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CD - 'DECADE '75 -'84'

A fine collection of 26 remastered songs from the Festival era

This album also downloadable via iTunes

  1. Living in the Land of Oz
2. Girls in Our Town
3. Minuit 1 & 11
4. Love Tastes Like Strawberries
5. House In Central Park
6. Ballad of Dancing Doreen
7. Did Jesus have a Baby Sister?
8. Two Ways
9. Ice
10. Never Quite Catching The Tune
11. Prepare Your Bed for Sleeping
12. Winter in America
13. Another Spring
14. In The Heat Of The Night
15. Cakewalk Into Town
16. Sweet Misery
17. Raw Deal
18. I Ain't Heard You Play No Blues
19. Misery Blues
20. Young Girl Blues
21. Masculine Women, Feminine Men
22. All Blues
23. Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
24. Tears their Toll Can Take
25. I'll Be Gone
26. The Moment

CD - 'MOVING TARGET >>>> harder to hit'

Classic recordings from 1987 - Originally released on LP & Cassette - 1988
At last available on CD - Remastered - with 4 Bonus Tracks

16 tracks of blues, jazz and a lot more to celebrate 2 milestones:

60 years of life and 40 years of a life fulfilling singing career

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1. Footloose
2. Hot City
3. Samba de Orfeu
4. Un Son Para Los Ninos Antillanos
5. Moonshine Blues
6. Down Hearted Blues
7. Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News
8. When Malindy Sings
9. Come in the Room
10. Cakewalk Nostalgique
11. Black and White

12. Sven's Tune
13. Can't Stand to See the Slaughter
14. Sweet Solitary Blues
15. What Am I Doing Here
16. Hidden Unlisted Bonus Track *
*For lots more background and hidden track info click here

CD - 'Silver Platter'
The Collection '75-'84

A fine collection of 18 songs from the Festival era
in celebration of the
Silver Jubilee of the hit song
"Girls In Our Town' 

CD - 'an audience with Margret RoadKnight'

2 concerts, a decade apart, with Bruce McNicol
1998 & 1989, live,
20 songs

First concert available on cassette

 1. Ain't You Got A Right
 2. If You Love Me
 3. Think Again
 4. What Should I Wear to the Revolution
 5. Apres La Revolution
6. Ode To Slim Dusty
 7. Poor Fella My Country
 8. For All the Good People
 9. Women Of Ireland
10. Johnny Be Fair
11. Life Of Luxury
12. Imagine
13. All Along the South Coast
14. How Old Are You?
15. She's Australian
16. Daughters Of the Soil
17. Dark Eyed Daughter
18. Heaven Help the Child/20th Century Is Almost Over
19. Ballerina in the Wings
m,CD - 'At the School of Arts Cafe'

Margret's musical biography -
"Adjusting The RearView Mirror"
1997- live
25 songs ( including 9 by John Shortis)

  1. Introduction by Bill Stephens
  2. Timeless
  3. Doing the Sound Check
  4. Adjusting the RearView Mirror
  5. Messerschmidt Calypso
  6. 50's Sound
  7. Stormy Weather
  8. Call It Jazz
  9. Ain't Never Heard You
      Play the Blues/ Ma Rainey
 10. Won't Do Rap
 11. Get To The Heart

12. Sometimes I feel Like A Motherless Child
13. What Have They Done To the Rain
14. I'd Like You To Join In the Chorus/Mini Ballads
15. Vaguely Reminiscent of the '60s/Een Lorve
16. Afrique Noire
7, The Island
18. Shto Si Goro
19. Moniker With A 'K'
20. Bums On Seats
21. Thank God
22. What Goes Around Comes Around / Packin' Up

CD - 'Fringe Benefits'
also available on cassette
With many guests, including
Judy Bailey, Chris Finnen, Graham Lowndes, Jeannie Lewis , Bruce Mathiske, Peter Howell, Suzanne Thompson, Greg Sheehan, Kerry-Ella, Moya Simpson, Mara Kiek, Jarnie Birmingham, George & Manolis Galiatsos, Hector Cosmas, Marian Henderson, John Shortis, Bob Hudson, Angelique Stefanatos, Bruce McNicol, Gosnells Recorder Ensemble
& US guest John McCutcheon

1993, 16 tracks

  1. This Song Don't Have A Video
  2. Stormy Weather
  3. Beat Out That Rhythm On A Drum
  4. Disposable Society
  5. A Bunch Of Damned Whores
  6. Girls In Our Town
7. Sucker For a Waltz
8. Till Time Brings Change
9. My Brown Yarra
10. Market Mosaic
      (a) Jamaica Farewell
      (b) Strawberry Woman's Cry
      (c) Love Tastes Like Strawberries
      (d) African Marketplace
11. One And One Makes One
12. Celibacy
13. Virtual Reality
14. Imagine / War Is Over
15. Women Of Ireland
16. Margaret's Waltz

CD - 'A Tribute To The Blues Mamas'
Margret RoadKnight & Lil' Fi

Australia's contemporary Blues Mamas in a stunning live tribute to their blues heroines

2008    15 tracks

D = Duo     M = Margret Solo     L = Lil' Fi Solo
  1. Alberta to the Zazu Girl    D
2. Celebrate the Curves   
3. Meatballs    
4. Gotta Know How    L
5. God's Gonna Cut You Down    
6. Wild Ox Moan   M
7.Crazy Blues   
8. Strange Fruit   
9. Hound Dog    D
10. Take Your Fingers Off    
11. Wang Dang Doodle   D
12. Ma Rainey   
13. Afraid of No Men   
14. Coffee Flavored KIsses    
15. Big Boss Man   

CD - 'Cinderella ACappella'
ARIA Award Nominee
with Margret, Jeannie Lewis, Moya Simpson & Blair Greenberg

Children's songs by John Shortis
1994. 16 songs
    1. Raluph Through The Looking Glass
  2. Cinderella Acappella
  3. Bush Week
  4. Wee Poo
  5. I'm Not Afraid
  6. Tongue Twister
  7. I'm A Green Pea
  8. Voice Machine   
9. Snail
10. Lie Lie
11. Down In The Coodiffy Wood
12. I Am A Spider
13. Rapt In Paper
14. Washing Blues
15. Voices In The Desert
16. Never Ending (Extra Ending)

'Moving Target'
Blues 'n' jazz flavoured
1988, 12 songs including:
  • Hot City
  • Footloose
  • Sweet Solitary Blues
an audience with MARGRET ROADKNIGHT'
with Bruce McNicol 1989, live (of course).
14 tracks including :
  • What Should I Wear To The Revolution
  • Poor Fella My Country.
'People Get Ready' Margret's first album
(and the only album ever recorded at
Traynor's Folk Club).
1973, live, 12 songs including:
  • Amampondo
  • Didn't It Rain

Margret may actually have the odd "unavailable" CD, Cassette, LP.... feel free to chat to her about thosel

Prices (in Australian dollars) : CDs $20 ( DECADE $25, Tribute $15), add $4 for P & H
Autographed, if requested

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