay through the ejection of helium atomic nuclei. A completely new type of element change via radio-active decay has also been discovered: here protons are ejected from the nucleus. Up to now only the ejection of helium atomic nuclei (Alpha Decay) and electrons (Beta Decay) was known - apart from spontaneous fission, of course.


Inquiries by Students

Q. One would assume when alchemistical tinctures have been prepared that the results would immediately manifest. Why are they so slow forthcoming?

A. "Assume" is right. One may "assume" to have an alchemistical tincture, but it may turn out to be only a spagyric one and that not even meeting spagyric requirements 100%. Thereafter one may again "assume" that a certain ailment or affliction is bound to be healed with one's preparation and it is not at all what may be required. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Again, slow is a relative concept. One has to be sure what is obtained and for what it is to be used.

Q. If it was not for your saying 'Easy does it' I could go crazy at times. Things don't move fast enough for me in the lab and within me. What can I do to get results faster and better?

A. Sometimes, especially in the beginning, enthusiasm gets the upper hand and we forget that there is work to be done. That requires patients who are patient, because we are ill and incomplete as a whole. One may even become discouraged at certain times when "Everything goes against me," or, I don't know what is the matter with me lately," or "Let's forget the whole thing." Alchemy is a life's work and not just an interesting pasttime. That is why there are so few apprentices, not to talk about journeymen and masters in this Art and Science. Just simmer down and you will find out for yourself "Easy does it."

Q. What can one do individually to develop the ability to enable one to receive an appearance like the Hermit (Amo) received through Master Z?

A. There is an old saying: 'When the pupil is ready the Master will appear." Empasis should be placed upon "ready;" thereafter "appear" will fall in line all by itself. A common misconception is that people wait for the appearance of a Master. One has to work towards the ability to get requirements set by a Master. An appearance can be variegated because what appears to be is not necessarily what it appears to be, but is a helpmate, a tool, a way, or the means to convey what needs to be conveyed. Even a "visitation" (viso = face), showing one's face or countenance, is used as a verification. It is not so much what one sees or hears but what the intended meaning is thereof that is essential. The how and whereby is incidental.

Q. With the help of the Ephemeride I have calculated that the death of Amo on May 22, 1943 was right after the Wesak Moon in the night of 19/20 May, 1943. Has his passing any significance witness this event?

A. One may speculate and one may also draw some plausible conclusions. However, there is always the possibility of missing something while in search of it. In this case the birthday.

In this case the physical aspects are an enormous help to attain to a more advanced consciousness with the help of the physical ways and means that have been obtained.

Q. In the Elective Classes is anything else taught besides each student's own lab project?

A. Yes. It depends on the time available between lab work and other assignments. We will release gradually more and more information on little known subject matter. Students in Elective classes are the first ones to know about it. The article on the New World Calendar is such a disclosure taken up in an Elective Class in Australia before being published in this issue of Essentia.

Q. All life is one. What all men have in common is the four elements, life and soul. Is 'Persona' Soul? Would this mean that each man is different, one from the other?

A. Yes. 'Persona' refers to Soul. Each man differs from one another according to the degree of intelligence inherent as an attribute of soul. One may look at a bunch of roses and see that all are roses but each is somewhat different from the other. Outer natural apperances of mankind reflects such interior differ ences likewise.

Q. In class you mentioned a relationship between the sun and evolving Persona. Could you please clarify what is meant by "evolving"? How does one develop the Persona, by what relationships? Is there a possibility to change the seemingly bad parts in our character in order to prepare the way for such evolving to surely take place?

A. Evolving is not changing or turning into something else. Evolvement is an inner realization, expansion and increasing in consciousness. In such manner control over actions is increased, mistakes are avoided and decisions made are based upon greater knowledge. A choice made will be more carefully considered and an increase in energy enables Will to function in harmony with established laws.

Q. In the last Essentia, "The Wonders of Antimony" are emphasized. Why is there not more known about it? My question to you, Frater Albertus, is: "Why?" You certainly should have an answer as I don't know of anyone who has more information on it.

A. You are stretching the issue somewhat. Perhaps in one aspect of it I may know a little more than the average person, but that does not mean that others don't know as much or more about Antimony than I do. Some of our laboratory results have shown some things that are not mentioned in alchemistical literature concerning Antimony. Only constant research and improvement upon such results will answer more of the 'why'. We need all the help and means possible to accomplish a program that will make it feasible to make the wonders of Antimony legally available to all who suffer and have presently no medication available. Antimony preparations could be used to alleviate such suffering.

Q. Will there ever be a time when individuals have enough time, after earning their daily bread, to do what they really would like to do? Most people have to work for a living. All this is mainly to sustain their physical needs. What about one's inner progress? The work that needs to be done there?

A. Under present conditions one has no alternative but to take the time available and do all one can within this allocated time span. It may be of interest to you to read the article on the new calendar for the 21st Century. Granted, this is still some time off, but then, one can at least look into the future.

Q. With all the various Gurus appearing in the Western World, why is it that each has something else to offer. If there is but one Aryuveda, why all the differences and so-called miracle performers?

A. It would be an injustice to say that for all of them added prestige not available to them in their own countries and material means to affording them luxuries-would be the main reason for their appearing in the West. There are still some who give unselfish service but, unfortunately, they are very few and are difficult to find, that do agree among themselves as there can be no misunderstanding among them. That is 'Why'!

Q. In a recent book about Fulcanelli by Kenneth Johnson (published by Neville Spearman in London), it appears that you gave an interview or some information to the author who then says that you have made or witnessed a transmutation with Fulcanelli.

A. I have not talked to the author of this book. He did not interview me, nor did he get such information from me personally.

Q. When will Paracelsus College give a diploma of graduation and/or a bachelors degree to students who have finished the four years of classes?

A. The College could issue such a degree now, but what good would it be? Very many institutions grant degrees which are not accepted for credit by accredited institutions of learning. This particular knowledge of Parachemistry is only of use in teaching or where spagyric and alchemistical work is performed. Any pharmaceutical company manufacturing such products would require personnel who have had spagyric and alchemistical training in theory and practice. Since no chair at any University is presently open or available for such teaching it is up to the Paracelsus College to lay such ground work. The Paracelsus College is presently the only registered institution available to teach this science legally in the State of Utah and is registered with the Federal Government as such. As we wish to gain respect and recognition for this work from other academic sources and government authorities, it is mandatory that we proceed cautiously and not harm decades of preparatory work by bestowing a bachelors degree of Parachemistry upon anyone who has not in all sincerity completed and passed the requirements for such.

Soon we will make a bachelors degree of Parachemistry available to students who have completed the minimum four-year course of study and have undergone verbal, written and practical two weeks examination here at the College. A definite announcement will be made in Essentia, the official College publication, in the near future. Later a Masters and Doctorate degree will be granted after exhaustive studies and requirements have been completed to meet the necessary academic and respective government regulations.

Q. Where would you say the work is progressing more right now? In the United States or in foreign countries?

A. Since you stipulated 'right now', it would be down under, in Australia. However, at various times others also were going strong.