Volume 1 Summer/Fall 1980

Our Cover Picture - Potable Gold

The picture shows the first photographic evidence of potable gold, as far as is known. The alchemistical lore says that gold contains the virtues of all the rays emanating from the sun as represented by the seven planets. this drop of tincture of gold was photographed at the Paracelsus College by Manfred Cage, the renowned microphotographic expert of Germany, with the Interference after Jamin-Lebedeff.


Exemplar - Carl Stahl
Healing Magnet - Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya


Carl Stahl

Contemporary Astrologers have not always seen eye to eye because two different systems are seemingly contradicting each other. The one used by the majority is known as the Tropical Zodiac and the other, the Sidereal. Both are rooted in antiquity but the Sidereal Zodiac has been more recently revived. Each has its merits which are applicable, depending upon the point of view of the astrologer. Carl Stahl belongs to the researchers of the sidereal zodiacal influences, and he has made important contributions to sidereal astrological literature.

Of German ancestry, Carl Stahl was born on March 13, 1914 in Kilmanagh, Michigan, U.S.A. He died January 2, 1980.

His association with the Paracelsus Research Society dates back to 1961 and, until his untimely passing, has been of immense benefit. His work and research on the planet Vulcan, still a highly debatable issue among astrologers, as well as his work on transplutonian planets, has given Carl Stahl a prominent place among his peers. When first delegated to work on the ephemeris of the mentioned planets not as yet accepted on strict, scientific levels, he was well aware of the risks he undertook. His confidence in the celestial mechanics and their accuracy has found substantiation. It was interesting to read in Dell's publication, Horoscope, how he was tested in regard to the Vulcan ephemeris. His calculations on Adonis, another yet to be officially located planet in our solar system, will prove of equal, if not greater, importance.

It takes pioneers of Carl Stahl's caliber to enter into uncharted territories and leave the results for posterity to evaluate. Carl Stahl's entire life was one of devotion to the science of Astro cyclic Pulsations. Yes, he used the word "Astrology" because of its accepted usage: but it was not for him the soothsaying of bygone days but a science needing constant revision.

His influence upon those he instructed was not confined to his immediate surroundings; through his publishing house, "Solunar," his publications reached beyond the United States to those who made use of his advanced teachings of Sidereal Astrloogy.

My close, personal association with Carl Stahl has enriched my life; and all those students of the Paracelsus Research Society who knew him came under his influence benefited from his advanced knowledge, as will those who hereafter continue to expand the legacy of one who devoted his entire life to fathoming the celestial mechanics pertaining to the inner functions of life in mankind as a whole.

The work of Carl Stahl will continue with those who have recognized and will recognize the importance of his contribution to the science of astrology.
- Frater Albertus


Healing Magnet

Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya

About 2500 years ago the shepherd Magnes accidentally found the magnetic rock while roaming with his herd of cattle on Mount Ida in Asia Minor. This is the most common story about the discovery of the first natural magnet known as Lodestone. Since then the magnet has made great strides and today the magnet is a household word. Till recently, a magnet was supposed to be used for various industrial purposes, but due to the untiring efforts of some researchers this same magnet is now being used for healing purposes also. History shows that magnets were used for various purposes other than industrial, but due to lack of information and secrecy these uses were forgotten.

There are several anecdotes regarding the power of the magnet, which history has recorded. It is said that Cleopatra used to have a Magnet Tiara on her forehead to keep her beautiful. King Zeilan used to eat his meat from a plate of lodestone as it was believed that it gave youth and vitality. A magnet was also used to establish infidelity in women by keeping it under the pillow which did not allow the woman to stay in bed with her husband. There are also stories of magnets being used for some illnesses in human beings. It was believed that honey kept in loadstone, if taken, relieved constipation.

