Frank & Sheila Kelly (nee Mann), James & Catherine (nee Irwin), Peter Kelly
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The Kelly O'Kelly Lynch ancestry.
Falkirk: The Falkirk letter, from Louise Connolly.
"One night in 1798", John O'Kelly Lynch's transcription of the legendary story, told to him by his uncle John McAuliffe O'Kelly in 1924.
A map of Clare, showing Mullagh (location of the Knocknahila farm), Corofin and Labasheeda, where Amelia Molony was born.
Portraits above: Frank Kelly, Sheila (Mann) Kelly, James Kelly, Cate (Irwin) Kelly, Peter Kelly

 On this site there are photos and documents relating to the O'Kelly Lynch connection, via Amelia Molony, who came to Australia in the early 1870s

Amelia (Millie) was born in Labasheeda, County Clare in 1854, and married Thomas Mann in Ballarat in 1876.

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