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 W word bingo: game to play at meetings
 Graffiti objets de wall: found literary objets around town
 Match the quotes: test yourself
 Have you a vision
: BVM Tour
 Cliche collection: military, management jargon & more

 Political insults: recall Keatings parliamentary insults
 Uncle Ray's message: Ray and Viv went on holiday this summer
 The aliens: See the aliens who landed in Alice Springs




Great for bamboozling managers: see's:
Web economy generator

- automatic jargon creator for reports & submissions: for example, you can "harness mission-critical synergies", or "maximise intuitive interfaces." Just now it gave me "repurpose extensible interfaces."

Dada Engine, or Post-Modern Text Generator, to produce a unique fully-referenced academic paper.

Poor bugger of the week: Michael Jackson, who has been diagnosed with imagined ugliness syndrome

Sites that are noteworthy:
A hyperfiction story: 253, a frozen moment fiction
A visual hyperfiction: a puzzle/play /storycalled superbad
Not art, no message, see
Instant academic paper: The post-modern text generator