There are three basic types of animation in the architectural field:

1. Camera animation: where the camera moves around or through the model. This is the classic
    "drive by and walk through"

2. Model animation: where the model moves in front of the camera.

3. Static transformation: where nothing moves but you fade from one scene to the other - a glorified slade show.
    This is not to be confused with "morphing". Most examples show "before and after"

Items 1. and 2. are not visually the same. With the best of will, a model rotating in front of a camera always looks
just like that.  Having said that, they are easy to produce and therefore cheap in comparison with camera animations
which require a lot of effort to get smooth movement and sensible views, e.g. not banging your nose on the door jamb.

Those interested are invited to discuss this further. Displayed animations will be kept to about credit card size as
larger animations take too much time and space. If you are interested in commissioning an animation, you need to
ensure that your internet service provider allows you to receive large files as e-mail attachments. Alternatively, work
can be sent on CD by post.

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