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CD - 'MOVING TARGET >>>> harder to hit'

Classic recordings from 1987
Originally released on LP & Cassette - 1988
At last available on CD
Remastered - with 4 Bonus Tracks

16 tracks of blues, jazz and a lot more
to celebrate 2 milestones:

60 years of life and
40 years of a life fulfilling singing career


Original Cover
Our Moving Target
with flowers and champagne, glides by Rozelle Psychiatric Hospital>

In 2003 - She's harder to hit

new cover photo - Ron Cobb                                                                                                                                                  Original 'bike' Photo- Robin de Crespigny

Musicians from 1987

David Bentley
Phil Manning (guitars)
Peter Walters
Robin Andrews (drums)

Launch of CD
Judith Wright Centre August 2003
Special guests on Bonus Tracks

Jeannie Lewis & Papalote,
Judy Jacques,
Little Brother Montgomery,
Peter Howell & Bert Jansch

1. Footloose > Chris Smither   3.30
Chris and I shared the same US agent in 1981 and she recommended this song.

2. Hot City > David Bentley   3.54     (Australian composition)
I first coveted this song in the late '70s when I flew from Sydney to Brisbane each week to sing at the Melbourne Hotel with Bentley's Boogie Band  

3. Samba de Orfeu > Luiz Bonfa & Antonio Maria   2.47
Basically wordless version of tune from late 50's film 'Black Orpheus'

4. Un Son Para Los Ninos Antillanos (A Song for the Caribbean Children)
Lyrics: Nicolas Guilleu set to music by Justo Diaz   3.37
                              *Bonus Track
A song by the late Cuban poet, about the blending of the races.
( Why did Justo Diaz of Papalote insist that yours truly sing more Spanish lyrics than Jeannie Lewis, she of the latin soul?)

5. Moonshine Blues > Gertrude 'Ma' Rainey  2.40   *Bonus Track
Ma Rainey, the Mother of the Blues, remains my favourite classic blues singer. Great thrill to record her song with another blues pioneer, Chicago pianist Little Brother Montgomery.

6. Down Hearted Blues > Lovie Austin & Alberta Hunter   3.11
Speaking of blues pioneers I had the privilege of meeting Alberta Hunter at the beginning of her post-retirement career at The Cookery in NY's Greenwich Village in '77.... this was her opening song, her encore was to meet and greet us all individually..

7. Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News > Charlie Smalls   2.32
Despite being racially challenged I really wanted to play this character ( Evilenne, the Wicked Witch of the West) in the Australian production of the Wiz.... Watch out Twinkies!!

8. When Malindy Sings > Oscar Brown Jr & Paul Laurence Dunbar   2.28   *Bonus Track
Oscar Brown Jr writes great songs, lyrics and tunes. He chose to set this Dunbar poem to music. We interpreters appreciate such endeavours, along with long time associates such as Peter Howell and ring-in Scottish guitar heroes such as Bert Jansch.

9. Come in the Room > Prof Alex Bradford   3.09    *Bonus Track
When in Australia with his Broadway hit, Black Nativity in 1964/65, Alex and I almost recorded what could have been Australia's first "fusion" album
(you know, white folk singer with black gospel group)... Whatever, he's the reason I quit the pen-pushing job for this business we laughingly call 'Show". Thanks Alex!
(And thanks to Judy Jacques I was able to attempt this choral arrangement of his song)
                                            see scrapbook page for picture of Professor Alex Bradford with Margret

10. Cakewalk Nostalgique > Judy Bailey & David Bentley   2.54    (Australian composition)
Judy Bailey's evocative tune and Alan Lomax's book Mister Jelly Roll inspired David's lyrics.
"C'ete 'n aut' can-can, paye donc"

11. Black & White > David Bentley   4.09    (Australian composition)
The story of the aformentioned book, in 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

12. Sven's Tune > Steve Dunstan & David Bentley   2.24    (Australian composition)
The unfinished story of the heir who left us this unfinished air... so if you're out there Stevie..

13. Can't Stand to See the Slaughter > Steve Kupka & Emilio Castillo

Herewith suggested: solution to every problem in the universe.
My second favourite title in songdom (hard to beat 'Drop Kick me Jesus through the Goal Posts of Life' but as I never sing country music...')

14. Sweet Solitary Blues > Robyn Archer   4.22    (Australian composition)
(dedicated to those of us who are either alone or who do not panic at the prospect).
Stumbled on this song, liked it, recorded it, only to recall Robyn had written it especially for me years before.

Listen to a sample of this track - Sweet Solitary Blues

15. What Am I Doing Here > Marie Cain   2.53
One often wonders... "Your bed is too small, or else I'm too tall" - never!

Listen to a sample of this track -What Am I Doing Here?


16. Somebody's Doing What You Wouldn't Do

 (Searching for the writer. Is it Rosa Henderson? If you know , let me know.
....."I just came through to say I'm through"     


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