"Singing and laughter = internal massage.
Reclaim your birthright!"

- Workshop
Margret conducts vocal workshops on traditional & contemporary African-American Gospel Music at festivals and gatherings around Australia. (duration: 1 hour to 1 day)


2. "INSTANT SINGING " - Workshop
Guarantee you'll be vocalizing from the first minute!
Explore many paths to involvement through varied songs, simple to intricate.
Different and stimulating, but above all - fun!!
(duration: 1 hour or 2 hours)


"When you're happy - sing
when you're sad - sing louder!" (Irish wisdom)

"SONGS FOR LIFE" - Sessions
Margret motivates adult amateurs to sing in a great variety of international styles, both simple and complex - African chant to contemporary Australian, Israeli dance song to Indonesian lullaby, Balkan harmony to Bahaman chantey, Belizean ballad to British round, and of course traditional and composed songs from the Black Gospel canon.

After a successful decade in Brisbane, and sessions in eastern Victoria, Songs For Life currently not scheduled
(YOUR interest might change this, however!)

Margret emphasises songs (as opposed to sounds/music/poetry or isolated vocal techniques), and always in a social, cultural, historical, geographical &/or political context. Learning is by hearing and doing (rather than reading), and participants are encouraged to attempt most of the parts, aimed at acquiring the skills and repertoire to incorporate singing more actively into their daily lives.


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