She has sung blues, jazz, gospel, folk, comedy, and social commentary songs
in concert halls and cathedrals, clubs and campuses,
from Broome to Hobart, Beijing to Memphis, Paris to Auckland,
Edinburgh to Tel Aviv, New York to Seoul, Amsterdam to Dublin,
New Orleans to London, Vancouver to Nuku'alofa.    

Margret RoadKnight's Golden Jubilee (50 years of professional performance) began in May 2013 and concluded in April 2014 with her Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Folk Festival.
In 2016 she was featured on the 50th Festival (having been on the first!), and reappears in 2017 (50 years of Nationals!) to pay tribute to colleague Danny Spooner....

Check out Margret with other singers on YouTube's "BILLY LIDS/ Free the Children" video
Available recordings: "DECADE '75-'84" (26 remastered tracks from her Festival Records era), "MOVING TARGET", "FRINGE BENEFITS", "AN AUDIENCE WITH", "TRIBUTE to the BLUES MAMAS" Click Here

  To book a RoadKnight performance (her current favourite format: House Concerts, description here) or Workshop (refer Menu), contact Margret   click here 

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