Magnets, in ancient times were also used for various types of pains and inflammations, such as toothache, gout, arthritis, etc. It is believed that magnets were used extensively by the Egyptian nobility, particularly the Pharaohs, for maintaining their youth and virility. Unfortunately, no written records were discovered, as they were either destroyed by the lapse of time or were kept a secret by the users to gain power for themselves only. A reference about the use magnets is found in the writings of the Swiss alchemist and physician Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) . He explains,

"Martial diseases are such as are caused by auras coming and expanding from a centre outwards, and at the same time holding on to their centres; in other words, such as originate from a certain place, and extend their influence without leaving the place from which they originate. In such cases, the magnet should be laid upon the centre: and then it will attract the diseased aura towards the centre, and circumscribe and localize the disease, until the latter may be reabsorbed into its centre. By the attraction power of the magnet acting upon the diseased aura of the blood in an affected part, that aura may be made to return into the centre from which it originated, and be absorbed therein - and, thereby, we may destroy the head of the virus and cure the patient, and we need not wait idly to see what Nature will do. The magnet, therefore, is specially useful in all inflammations, in fluxes and ulcerations, in diseases of the bowels and uterus, in internal as well as external diseases."

The above observations made by Paracelsus, the father of modern medicine, centuries ago, are now being confirmed by fresh trials with the magnet on different types of diseases.

The magnet as we know has two poles, South and North. The law of magnetism states that Likes repel and Unlikes attract. When the magnet is suspended from the middle by a thread, the two sides of the magnet are positioned to the geographic north and south. The markings on the magnet should be as follows: the side facing the geographic south should be marked as NORTH, and the side facing the geographic north should be marked as SOUTH. These markings will be followed when describing the healing effects of the magnets in various types of disorders.

The word BIO-MAGNETICS, meaning the biological effects that magnetic fields have on all biological systems, is becoming very popular in Western countries, thanks to the efforts of several interested persons have devoted their lives to alleviate the sufferings of human and animal beings. The two poles of the magnet work on different problems, as we will see when describing different diseases treated by the magnets.

Types of magnets: There are different types of magnets available on the market - cylindrical or round, bar, oblong, horseshoe, conical, etc. The magnets are made of metal or ceramic or ferrite and plastic. The different magnets are used for different purposes, as will be mentioned later.

In this article I shall only state the results obtained by me personally even though many more can be recorded which were done by others in the field.

My first experiment with seeds: It is claimed that seeds, when magnetized before sowing, produce plants that grow larger; and the vegetables and fruits become bigger in size. I conducted an experiment on this. I took a packet of radish seeds and had a few seeds from the packet magnetized with the North pole of a bar magnet for 10 hours before sowing. Two rows were prepared. In one row the magnetized seeds were sown and in the second row the non magnetized seeds were sown as a control. I found that the leaves of the plants grown from the magnetized seeds were larger compared to those of the control (non- magnetized) plants. The radishes also were of a larger size in the magnetized row. Not being a farmer, I could not carry on with the work further, but I would suggest the following method for interested persons. A packet of seeds should be kept in a magnetic field and every hour some seeds should be removed from the packet and kept in a separate packet, recording on it the pole used and the duration of magnetic treatment the seeds received. The magnetization may be done for 24 hours. Then in different rows the seeds of different packets should be sown, keeping a separate control row with untreated seeds for comparative study. The time of germination of the seeds with other data of growth performance should be recorded for each different row, and a regular watch should be kept until the end to see the immunity or otherwise of the plants to the attacks of insects and pests. One may then fix the exact time (duration) of magnetization required for a particular type of seed for best results. The magnetization may be done with both the poles separately, and also with a horseshoe magnet. I am confident that by this type of experiment we would be able to get high yielding seeds that will help ease the food problem faced by almost all nations of the world at the present juncture.

I shall now describe some cases treated successfully with the magnet, which will give hope to many persons suffering from similar diseases.

Finger Pain. A lady came one day with pain in her small finger which she could not bend due to the severity of pain. The North pole of a small cylindrical magnet was kept on the finger for 20 minutes. After the treatment when the lady was asked to move her affected finger and see if the pain was still there, she was surprised to see that she could bend and straighten the finger without any difficulty or pain.

Backache. A young boy was brought to me with pain in his back which he sustained while playing soccer. He could not bend at all and walking was also painful. The North pole of an oblong ceramic magnet was taped at the site of the pain, and he was asked to keep it there permanently till he reported again. Slowly the boy started recovering. In a month's time there was no pain and he could bend normally. The father of the boy was very grateful for the healing properties of the magnet as it saved the boy a major operation and an enormous expense.

In another case, a lady was having pain in her back and she was unable to get up from bed for the whole day. She was made to sleep on her face and several cylindrical magnets with the North pole facing the skin were placed all over her back. After 30 minutes treatment she was asked about her reaction to the treatment. She got up from bed without any pain and felt perfectly all right.

