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Metaphysics is seen by some as being to science what religion is to atheism - the halfway house between common-sense and blind stupidity. People who are into metaphysics, of any sort, are generally intelligent and nice enough to be labelled 'eccentric' rather than 'crackpots', but aren't the sort of people that many pride themselves in knowing.

From another perspective, metaphysics seeks to reconcile the cold, hard facts of science with the transient feelings and fancies of everyday life. Like a little flower garden, you can grow and nurture your own reality - feeding it with the beliefs, good intentions and occasional fortifying home truths that it deserves.

This page is for the more credible, or commonly accepted, of the esoteric links on this site. The less accepted links are located on the 'Weirdness' page. Of course, some may think the whole lot should go there.


Lacking a career path? Then become an accredited master in the new age community. First, select a description from each of the following categories, then adopt the resulting title and start teaching - by writing books, making audio tapes, conducting workshops and appearing at new age festivals. You could be a millionaire before you know it.

CATEGORY 1: advanced, ancient, authentic, biogenic, creative, deep, dynamic, ecstatic, elemental, esoteric, explorational, extra-terrestrial, holistic, indigenous, inter-dimensional, intuitive, metaphysical, multiple, mystical, natural, original, psychic, ritual, sacred, shamanic, spiritual, subconscious, transmutational, universal, visionary, whole.

CATEGORY 2: body, brain, chakra, crystal, (ethnic source of your choice), love, magnet, mind, past-life, sleep, soul, stress, tantric, tarot.

CATEGORY 3: analysis, ascension, astrology, awakening, breathing, Buddhism, channeling, chanting, dancing, divination, dreaming, enhancement, empowerment, energy, feng shui, harmony, healing, integration, journies, kinesiology, knowledge, learning, machinery, medicine, meditation, movement, music, naturopathy, numerology, programming, reading, remembering, transformation, travelling, regression, rei-ki, therapy, visualisation.

People may go around trying to discredit you, but how will they know any better? It will be impossible to catch you out, as no one will be able to quite figure out either what you are talking about or where you got all this arcane knowledge from. So who says you have to work for a living, anyway?

I once paid $ 185.00 (from memory) to attend a 2-day seminar by some guy who presumed to have the secrets of life and happiness - it seemed worth a punt. I left during the first day - demanding, and getting, a full refund - when the guy refused to admit (to my demands) in front of the group that he had no qualification or authority to lecture on his chosen field. I call things as I see them - always have, always will.


I have an interest in dreams, but not conventional dream analysis - which can't explain the many pre-cognitive dreams I've had over the years (i.e. of things before they've happened). Nowadays they centre on things that happen the following day - though they also have an ongoing "ripple" effect that precedes further, bizarrely-related events.

Of course, this type of dreaming changes one's views on the nature of time and space. But even dream theory itself is still at a poor state of development.

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Aztec Astrologer

Aztec calendars are on the rise in a serious way. When trying this out, make sure you give all dates in the form 17 Apr 1998 - the month should have three letters and it is important to give, for example, 1996 as the year since 96 alone refers to the year 96AD.

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