Political insults

On John Hewson

  • he's like a shiver waiting for a spine
  • debating with him is like being flogged by a warm lettuce
  • a feral abacus

On Andrew Peacock

  • a souffle doesn't rise twice

On Wilson Tuckey

  • He'd be flat out counting past 10
    (Recall HG's insult that someone wuld need to drop his trousers to count to 21)

On John Howard

  • He's like a lizard on a rock, alive but looking dead

On Jeff Kennett, on spending over $20 million on office renovations

  • He's into squalor. He can't afford an ambulance if you have a heart attack. He can't afford lavatories at railway stations. He's got the Treasury done up like the Reichstag.

On politics

  • In history, you're either one of the enlargers, or one of the punishers and straiteners (after Manning Clark)

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