Hey look at this!!  An AVI internet preview, all in less than 4, no, 3, Mb!!

This is a fade transition. I didn't think it was a practical proposition to get one in such a small file but for a quick look
on a web page, this version is 60% the size of the original and loads substantiually faster.

            It goes from this to......                           this in 6 seconds with lead in and lead out - total 13 seconds

                 This file should run fine in QT4 or media player, depending on which is a plug-in for you. It will take some
                time to load. You will be advised in the status bar at the bottom and you will probably see a logo for your
                plug-in immediately below. There is no sound (yet)

Download the AVI file.
 Even if you cannot play it on screen now. I think it takes just as long to download as it does to get onto the screen.
You may then play it and save it using your browser's file commands.

Note the palidrome loop. Something I had never heard of till today, but it's all there, on p672 of Holzschlag's HTML4 book!

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