Toothache. A lady came with excruciating toothache, which prevented her from sleeping for a few nights and also from eating any solid food. The North pole of a big cylindrical magnet was kept on the cheek of the affected side for 30 minutes. After 12 hours the treatment repeated. She started eating solid food without any difficulty and also slept peacefully at night.

Ankle Pain. One day a police officer visited my place limping. He said that he had twisted his leg and was having pain in the ankle and much difficulty in walking. I took one horseshoe magnet and tied a string in the middle and held it over the painful spot. The magnet started rotating clockwise for some time then rotated counterclockwise. This process continued for about 10 minutes and then it stopped. I asked him about his pain, To his surprise he found that he could walk without any pain whatsoever.

One of my friends with whom I play tennis was unable to serve fast as he would get a pain in the shoulder. One day at about 11 in the morning, when he was at my place, I taped an oblong ferrite magnet to his shoulder with the North pole touching the skin. We went for our usual game at 1:30 in the afternoon. When he started playing he was cautious about his shoulder; but as the game progressed he was able to play a normal game without feeling any pain at all. He kept the magnet on his shoulder for a few days and the pain never came back. He still plays tennis as vigorously as anybody else.

Insomnia. Several insomnia cases have been benefited by the magnet. I shall relate one remarkable case which was cured by the magnet. A Countess in Italy was unable to sleep without pills and this was going on for nearly ten years. Lately, even the pills were not proving effective. She was recommended the application of the North pole of a small round magnet on her forehead between the eyebrows for 10 minutes before retiring. She applied the magnet reguarly for two months and reported she could sleep without the help of any sedatives. If the magnet can help to remove insomnia then, to my mind, even if it does not do any other work, it would be a great boon to people who are unable to sleep due to great stress and strain of the modern world.

Knee Pain. In knee pain, or pains in larger joints, I have applied two round magnets with the two poles facing each other on the two sides of the affected part and found great relief to be obtained by people with this complaint.

Cancer Pains. In a very advanced case of cancer of the liver with metastatis to other parts of the abdomen, I have given magnet treatment that gave great relief of pain, even though the patient succumbed to the disease. I put two horseshoe magnets of large size with the opposite poles facing each other, one on the abdomen and the other on the back just opposite, for one hour twice daily. This gave relief to the excruciating pain which not be controlled by any other medicines.

Many more cases could be quoted, but I think the above will give some guidance to people who would like to duplicate the results. Different authors have given different opinions regarding Magnet Therapy. Many say that with constant use of the magnet harmful effects are produced in the system. I beg to differ with them as I have yet to find a case which has been harmed by magnet treatment. In case a wrong pole has been used, the patient will feel an aggravation of his complaint. In that case the pole may be reversed and amelioration may be obtained. The Earth is a big magnet and we stay on it until the last day of our mortal life. We do remain healthy in spite of staying constantly in this magnetic field. When the system is unable to absorb the magnetism from the Earth, we take the help of artificial magnets. This then is Nature's own treatment. One important thing I have observed is that persons who sleep with East-West orientation are more prone to disease. In our religion we have been commanded to keep our head to the south and legs to the north. During the cremation ceremony, the body is kept exactly in the reverse position - head to the north and legs to the south. When sleeping as mentioned above, the magnetism flows from head to foot, but when lying east-west, the magnetic flow is around the body which disturbs the polarity of the body. This is an observation which can be verified. It is also interesting to note that when a razor is kept in north-south orientation, the sharpness of the edge of the razor remains much longer than in any other position. I believe the same theory applies to human beings when sleeping.

In conclusion, I have to state that this Therapy is not only efficient but also absolutely harmless; and anybody can use it for the benefit of all persons irrespective of their diseases. Another advantage of this system is that it is the cheapest of all systems and till the magnet is broken or lost can be utilized for all persons. There are no harmful after-effects, which no other "pathy" can claim. A lot of work has yet to be done to find out the use of magnets in different types of ailments, and I shall be happy if more people will experiment with this Therapy and publish their results for others to follow.



Q. There is a rumor circulating that you will leave your home in Salt Lake City and spend the latter part of your life somewhere in the Himalayas. Is this true? If so, please elaborate.

