Cross fades may be made from your views

            This is a fade transition. The size has been kept down  for a quick look on a web page.

            It goes from this to......                           this in 6 seconds with lead in and lead
                                                                         out - total 13 seconds  (3.5+6+3.5)

                 This file should run fine in QT4 or media player, depending on which is a plug-in for you. It will take some
                time to load. You will be advised in the status bar at the bottom and you will probably see a logo for your
                plug-in immediately below. There is no sound.

                This sort of animation can be quickly and cheaply produced from your views. Note that I only need the before
                and after views, no intermediate rendering is required. Note that you are not limited to a "before and after" scenario
                i.e. two frames, you may have many frames and even animated changes of viewpoint.

                Picture size and run time will be governed by the processing power of your computer. Note also that these files
                can get seriously large and your ISP may not allow you to download them. In that event I can provide them on
                CD.  Titles and sound may be added if desired. Apart from any whistles and bells you may require, I would
                recommend that the basic animation runs for about the same time as you see here. There is no need to bore the
                client with an overly long transition.

   In this example, the picture size is 282 x 199. File size is 2.4Mb

Download the AVI file.
                Even if you cannot play it on screen now. I think it takes just as long to download as it does to get onto the
                screen.    You may then play it and save it using your browser's file commands.

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