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about me

the life of a freelance designer

Hi, my name is Patrick. I am a freelance designer, among many other things. I have been in the industry since 2004, after completing my studies at Victoria University.

Although I did not study web design, I have taught myself some of the basic techniques and applied them into creating my hand-drawn website.

I have worked in a range of different areas within the industry, including packaging, CD/ DVD manufacturing, photographical touch-ups, business card design, proof reading and corporate design work including annual reports and internal documents for a range of National and International clients.

Apart from design, I am also a licensed security guard, crowd controller and bartender, and I enjoy creating things, either artisticly through drawings, paintings or digitally, or using wood as a medium and creating guitars, furniture or anything else I can think of.

I also like to record music, and although mostly covers of other songs, I enjoy the challenge of recording everything myself, including guitars, bass, percussion, keyboard and vocals. You can hear a sample of my recordings from the main page.

about me