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my recordings

Over the years, I have been looking for a way that I could push myself musically, even though I am, for now at least, sans-band.

Back in 2007, I decided to record a CD on my own in my computer room, as a way to give Christmas presents to family and friends, even though I was on a tight budget. I discovered it was not only fun to record the songs, but giving a gift that I have made myself was very rewarding. From that moment on, I have only made my Christmas presents, with each years CD getting more and more complex.

The 2007 album was a simple acoustic guitar with a microphone on many tracks, and very basic songs. 2008 brought on a semi-acoustic guitar, so I could record acoustic directly into the computer, and also more intricate songs were chosen. 2009 had me recording with MIDI, allowing and endless array of instruments, synthesisers, percussion, brass etc.

Below is a player that will allow you to hear these songs.



Web music player