Paracelsus CollegeTM is an educational system dedicated to the living oral and experiential tradition of Alchemy applied in the service of Conscious Evolution.

The Paracelsus College was founded by Frater Albertus Spagyricus (Dr. Albert Richard Riedel 1911 - 1984) in the U.S. in 1980 and Australia 1982. Prior to this it was known as the Paracelsus Research Society. The work of the College in the U.S. ceased after Frater Albert's passing but has continued in Australia.

The aim of the Paracelsus CollegeTM is to assist individuals in their search for an understanding of Reality by introducing them to the foundations of a practical system of working on Oneself and Nature.

To this end the Art/Science of Alchemy provides a way to observe and participate in the process of evolution within the context of physical existence, as it is.

The study of 'Why I am Who I Am', through self-observation, occurs in conjunction with practical laboratory work in the Plant, Mineral, Animal and Human kingdoms.

No prerequisites are required except an open mind.

As this is an oral and experiential tradition there are no correspondence courses.

The classes are designed to assist the individual to work on themselves and therefore no titles or accreditation are given. Each student works on the class material according to their individual program.