A. No such statement has been issued by myself.

Q. What is a true initiate? Are you one?

A. According to the dictionary, an initiate is one who has been introduced to take the initial steps into a realm formerly unknown to him or her by those capable of bringing about such an introduction. A so called "true" initiate would have to be one who can prove through demonstration what has become known. Actually, "true" initiation, as it is called, has nothing to do with outward rites and ceremonies but takes place within. An initiation can take place with or without the help of those who act as guides. As to me being an initiate, it all depends on one's concept of this. Yes, I have been initiated into what was formerly not known to me. Initiation is of a profound nature and is an experience which is very personal.

Q. If the soul can manifest as either male or female at various times then it would seem both polarities within one must merge and become balanced for a complete attunement. Yet in your book Gently I Answered and Said there is reference to a final merging with the "other half." This implies that one cannot be complete until the other half, which was once lost, is again found when one is finally ready. Yet, what of the great masters who achieved total unity, such as Jesus? Could it be that the other half is to be found within and not necessarily on the earth plane at all?

A. Considerable speculation is going on about soul mates, twin souls and its like. According to the law of polarity, everything has its counterpart. Therefore, no completion can exist when parts that belong together remain separate. If, according to Holy Writ, man at one time was separated, a reunification has to come about again. As to Jesus, the man, speculation likewise exists as to his brothers and sisters and his relationship to others, among them his so-called Heavenly Bride. This could just as well pertain to another soul waiting for a reunion or a re-emerging on a higher plane of awareness. It is difficult to answer such questions. To know, one has to experience for one's own self. How can the other half be found within one's self when one is in search of it and if one or the other has advanced to a different level the other half has not reached as yet? Only personal experience can bring about a realization of what is referred to.

Q. In the teachings at the Paracelsus College, information is given about Vulcan, Chronos, Adonis and the "real" Pluto, all yet undiscovered at this time. Where does this information come from? Since it cannot be proven, doesn't this put us back into the realm of belief rather than knowledge?

A. What one does not know one may believe, which is an assumption based on previous knowledge that gives rise to further conclusions to be proven. This is how knowledge is obtained. Things do not always have to be seen to exist beforehand. There exists knowledge about the atom and even its weight; yet, no one has seen an existing atom or weighed it. Nevertheless, conclusive evidence of the outcome of such previous assumptions puts belief in its rightful place.

Q. Would you say that a person's degree of evolvement can be determined by his or her ability to accept things? In other words, the more evolved the easier to accept whatever takes place?

A. The more knowledge one has and uses the more so will one be receptive, for one is confronted with and accepts what takes place according to his or her ability of acceptance.

Q. How can one learn more about the metzIah or path on which one finds him or herself?

A. It requires an in-depth analysis of one's own self. With the help of further Astro-cyclic knowledge, one can find out more when comparisons are made with the personal past experiences in this life if one is on the path to lead to the goal an individual has.

Q. At the Paracelsus College the QBL is taught. However, you discourage any kind of rituals, even those which are considered to be positive, as protections, etc. Why? Please elaborate.

A. We do not encourage nor discourage any kind of rituals, qabalistic or otherwise, as this is strictly a personal affair as to what one believes. We do, however, discuss or talk about such things as the occasion arises within the context of the themes under discussion; but let it be repeated again, we do not discourage nor encourage any rituals an individuals wishes to perform.

Q. You prefer not to use the word "sub-conscious," saying there is really not such a thing. Please explain.

A. We have outlined during class that the conscious awareness is in opposition to the unconscious state that we are not aware of while we are conscious. The dividing line is where the one enters into the other, or goes "under," as from the awakening state to the sleep state, for instance. The extremely short duration of merging from one state into another is where one goes "sub" or under, but does not remain there. What is commonly termed a subconscious state is based on what at one time was suppressed or pushed aside, behind, or such similar position, from which it can be recalled during the conscious state. What takes place during the unconscious state we are not conscious of, as the word indicates.

Q. So much is said about "tests" in this realm of Parachemistry. Is it true that the further one finds himself on the path, the greater and more difficult the tests and the chance of failing?

A. It has been found that the difficulties increase relative to the responsibilities one has. Therefore, a test and its successful outcome or failure would likewise be relative.

