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The Kelly O'Kelly family tree This page updated 10 March 2003  
Early-mid 1700s
mid 1700s
late 1700s
early 1800s
mid-late 1800s
late 1800 - early 1900
early 1900
c. 1920 - present

Colonel John Patrick O'Kelly, Aughrim Castle, Connacht. Died Falkirk 1746.

His uncle was Colonel Dillon, one of the 'wild geese' who fled Ireland after the Battle of Limerick and fought at the Battle of Fontenoy.

Diarmud, from Knocknahila, Mullagh.
John Kelly, from Knocknahila, Mullagh.Married in 1796. son, John O'Kelly, from Knocknahila, Mullagh.Married Margaret McAuliffe. John McAuliffe O'Kelly, m. Anastasia Griffin.
John told the "One Night in 1798" story in 1924.
Mary (Sr M de Chantal
Ambrose, at Knocknahila House. m. in 1949.  
Murty   Bedelia, b. 1847, m. James Lynch

8 children
John O'Kelly Lynch
who transcribed the "One Night in 1798" story in 1932.

Ruth, m Connolly



Patrick, from Cree. Teige

Thomas 9 children    
Marion m John Power      
Thomas, b. 1745, from Dysart. Children? Including Jeremiah's father? Jeremiah, b. 1812, to Australia in 1852, died 1860 Honor, Patrick, Anne & James      

Thomas Eugene McAuliffe

Cousin to Earl John Fitzgibbon

 Links to Col. Dillon and others can be found on the LINKS page.
McAuliffe McAuliffe

Mary McAuliffe m
Thaddeus Molony (b. 1827)

Mary was sister to Margaret, above. She came later to Ballarat.

Amelia (Millie), b. 1854 in Labasheeda. m. Thomas Mann 1876
Amelia went to school with Bedelia.
Sheila Kelly (Mann) b. 1885, m. Francis Kelly

The Mann'a involvment in parish affairs
Eileen, b. 1855.
m Freehill


    Mary Molony m McAuliffe daughter, m O'Dea Mother de Lourdes    
Michael (doctor) Eric McAuliffe    
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Eric McAuliffe noted that John O'Kelly Lynch "could trace his ancestry back to the Kelly's of Crusheen", in a letter to John Gough, dated 19 January 1949).