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Photo montage problem.

PaintShop Pro 5

I'm not sure this is a problem. The photo montage below is for a proposed new storey on a job in
Beatty Street Balgowlah. The picture was taken from across the water at Fairlight Pool using
300mm tele. Not by me.

The insert is the original product. Note the hard edges. On the Anana Street job (link below)
this is what was required but some softening was needed for this one. I tried to feather off the
edges but couldn't do it. I resorted to gaussian blur. The result is OK but I don't know if this is
the right way to go about it.

I would be glad of any comments.


 Beatty Street Balgowlah from Fairlight Pool. Small section of photograph. Original montage in bottom corner.
An unidentified dark spot has also been removed.


This picture is for an objection to a proposed development in Lancaster Crescent Collaroy. Colours and material
finishes are unknown. The model was made in DataCad. Two reference points were used from survey, the peak
of the red brick house to the rear and the ridge of a small garage to be demolished.  The model made a quick trip
through Renderise Live, mainly to get a bit of life into the glass as the finished result is going to be quite large at
A2 (400x600mm). Assembly is similar to the Anana Street job described in link below but involves more layers
as there was a garage in the foreground I had to remove. The extra rock is the same rock taken from a different

  Reduced section of original photo. Picture by me, on Kodak film.

For reproduction on A2 inkjet. Gaussian blur was used around the edges of the model against the sky and also around
the cut out rock and the faked up extra bits of driveway. The bit of palm in the foreground is two views of the same plant.
A bit more blur would have been in order here. Same applies with the foreground section on the left.  The large rock
against the red brickwork works a lot better.

Now that blur is less of a mystery I will revisit the Narrabeen job (link below) and see if it can be improved.

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