Story from Grade 2: Are there dogs in heaven?
 In Gawler in 1958, there was a photo of Sabrina on the front page of The News. She was a "model" touring Adelaide.
  At the same time in Grade 2 SIster Auburn told us that we could have anything we wanted in Heaven.
"Could we have ice cream in Heaven?" was a question I remember being asked.
  Yes we could have anything good.The thorny theological question came up first in relation to having Protestant friends in Heaven, but what focussed our minds was:
 "Will our dog go to Heaven?"
 "No because they don't have souls."
 So there was a catch.
  Later, in the playground, we figured it out. The nuns would go to Heaven, whereas the dogs and Sabrina would not.So now we had to choose who to run with - the nuns, or Sabrina and the dogs.
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