Aphorismi et Notio


Frater Albertus

'Confirmation is always available but not all confirmation will prove accurate in the end.'

'According to your way of thinking, you are right.'

'Under identical conditions; identical results will manifest.'

'When energy meets resistance it creates a field of force.'

'Easy does It.'

'Any system can be made to work as long as it gets the results that you are after.'

'True Love asks nothing in return.'

'Boredom is due to a lack of awareness.'


'The difference between a medicine and a poison is the dosage thereof.'

'Nature can teach everything belonging to Nature; she derives her knowledge from the Spirit. But Spirit and Nature are one, for Nature is a light that comes from Spirit. If Nature learns from the Spirit, that one becomes divided into two: the disciple asks questions and answers them himself. In a dream the dreamer and the person he dreams of are me; and in temptation the tempter and the tempted are one.'
(De Fundamento Sapientiae)

'An instance of transmutation may be seen in wood which has become petrified. The form of the wood remains unchanged; nevertheless it is no longer wood, but stone.'
(De Transmutationibus)

'He who understands nothing,
Loves nothing.

He who can do nothing,
Understands nothing.

He who understands nothing
Is worthless.

But he who understands
Also loves, notices, sees ....

The more knowledge
Is inherent in a thing,
The greater the love ...

Anyone who imagines
That all fruits ripen at
The same time as the
Knows nothing about grapes.'

- Paracelsus

Zosimus writes to his Sister on the alchemists inner work. circa 300 AD

"Then do not yourself be drawn this way and that, ... as I have already told you in my book "According to Energy". Do not be agitated off in all directions in the quest for God, but remain seated at your hearth and God will come to you, who is everywhere and who is not limited to the lowest space like the daimons. In this calm repose of body, lull to repose also your passions, greed, pleasure, anger, chagrin, and the dozen lots (moirai) of death. And so, correcting yourself, call the divinity to you and it will truly come - It being what is everywhere and nowhere."

'The corruption of one thing brings forth the generation of another.'
- Bacstrom's Homer

'Behold, I have declared that which was hidden, since the work is both with thee and about thee; that which was within is taken out and fixed, and thou canst have it either in earth or sea.'
- Aureus or The Golden Tractate of Hermes in A. Cockren's Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored

'Only he can die an honourable death who works on himself in life. He who does not work on himself in life will inevitably, early, lately, perish like a dirty dog.'

'The role of man on Earth is to be an apparatus for transformation of energy; that certain energies which man has to produce are required for Cosmic purposes; and that those who understand how these energies are produced are the ones who truly fulfill the purpose of human life.'

'The first refusal to a person who is devoid of conscience or consideration will destroy the results of even thousands of good deeds formerly manifested toward him by you'

'Such is the nature of man,
that for your first gift - he prostrates himself;
for your second - kisses your hand;
for the third - fawns
for the fourth - just nods his head once;
for the fifth - becomes too familiar;
for the sixth - insults you
and for the seventh - sues you because he was not given enough.'
- Life is real only then, when "I am"
- G. I. Gurdjieff

Matter, never without Spirit'
- Wolfgang von Goethe

'Thou wilt never make from others the One which thou seekest except first there be made one thing of thyself ...'
- Gerhard Dorn

'Everything turns into its opposite eventually.'

'Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.'
- Carl Jung

'Naturae abhora vacua; Nature abhors a vacuum'
- unknown

'I know
you believe
you understand
what you think I said
but I am not sure you realise
that what you heard
is not what I meant.'
- unknown

'Man shall not cease from exploration,
But the end of all his exploring.
Will be to arrive at the place
Where he first began,
and know it for the first time.'
- T. S. Elliot (quoted in The Magus-John Fowles)

'Marry each thought
with its opposite.
Then thou wilt
know nought.'

2 = 0

'Stability equals Change'

'To hell with Because, be he damned for a dog'
- A. Crowley

'The Great Way is not difficult
for those who have no preferences.
When love and hate are both absent,
everything becomes clear and undisguised.'
- Sengtsan, Hsin Hsin Ming

'Between heaven and earth there exists nothing but law and energy.'
- Huang Ti Nei
Ching Su Wen.

'When I wrote on my door: "Leave your tradition outside before you come in," not a soul dared to visit me or open my door.'
- Kahlil Gibran.

The One, being everywhere present, is the First Matter.
It is perceived as Chaos by the polarised rational mind.
The at-one-ment is the beginning and the end of the work; within one cycle/circulation.
The blackened Crow is both a reverse phonetic anagram of the Work itself and is present at the end of the work as is seen in the alchemical tautology; the Crowned Work (past tense)

The apparently rational choice of 'our' subject over any other one-thing requires a gesture that is more than the sum of reasons.
It is what 'matters' to you.
The subject is then rationalised and ordered by the mind as it is multiplied by division (separation) and subjected to the spagyric process as it reveals all and everything.

The Spagyric way takes place within the circulation of time;
Alchemy exists within the rise and fall of the present moment.

In the beginning
is not a time.
It Is
a space.

Compassion is as compassion does. (with thanks to F. Gump)

One real experience is worth a thousand pictures.

The arrogance of youth is equalled only by the ignorance of old age, and vice versa.

Trust in Nature, but train your Mind first.

Never underestimate the power of disillusionment to transform.

Ideology is the root of all evil.

- Rik Danenberg