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"...full of verve ....the lady can sing anything"
 - (Sun)

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  Reviews for Decade '75 -'84, Margret RoadKnight's latest release:
Cover Notes
by Dave Graney
  The set of songs and the skills on display, the aesthetic imposed on them from the artist high above it all, is impressive and joyful. Bravo!
Hannah Brooks -
The Big Issue

As an interpreter of songs, Margret has always steered clear of standards. She moves easily between folk, jazz and blues and inhabits each song with startling results. The first half of Decade splices folk (the stirring ‘Love Tastes Like Strawberries’, ‘Winter in America’) with jazzier moments (‘Two Ways’) and her bittersweet ’75 pop hit ‘Girls in Our Town’. Then there is the more experimental (the devastating ‘Ice’, the truly weird ‘Prepare Your Bed for Sleeping’). While the second half is mostly dedicated to the blues. Decade proves that RoadKnight is not just one of Australia’s greatest singers- she is one of the finest and most enigmatic anywhere.

Ian MacFarlane
Addicted to Noise
  '....this is a superb release" click here to see this full comprehensive review
Earlier historical reviews    
Hi Fi Review
"....great phrasing and an ability to produce authentic sounds in the various idioms she explores.... sweet and passionate album"
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Village Voice
"... successfully packages RoadKnight's chameleon abilities - humorist, politico, blueswoman. rocker. folksinger"
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Rolling Stone
"...akin to a meal at a good French restaurant: it offers fresh, thoughtful and stimulating ways of serving up some quite delicious items, both old, new and unexpected"
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Robert Christgau
"...topical (and usually humorous) material about her native continent... an impressively gruff, blues timbre" . {USA}
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Toronto Star
"...juxtaposes brassy Australian chauvinism with a painful vision of the cruel flaws in the national psyche"
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Daily Telegraph
" won't find better versions of these songs anywhere"
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Time Off
"...classic interpretations confirm RoadKnight's reputation"
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Sun Herald
"... a stunning collection that showcases the strong RoadKnight voice"
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"... like ice it is both cutting and beautiful"
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National Times
"... a fine example of the RoadKnight range, from droll to dramatic"
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"...impeccable phrasing and a gift for interpreting a lyric"
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"...Margret takes other people's songs and stamps them indelibly with her own commanding presence... full of melting moments"
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"...achieves a level of expression and emotion which is at times awesome"
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"...her voice being as free as it is disciplined, the pieces are polished to perfection...Margret displays her wicked deadpan humour"
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Courier Mail
"...a great record...delightful variety"
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Daily Mirror
"...compelling...Margret's voice is at its rawest - and that's meant as a compliment"
"...there's pleasure and good company here, and the affection she engenders shines through"
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Sing Out! USA
"....every song embued with an emphatic overtone....RoadKnight's taste in accompanying instrumentalists is exceptional.... Obvious global musical influences.... unique breathing spaces and meaningful pauses"
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Sunday Herald
"...reveals the depths of her interpretive talents...considerable integrity as well as the power to lure the listener into its extravagant world"
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 "....honesty clings to her performance .... in a voice reminiscent of the low register of a cornet, she digs into the earthy heart of a lyric"
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