Q. If one fails a test, isn't it rather that we are delayed because of something still to be learned?

A. Yes. One could safely agree to that.

Q. Please speak about the seed of metals which is perfectly ripened in gold. What is meant by this seed?

A. Seed, not wherein the seed is contained, as the kernel or pit or its like, is the life that lets the soul or consciousness unfold. Everything grows from a seed. Without it there would only be a body without the seed (life) of procreation. This applies to all three kingdoms: the mineral, plant and animal.

As to the seed of metals, it is gold that has all three in equal proportions, the seed (life, spirit, mercury), sulphur (soul), and body (corporeal substance). It is said no other metal has such equal proportions.

Q. It is scientifically proven that antimony, specifically arsenic which is found within it, can alter the cells in the brain when it is found even in the most minute amounts in the body. Even by removing the poison by way of the salts, how can you be certain that the antimony which is being taken is pure enough not to have a detrimental effect? Even after numerous filtrations, appearances can be deceptive.

A. The salts of antimony are poisonous, and this refers to the body. The essence extracted from the antimony when pure, that is, freed from any antimony solids, is not poisonous. One has to distinguish between the poisonous solids and the non-poisonous inherent "virtues" in an essence thereof. Even minute traces of solids, if found therein, are not detrimental when looked upon from a homeopathic point of view. Certainly any intolerable quantity could prove even fatal. Numerous filtrations will not give proof of its purity. However, atomic absorption and atomic emission would establish such evidence.

Q. When cycles are taught at the College, you indicate that the cosmic cycles began, as far as the earth is concerned, with 19,717 B.C. Please tell us how you came up with this date?

A. This date can be found by the precession of the equinoxes, or the great Platonic year. Even then astronomers are not in exact agreement, because of the many factors to be taken into consideration, and discrepancies occur. The date given here has proven itself with a great degree of accuracy in our investigations and tests.

Q. You refer to "going direct" to get one's answers, and you have indicated that this is the way you have received that which you now teach to others. When you receive in this way is it in the form of your own subtle thoughts? Please elaborate.

A. It is rather difficult to even attempt an explanation. What you refer to as subtle thoughts are not subtle thoughts at all. There is a pronounced awareness that fills one's whole being; an inner knowing just as plain as an outer manifestation. Can one explain color to another one without seeing color? Try and tell me what red looks like and maybe I can find a way to explain how one is receiving the direct way."

Q. There is so much talk about the Great White Brotherhood, who have their participants working here on the earth, as well as on an intangible plane. Is this actually another plane of awareness, the other side, or where?

A. Whatever is understood by individuals that the White Brotherhood represents may vary considerably. Speaking of another plane of awareness means just that, but we are here on this earth plane at present. If there are representatives of the White Brotherhood here on earth participating in the affairs of nature and man, then it is neither taking place on the other side, nor for that matter anywhere else but here where one may become conscious of it.

Q. If one is involved in a particular work to assist mankind could it not be said that one is working for the Great White Brotherhood? If there is no conscious contact with them on another level is this indicative that one is not yet worthy? Please explain this.

A. Whatever is done with the thought in mind to be of benefit for all concerned would come under the work of the Brethren in White, no matter if an actual physical contact has been made with such a representative. Worthiness of an individual because of no contact made, as mentioned, is not based thereon but upon the ensuing results.

Q. Will you please speak about the "spiritual" or religious and metaphysical cults of today, where man people become mesmerized, hypnotized and literally brainwashed where identity is lost, etc. What is the meaning and purpose of this?

A. To speak frankly about this may not be to the liking of everyone especially persons who like to deal in matters of a secret nature. When a pledge is exerted not to reveal any rites or rituals a person has lost some of their freedom because of fear of the consequences involved. The best one can conceive of is that a measure of obedience may be learned that may come in handy at a given time. However, there is some danger that one may lose thier personal identity when merging with group identification.

Q. How can one become involved in Parachemistry to such degree that he or she can leave mundane work behind and actually earn a living doing this work that one loves?

A. Parachemistry does not exclude mundane work. Both mental and physical work comprise Parachemistry. Wherever the latter is actively employed any laborer is worth his wages. This refers not only to the laboratory work but to any Parachemical activities. One has to find a place where one's abilities justify parachemical employment.