1980 - 1984


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Volume 1 Spring 1980
Letters to the Editor
Exemplar - Alexander von Bernus
Electrolytic-Water Therapy - Dr. Albert Richard Riedel
Metals and Medicine - V. Di Stefano
The Development of Man Through Music - Linda Case
Know The Old To Understand The New - Pig's Lard
Volume 1 Summer - Fall 1980
Exemplar - Carl Stahl
Healing Magnet - Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya
Volume 1 Winter 1980
Exemplar - Arpad Joo
Solar Eclipse - Wondrous Marriage of the Sun and Moon - M. & B. Schuler
The Analytical Technique Applied to the Water Work - J. C. Lisiewski Jr.
A High Temp. Kiln Using Propane Gas - D. D. Dullies
Know the Old to Understand the New - Gold Chemistry Today
Volume 2 Spring 1981
Editorial: Teachings and Teacher - Frater Albertus
Exemplar - Armand Barbault
Color and Sound - G. Sneddon
Hebrew Pronunciation - I. Regardie
Know the Old to Appreciate the New - Isaac Newton's 7 Aphorisms on the Great Work.
The Art of Distillation - Forward only - Frater A.
Volume 2 Summer 1981
Exemplar- Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya
The Circulatum Minus of Urbigerus - Prof. Manfred M. Junius
Hermetic Cabala in the Monas Hieroglyphica and the Mosaicall Philosophy - M. T. Walton
The Calendar, The Seasons and The Sidereal Zodiac - S. Marshall
Volume 2 Fall 1981
Exemplar - Hans Sterneder
Boyle, Newton & Van Helmont: On the Transmutation of Water & Air - M. T. Walton
The Work in the Laboratory: A Paradox - Frater Albertus
Physical Immortality - R. & I. Ingalese
Inquiries by Students ... and Answers
On Deciphering Alchemical Language - Apologia Alchymiae
Volume 2 Winter 1981
Exemplar - Nikola Tesla
The Wonders of Antimony - Frater Albertus
Preparing the Vinegar of Antimony - L. Principe
Inquiries by Students ... and Answers
Volume 3 Spring 1982
Exemplar - Society of Heavy Ion Research
Inquiries by Students ... and Answers
Volume 3 Summer 1982
Exemplar - 50 years of Sharing
On The Generation of Animals - J. C. Lisiewski, Jr.
About The Ring of Paracelsus - Dr. P. M. Skopec
Inquiries by Students ... and Answers
Volume 3 Fall 1982
Exemplar - Dr. Christian August Becker, M.D
The Marvelous Chemical-Physical Work of Prince Sansevero
The Hunt for Artificial Gold - H.G.Lenz, Ph.D.
The Dry Way in Alchemy - Manuel Algora Corbi
Music of the Spheres: The Sound of Alchemy
Inquiries by Students ... and Answers
How Petroleum ... Came into Being - K. Hellesoe
Artificial Medicinal Stones
The Four Seasons in Alchemy - Trans. K. Hellesoe
Volume 3 Winter 1982
Exemplar - Hans Nintzel
Pure Sulphur of Nature from White Phosphor - L. Wriesing
The Acetone of the Wise - C. A. Becker, M.D.
Amber - The Gate to Mineral Alchemy - R. T. Prinke
Gypsy Alchemy - Prof. Hancock
Questions and Answers
Volume 4 Spring 1983
Exemplar - Siegbert Hahn
Opinion on Paracelsus - H. R. H. The Prince of Wales
Process for the Extraction of Oil of Iron - Baron A. Mazzario, Ph. D.
Book Reviews
Nonsense in Metaphysics - Frater A.
Musical Logic - E.J. Dowling
Questions and Answers
Volume 4 Summer 1983
Evolution of Parachemistry - E.W.
Volume 5 Fall 1983
Editorial - Schools ... Not Monasteries or Ashrams
Exemplar - John Ray Christopher
The Snake Stone - I. Beck
The R.A.M.S Material - H. Nintzel
Harmony and the Line of Least Resistance - G. Sneddon
Questions and Answers
Volume 5 Winter 1983 - Spring 1984
Editorial - The True or False Unicorn
Exemplar - T. Henry Moray
Operatie Elixiris Philosophici - Michael Sendivogius - Trans. R.T. Prinke
An Old Alchemical Manuscript
Alchemical Dictionary
Manufacturing Sulphur Crystals - Wriednig Ludwig
Medicine and Esotericism - Dr. Werner Nawrocki
Fango - I. Beck
Thoronet Abbey, Provence - R. Cowley
Questions and Answers