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Jardine Line
   Lochmaben and Annan, Dumfrieshire


Based on circumstantial evidence, I have traced my JARDINE line back to John Jardine and Margaret Graham, who are the the only possible family that can be identified from the Scottish Church Records consistent with other information that I have uncovered.
John and Margaret had four children, born in Lochmaben, Dumfrieshire.

  i. MARY JARDINE, ch. 8 Feb., 1771.
 ii. JAMES JARDINE, ch. 25 September, 1773.
 iii. MARGARET JARDINE, ch. 1 August, 1774.
 iv. JANET JARDINE, ch.. 24 September, 1775.
 v. ALEXANDER JARDINE, ch. 7 February, 1777
James Jardine (1771-1855)

It seems probable that James married Mary Irving in the mid-1790’s. Their first child, Jenet was baptised in Lochmaben. Their remaining children were baptised in Annan. Children of James and Mary are:

 i. JENET JARDINE, b. 3 December, 1797, died 1 October 1819
 ii. ISABELLA JARDINE, b. Abt. 1801.
 iii. JOHN JARDINE, b. 15 May, 1803.
 iv. MARGARET JARDINE, b. 18 June, 1805.
 v. ROBERT IRVING JARDINE, b. 20 December, 1808, died 25 July 1833
 vi. MARY JARDINE, b. 5 May, 1811.
vii. JANE JARDINE, b. 25 January, 1818.

In the 1821 census the family is at 20 Murray Street: James Jardine: Taylor (50), Mary (50), John (30), Margaret (20), Robert (20), Irving (f), Mary, Jean.

Mrs. Nichol, Catherine and Mary are at Hallmeadow. (Catherine later married John Jardine).

James Jardine died 14 Feb. 1855 age 83 and Mary Irving died 25 Oct. 1835 age 61.

By the 1841 census, James (aged 60) is still living in Murray Street (called Jardine’s Close) with no immediate family, and in 1851, James is recorded still at Murray Street (no 20), listed as house proprietor (former master tailor), widower aged 79, born Lockerbie. Other family listed are: Margaret Jardine, daughter of James Jardine, mar, 45, housekeeper (Shoemaker’s wife), born Annan and Robert Fleming, grandson, age 15, Shoemaker’s apprentice, born Dumfries.

Catherine Nichol (63) is also recorded in Murray Street (Jardine’s Close), (63) , head, unmarried, pauper, born Canonbie. Also in that house is Janet Nichol, niece aged 12.

James Jardine died 14 February 1855. I have not yet found any record of his death, save the marker in the old Annan Cemetery (in the churchyard).

20 Murray St, Annan, where James
probably lived between 1820 and 1855
(Now an Estate Agent)

John Jardine (1803-    ) and Catherine Nichol (1805-          )

John Jardine married Catherine Nichol 4 December 1824 in Annan. It would seem that John and Catherine grew up together in Annan. Catherine had been born 1805 in Lochmaben, Dumfrieshire, the daughter of William Nichol and Catherine.
John seems to have followed in his father’s profession as a tailor . John and Catherine had two children in Annan, Elizabeth, born 15 July 1830, baptised 25 July, 1830   and William, born 23 March 1834, baptised 20 April, 1834 6. The family then moved south and Mary was baptised 18 January, 1837 in Blackburn, Lancashire. Sarah Jardine was born late in (Q4) 1839, also in Blackburn.
The 1841 census records the following family in Cleaver Street,Blackburn:

· John Jardine, Tailor, 38
· Catherine Jardine, 39
· Elizabeth Jardine, 11
· Walter Jardine , 9
· Mary Jardine, 5
· Sarah Jardine, 3
· James (Robert) Jardine,6 months
· William Jardine, 8
The family does not appear to be in Blackburn in 1851, but I have not yet located them.

I suspect that the family moved East over the following years, and I hope to trace them through subsequent births.

Mary married John Middleton on 1 August 1868, at St. John's Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sarah Jardine witnessed the marriage, supporting the possibility that the family moved East.


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