This picture is for an objection to a proposed development in Lancaster Crescent Collaroy. Colours and material
finishes are unknown. The model was made in DataCad and made a quick trip through the renderer, mainly to get
a bit of life into the glass as the finished result was going to be quite large at A2 (16"x24").

Please persevere with me. This page takes time to download

  Reduced section of original photo. Picture by me, on Kodak film.

Here is a montage of a house in dense timber.


Below is the existing situation. Next door's roof is used as a reference. The vital line is black


Below is part of an original client photograph, scanned from a 10x8 print.
You can see the references for the new roof ridge and eaves


the montage shows a new upper storey  addition. The peak of a folded deck umbrella poking above
the trees was removed at the same time.


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